Dark Magic In The Middle Of The Night

Characters: Sophie (Fox), Khalid Ben-Hassin (Doctor Fate) Jean Grey (Phoenix) Sofia Strange (Sorcerer Supreme)
Rated: PG-13 (For Language)
Summary: At two am, dark magic brings together Fox, Phoenix, Doctor Fate and Sorcerer Supreme. When the chaos is contained; Jean, Khalid and Sofia sit down to have a long talk. With less than satisfactory results and leaving the sorcerers more than a little worried about Jean.
OOC Date: Tue Feb 20 22:55:59 2018
IC Date: Tue. Feb. 20 02:00 2018
Where: Greenwich Village

The epicenter of the city's 1960s counterculture movement, the tree-lined streets of Greenwich Village are now a hub of popular cafes, bars and restaurants. Jazz clubs and Off-Broadway Theaters can also be found amid the brownstones and New York University buildings. At its heart is Washington Square Park, where people mingle around the central plaza.

Tuesday, at two o'clock in the morning. The night was a still and silent as it ever gets in Greenwich. Forty-five minutes later and people were running from the streets screaming, the sky was lighting up in flashes of different color, fire streaked through the sky which was followed by a flash of lightening. There's a crack, a bang and a chunk of building is blown free to crumble to the ground below.

Siren's wail in the distance, police force and the fire department trying to get in to mitigate any damage as well as run crowd control. Most people are all too happy to leave but there's a few of the brave and stupid who want to stay and get the fight on camera and film using their phone. Even if authorities were inclined to get involved, trying to take on an 'evil' magic user and a handful of empowered henchmen is a little outside of their expertise.

The 'heroes' that were there were doing what they could but, being unable to completely unleash their power without risking innocent lives, the Sorcerer Supreme and Doctor Fate were a bit limited compared to the eight before them who had no regard for who got hurt.

Dull concrete grey and black, body armor and all the rest. It'd be easy to mistake her for SWAT, if it wasn't for the mask that is. A polygonal mixture of complex compound angles, cast in a brilliant bright cherry red all formed into the distinctive head of a fox. That'd probably be why they call her "Fox" these days, go fig right? She slips through the crowds almost casually. Shoulders rolling as she slips away from the crowd, before finally hoisting that SCAR up to slap a magazine home and let the bolt fly.
Then she breaks off into first a jog and then finally a sprint, clearing a police cruiser parked across the road without missing a beat. One hand lifting to key the throat mic. «Dispatch, Fox one actual. I need four block radius coms dark, shut down the cell towers and have the 5-0 push the perimeter out another two. We're fixing to have ourselves a bit of a fight here.» Command briefed, our Fox faced operative drops a knee and slides into cover behind a conviently parked Benz. Swinging that carbine up into the pocket, before she gets cracking. "Get some!"That 5.56 cracks, spewing hate downrange as fast as the carbine will cycle. "Come get some!"Not trying for subtlety then, infact it's almost like she's making an effort to draw attention to herself.

Dr. Fate was aiding the Sorcerer Supreme today.

But then again, where there was one, there was the other. Thus is Fate going almost insultingly easy on these buffoons, as he calls them. "Fools! I am a Lord of Order! How can humans stand against the test of Fate?" he asks then, golden armor and all and otherwise looking a great deal like some kind of mystic deity.

Then he turns his head to 'fox' as she moves about and starts unloading and emptying magazines. A sigh as a magic shield goes around him, effortlessly blocking most attacks sent at him.

Until he imprisons one of hte henchmen in an Ankh. Like they were in the stocks…then they disappear! Most likely into a local jail cell.


Scream loud enough - with enough blood-curdling urgency - and there's a pretty good chance that someone will hear it, even if that someone happens to be a few dozen miles away.

~Go.~ echoes in the thoughts of a group of phone-toting teens with a strict finality that'd be right at home before a whiteboard. Without even looking up at the woman descending towards them framed with fluttering red, clad in shimmery green and gold, they draw reed-straight and do just that, wide-eyed and focused on nothing but the safest way to run.

It might've taken Phoenix a while to fly from Westchester sans Blackbird, but she heard.

Eyes sweeping the field, her consciousness extends towards the Sorceress, the Doctor, and the Fox. ~My name is Phoenix!~ she not quite says, stressing the name as her eyes move over the Sorceress. Her scan moves on towards studying the hostile wizard and their party and a frown creases her brow. ~This'— ugh, this' a magic thing, right? The sky?~ Shifting her focus towards more lingering civilians, she continues, ~If I shut the really magic-y one down, is something shitty gonna happen?~

The pray of bullets pulls Sofia's attention, a shield shimmering to life around her, encasing her in a golden field. A brow is arched at Fox but there's a slow nod of her head. She doesn't know the new arrival but the help is appreciated. Of course, it's also gotten the attention of three of the thugs, one of which boasts super strength while the other is a fire starter and one seems to simply be human.

Her hands move quickly then, runes flaring to life in front of her and under one of the other thugs, a cage of white energy shooting up around him. She's often seen with Doctor Fate these days and if they aren't together when trouble starts, one is soon to join the other.

"As long as Doctor Fate can lock his magic down once you have him shut down, nothing should go terribly wrong." This is said as her eyes slide to Phoenix and she nods. Message received. "Welcome to the fun."

The Sorcerer Supreme flits out of the way as an energy bolt is sent at her just as another empowered human starts tossing bolts of dark energy meant to drain towards Phoenix.

"Fate! Getting ready to lock his magic away…"

"Fox!"Comes Fox's reply, to the introductions going around of course. She leans back around her cover, giving that carbine a flip to clear the empty before jamming home a sixty. She rolls foreward and she's off like a shot again, sprinting up the street with a grunt of effort. Over a downed street lamp, and a burned out hulk of a car before taking her turn and zeroing in on the resident strongman. "Hey, Fucker!" And well she takes a flying leap, and gets right up in there.

Carbine barking as she begins her descent, free hand reaching back to grasp the hardened steel knucks sheathed there. She makes contact with the strongman rifle first, before the two crash into a heap on the pavement and so the fists start flying. Right arm reaching back to grasp those hardened steel knucks, and thats when the screaming and hollering starts in earnest! Trading blows in a flurry, without a whole lot of apparent concern for the fact the dude's first blow alone bends that carbine nearly in half.

Doctor Fate deflects a few more magic and eldtritch blasts from the dark sorcerors. "Lords of Chaos! you will fall before Fate!" he says then, the mixture of voices between Khalid Ben-Hassin and Nabu is evident enough…and terrifying to boot. As Sofia calls to him, the golden helmeted-sorcerer looks at her and gives her a small nod. "Fate will be ready." He then prepares his incantations, a magic circle enveloping his person beneath his mystic barrier.

His eyes narrow then as he watches, prepared to unleash his power.

This isn't even a fraction of it.

Either way, once his preparations are prepared, he nods. "Begin."

The mage is not without his defenses. Phoenix finds herself in an ever-tightening cage of glowing, steel-hard lines of script when she touches his mind, astral avatar contorted towards painful angles at the speed of thought. The work of twisting protective mantras into brittle gibberish so she can get on with subduing him demands most of her focus; keeping the psychic link alive and a perfunctory telekinetic field around her body take most of the rest.

Needless to say, she doesn't see the bolts coming when they greedily spread across psychic force not nearly prepared for it, but she certainly feels the inevitable feedback— and worse, as that black energy creeps through her defenses to leech from the source. A clipped scream cuts through the link as an invisible spike burrows towards her cortex and she jerks towards the ground. Wide eyes frantically search for a beat, find a henchman with dark energy still radiating from his fingers, then narrow.

As red briefly ripples over the green parts of her costume, a wave of telekinetic fury roars towards that henchman. Simultaneously, whatever effort to carefully subdue the mage without doing needless harm go up in a rush of burning astral rage— which might still serve to shut him down, just. Roughly.

Seeing Phoenix fall, Sofi's eyes narrow. In a gesture, she tosses out a shield to keep the woman protected from anymore magical attacks without disrupting you psychic signal. "I will guard you," she promises the redhead. "Do what needs done."

Her eyes flit to Fox to check on her and seeing another rushing up behind the woman as she tangles with strongman, Sofi flicks her other hand out, sending the would-be attack into the wall behind him before her attention returns to the others. With Phoenix and Fate taking out the main Source and Fox taking out the most dangerous of the remaining henchmen, Sofia can work on keeping everyone protected while taking out the others.

The Dark Sorcerer sneers at Fate. "You are nothing, little ma—aaaaah!" The attack from Phoenix has him clasping is head and dropping to the ground, sinking to his knees as his magic starts to falter and become unstable, causing it to lash out chaotically.

Strongman delt with, hell Fox and those steel knucks have cracked the poor thing's noodle bowl. Anywho with immediate concerns delt with, Fox eases back with grunt and a wave of the hand to pitch those bent up knucks to the pavement. She swings her carbine to the shoulder, wavering on her boots as she draws her attention to the jerk in charge. Then, a slow lower as she eyes the bent, busted up thing with a wince. "Well fuck." She lets the thing clatter to the pavement, before shifting her attentions to that other henchman.

Theres a roll of the shoulders, and a pause to straighten that fox mask back out. Then well, she's off again. Jerking free a knife, and presuming Sofi's not stopping her? Yeah she's gonna proceed rather directly to shanking the poor guy, to death even!

Doctor Fate turns his head to the Dark Sorcerer, who falls to his knees in agony right in the middle of shit-talking one of the greatest sorcerers who ever lived. "A fool is like a clanging gong, while the wise man is like the softest whisper. I prefer the latter to the former." and with a powerful magic, he looks then to the dark sorcerer. "Fate decrees your corruption is over." and with a powerful magic chant, the dark sorcerer is struck with an energy shaped like an ankh…a powerful and ancient magic of binding.

"Now stay there, fool. I will deal with you in a moment." He looks up then to the sky as he gestures with his hands, forming what looks to be a large magic circle of clear Egyptian origin. He's preparing to end such foul magics.

The thought Sofia gets in reply is heated and imperious:

~Worry over someone who needs it, Sorcerer,~ Phoenix practically snarls while drawing herself to a hard stop just shy of the ground and rising to an upright posture. The voice is the same, but texture's all wrong coming from the woman Sofia let into her ancestral home. As one might a faintly amusing rerun, she sets her eyes on the Dark Sorcerer so she can watch him burn from within after her curt reply, combing shimmery opera gloves back through red hair for a second—

— freezing—

— and then thrusting both hands towards him as the green in her costume settles into place. Eyes quickly widening, she throws her astral body over the burning parts of his mind in a desperate attempt at smothering them while Fate works; somewhere amidst her shock, years of superhero instincts tell her that the ankh-shaped blast probably means the bad guy's had enough.

Sofia's shield, hopefully, is still intact despite— her— impertinence.

The thought Sofia gets in reply is heated and imperious:

~Worry over someone who needs it, Sorcerer,~ Phoenix practically snarls while drawing herself to a hard stop just shy of the ground and rising to an upright posture. The voice is the same, but texture's all wrong coming from the woman Sofia let into her ancestral home. As one might a faintly amusing rerun, she sets her eyes on the Dark Sorcerer so she can watch him burn from within after her curt reply, combing shimmery opera gloves back through red hair for a second—

— freezing—

— and then thrusting both hands towards him as the green in her costume settles into place. Eyes quickly widening, she throws her astral body over the burning parts of his mind in a desperate attempt at smothering them while Fate works; somewhere amidst her shock, years of superhero instincts tell her that the ankh-shaped blast probably means the bad guy's had enough.

Sofia's shield, hopefully, is still intact despite— her— impertinence: while she thinks to flick one of the men fighting Sophie between the eyes with a shot of telekinesis, erecting a big enough barrier to keep out whatever the hell the Dark Sorcerer's doing at this point is beyond her

The mental 'blast' as it were only makes Sofia smirk but she doesn't retract her shield. If anything, she simply makes it stronger. "Of course."

Her eyes slide to the woman on the ground. "Fox! You got things handled down there?" Stopping her? Who's stopping her? Sofi isn't stopping anyone from anything. She can't help but chuckle at the TK flick from Phoenix and tosses her a wink in thanks.

Her eyes lift to Fate, a flicker of concern there before it's gone and she lifts it to the spell he's weaving. Looking back at everyone on the ground, she puts shields around those who need it, including the humans who had been empowered by the Dark Sorcerer. It will keep them 'safe' while Fate cleans up the mess of the idiot who thought he could attack a Lord of Order and actually win.

Of course, with that many shields out, it means that she's pretty much incapable of doing much else. "End this quickly, Fate…"

Fox and the remaining hench find each soon enough, and well nobody ever accused Fox of having sloppy blade work before. It doesn't last long, truly until she's cut the poor fellow to ribbons. Theres some shouting and carrying on but of course, but he doesn't last too long. Soon enough she rams that thing just below the collar bone, and thats that. "Yeah, just finish with your hoodoo!"Comes the return, with a glance yonder towards Fate and Sofia.

She does remember to snag that knife this time at least, one hand lifting to her throat again. «Dispatch Fox Actual, Give us ten and we'll be tied off down here. Looks like we're about squared away.»

…and end it quickly, Fate will do.

With a powerful magic incantation, he ends this debacle. "esruc luof esolc eeht ot yas I!" (I say to thee close foul curse!) and he lets out a barrel of mystic energy to seal that tear in fabric, to end that aborration of magic.

and with that, the storm is over.

A look then to the dark sorcerer. "You will pay for your crimes, pretender." Fate says as he floats down to the dark sorcerer, ensuring that he cannot do a damn thing in that mystic bind.

The telepathic link gets noticably lower in fidelity as Sophie brutalizes one of the henchmen and Phoenix instinctually draws her supernatural senses inwards; he might've been the last to die, but he was the first Jean was fully present for.

Since Sofia has her covered, the panting Phoenix goes ahead and sinks to the ground so she can try in vain to massage away the migraine brought on by the three-hit combo of the Dark Sorcerer's defenses, his henchman's ennervating bolt, and smothering her own fire. She still keeps green eyes on a swivel for stray henchfolk, and anyone still in a condition to so much as twitch a glowing digit at something will get a telekinetic flick of their own; mostly, though, she just worries about trying to catch her breath. After a few seconds of that, she picks herself up so she can approach Fate and the sorcerer, still massaging.

"Why'd you do 'em?" she wonders, another Xavier-instilled instinct triggering.

Given the last minute or so, of course, this is kind of rhetorical.

With the last of the henchmen handled and the magical storm over, Sofia lifts her shields though the henchmen are kept still as the cops are motioned forward. "They will need special containment," is noted before her attention is turned almost completely back on those who joined herself and Fate.

Lowering herself to the ground, she looks between Phoenix and Fox. "Are you both alright? Do either of you need healing?" She may suck at healing herself but she's very good at healing others. And Phoenix's headache is of particular worry to Sofia. "My offer to help extends to the mind as well." She doesn't expect to be taken up on it. The mind is a private thing.

"His powers have been locked away. He'll never be able to use magic again," is the offered explanation for what Fate did to the Dark Sorcerer.

"No thanks, I've got an excellent dental plan."Or so Fox retorts, pausing to snatch up her carbine with a sigh. "You lot though, I'd make yourself scarce if you'd rather not get into long discussions with federal agents. I'll stall'em for another ten at most, alright?"Theres a roll of the shoulders, and a sigh at her carbine before well she's off. All but sauntering right back the direction she came from originally.

"I'm fine— I'm fine," is Phoenix's response, at once taut and immediate. After a breath through her teeth, she quietly amends that to, "I'll be okay, thank you," and shifts green eyes from Sorceress to sorcerer. Along the way, she makes a detour to Fox so she can quietly say, "Thank you, too— just leave me out of whatever report you give, alright? Please."

"So, what, he just gets prosecuted?" she wonders of the bound man, leaning to inspect him a little closer with a squint. "Like, in a court? With a judge?"


Sorry. Sofia isn't letting the Dark Sorcerer go. "His crimes go beyond the scope of man." Her eyes linger on Phoenix a moment and she nods her head. "As you say," is acknowledge of her well being. "Your help was very appreciated." She had wanted to thank Fox as well but the woman was gone before she could.

"He will have judgment passed by those who have the authority to do so. Attacking a Lord of Order has dire consequences. Those he used… Sadly, his magic will be permanent there. They will be judged by their peers." She isn't pleased with the idea, clearly, but it is what it is.

Finally, her eyes slide to Fate and soften. "Are you well?"

Nabu and Khalid were in full agreement. This dark caster would be judged by the order of magic, for this is far beyond the realm of mankind alone.

With a small nod to Sofia in agreement, it takes only the smallest gesture for a portal to open beneath the dark sorcererthat takes him to parts unknown, the portal vanishing with the captive as soon as it appeared. "The orders of magic will judge him now, thus decrees Fate." He looks to Sofia then as she seems to check on him.

"We are well." he answers, speaking of both Khalid and Nabu, though his own gaze softens at Sofia in return.

"— uh."

Phoenix gets an answer not unlike the one she was hoping against. Still massaging, she turns green eyes, a furrowing brow, and a grimace towards Sofia.

"He's some asshole whose arms weren't long enough," she protests, getting steadily more rapid as incredulity builds. Body tensing, her gaze passes between the two mages still standing. "We have— I mean, granted, it's the kinda case that's just begging for some kinda Saul Goodman - or, uh, actual demon lawyer - to come along and fuck it up, but we have, like, Earth laws— what the hell do 'dire consequences,'" shimmery opera gloves detach from her temples just long enough for sass, "meaNO!"

This is not really how she envisioned catching up with her landlady and her— boyfriend? that look doesn't go unnoticed — but she lives a strange second life. Sadly, it's all for naught, because while she manages to machine-gun her way through quite a bit of indignation before the inevitable happens— well. It's inevitable. One of those gloves stretches towards the shrinking portal for a couple of seconds after it appears, and resumes just looking between Sofia and Fate once it falls.

The 'what the fuck?!' remains unspoken.

Sofi lets her eyes linger on Fate a moment, though they narrow as if looking at another plane or level before she nods her head.

Turning to look back at Phoenix, her head tilts. "He will be judged. His intent discovered. Based on that, he will either be imprisoned, put to death, or… In the most extreme cases… Overwritten."

She watches the Dark Sorcerer slip into the portal and the portal close. "The Laws of this Realm, in this instance, must come second I fear. I realize this is not the ideal for you or the authorities who would wish to prosecute but the misuse of magic in such a manner is … There are laws forbidding it that are much older than the laws of man."

Her lift, flitting to around them. "I might suggest we retreat to the Sanctum unless we wish to answer questions that I don't believe any of us wish to deal with."

Fate nods then as that business is finished. The Lord of Order turns to the Sorcerer Supreme and nods to her softly. "Such would be the wise course of action." He agrees, as he walks towards Sofia, pausing to nod softly to her before he opens a portal to the sanctum with barely a gesture. "It is time." he nods then, before looking to Jean. She was a guest of Sofia, she she'll have no trouble with him. "Come along." and off he goes towards the portal.

….well, he was a Lord of Order.

Precisely zero percent of the pair make Phoenix feel any better: not the sorcerer's prospects; their calm demeanor; the fact that this is almost certainly not the first, second, or even fifth time some idiot mage has been extradimensionally renditioned. Her teeth press tightly against her bottom lip and her hands clench and unclench at her sides tighten as she continues to watch them move— tear holes in space—

"— give me a second," she quietly, flatly states after a couple seconds of staring uncertantly at the portal. A few inches of gold sash instantly go up in flame; simultaneously, heatless fire resolves into what would be a burner phone if it were appearing in less scrupulous hands.

Several seconds of frowning and texting later, she's entering the Sanctum for the first time in a week or two.

Sofia snorts at Fate as he seems to simply expect to be obeyed. Her eyes roll and she grins. "As you say, my Lord," is snarked playfully.

She's halfway through the portal when Phoenix asks for a moment. Pausing, she turns to look at the woman and nods. When she's done, Sofi steps through and immediately powers down with a sigh. It means the white and cold 'uniform' she had been wearing disappears, leaving in its place a long, loose, light skirt of white that she's paired with an off the shoulders, gossamer top of sapphire blue that has golden scarab designs woven into it.

As soon as Sofia enters, there's a ripple of magic and the Sanctum shifts slightly, out of sight, calling forward that familiar sitting area near the fireplace and a tray with tea and snacks waiting. Beckoning those who need to replenish their energy.

"Please, make yourself at home." She's already heading over to pour tea for everyone.

It's almost as if they didn't just go through a battle and send someone off to who knows where to be judged and sentenced.

Fate doesn't walk through the portal until the ladies do. What a gentleman.

it's only when that portal closes does a shallow breath come from Fate as he removes the Helmet, leaving Khalid fully in control before he leans against one of the walls. "god Nabu's an asshole today…" he looks to the two women. "oh, sorry." yes, he's fully aware even when he's Doctor Fate. Alas, he also seemed to have powered down, wearing a -very- Egyptian tunic like of the days of old. loose, comfortable, and apparently it helps his appearance.

He smiles softly to Jean. "Khalid Ben-Hassin. A pleasure to meet you. though it seems you already know my wife." he letsh is hand claim Sofia's. yeeep. Two sorcerers among the highest tiers of spellcasting are married.

Phoenix goes ahead and refrains from powering down becaue she'd rather not talk about eldritch punishment in her pajamas. She also refrains from sitting, lingering near wherever the portal disgorged her with arms crossed tightly over her ribs as she's reminded of just how strange this temporary home of hers truly is.

"Who's gonna represent him?" she instead asks of Sofia and— Khalid— both as her eyes bounce between them. "Advocate for him?" After a beat, her eyes return to Khalid, her lips twist, and the still-frowning exhales, "Jean. Hi," while freeing a hand and holding it up for a stiff second. The hour — and the migraine — and the background weirdness of her landlady being A.) married, to B.) whatever a Lord of Order is— all of these things serve to keep her anger at a quiet simmer.

Khalid has reconnected.

«OOC» Sophie goes OOC.

Tea is poured just as Doctor Fate powers down. His hand is given a squeeze and a kiss is pressed to his cheek before she holds a cup of tea out to him. "Jean and I met some time back. She's been given access to the Sanctum," the more mundane parts of it anyhow, "when she needs someplace to stay."

Her smile is warm as she turns to Jean. "Do you want some tea? As for who will represent him… He will. His memories will be watched and from there, judgement will be passed." Her head tilts. "Are you sure you wouldn't like to sit?" She's already turning to pour another cup.

Khalid knows that look anywhere, the look that's plastered on Jean's face. "Well…h-" then Sofia saves Khalid from attempting a more sympathetic answer. "Very few courts are so just. Words and actions can mislead, but the mind and soul can never truly lie." He reveals. "It is of no consequence now. What's done is done." He squeezes Sofia's hand and blushes at her kiss to him. Either way, his attention falls to jean. The portal closed before Khalid took off the Helmet of Fate.

His eyes lock into Jean then…her rage being quite loud, despite being hidden.

A look given to Sofia then. Jean has too much anger in her heart.

"Stop," Jean quietly snaps, green eyes tracking the Sorceress' hospitality. Sofia's ease with all of this unnerves the telepath, and it's only getting worse now that she's actually seeing the other woman in civilian guise. The snap is followed by a deep, apologetic grimace as she brings a hand up to knead her forehead for a spell.

Eventually, as her eyes reopen, she finally decides to acquiesce by dropping heavily into a chair. Resuming her work against her brow, she shakes her head and lifts it towards Sofia. "That's not good enough," she says of the ancient proceedings transcribed in the lawbooks of the universe. "You described a trial - discovery, intent - but there's more to handling criminals than pure punishment: what about rehabilitation?"

Green eyes return to Khalid, the fury burning just behind them shedding protective warmth.

"Does he ever get out of 'imprisonment'?" she asks, sans quotes. "Assuming he ever even makes it there to begin with? What part of the trial looks for the possibility that he might be a better person, one day?"

The snap has Sofia's eyes narrowing faintly. "Careful."

Sensing the look from Khal, Sofia turns her attention on him and nods her head. She's experienced those anger issues coming to the forefront before.

Her eyes slide back to Jean and the tea is sat down beside her before she pours herself a cu0 and settles in.

"Would anyone who attempted to assassinate the President ever make it out of prison? Would they even get a life sentence or would it be capital punishment?" A brow arxhes.

Her tea is brought to her lips and the surface blown over. "He will be given a fair trial, Jean. Judged by both Order and Chaos. His life will be examined, possible futures scried, and judgement passed. While it isn't what we're used to here, those who use magic are held to slightly different laws, depending on their strength and knowledge. We have several layers of a justice system."

Even Khalid narrows his eyes at Jean's snap. This was pretty good hospitality after all! Though he calms after looking at Sofia, moving to take a seat next to her as he looks to Jean. Under normal circumstances, he would have used magic to calm her…..but it's not hard to detect what lies within.

He let?s Sofia do the talking. "Calm your heart, Jean. You are thinking too deeply on this matter. It is not as if they will slay him for having a single blemish on a universal record. More likely than not he will be imprisoned for a time and released, have his ability to spell caste removed, or he will remain imprisoned." He states then.

"black magic like he used comes at a terrible price, usually at the expense of himself or others. Whatever the outcome of his sentence, it was earned."

Jean doesn't flinch or settle in the wake of that warning, nor does she - beyond questioning the validity of supernatural justice, of course - press Sofia any further.

"I hate all of this," she readily decides in a murmur, "and I get that he's your husband, but I'm not gonna sit here and be okay with this, this trial by…"

The gloved hand draped over an arm rest lazily gestures for a moment.

"… metaphor? just because it's no big deal to you guys." Both hands rise to rub her temples briefly, then her elbows hit the arm rests and she releases a heavy sigh. "Kinda feels like I'm thinking on it with appropriate levels of intensity," she quietly appends. "The word 'Overwritten' got thrown in there, and I know a capital 'O' when I hear one."

After a beat or two spent quietly panting and trying - trying - to let impotent anger settle, she murmurs, "Can I at least see it?" while looking up at the pair.

"Overwritten, meaning that any knowledge of magic and memory of his time practicing it would be purged and in it's place would be put a far more useful skill so that he can be returned to this world and lead a completely normal life," Sofia explains.

A sip of her tea is taken before her head is shook. "This has nothing to do with Khalid being my husband. In truth, in the grand scheme of the pecking order, he ranks higher than I do." Not by much but by a bit. "I'm afraid you mistake my acceptance of the situation with agreement, Jean. I don't like it either. I find the entire process archaic. But it is what it is and even with all the power I possess, I can't change it. There are powers out there that are far beyond us and they handle such things. I can't meddle in this anymore than I could a court proceeding here on Earth."

When she asks to watch, Sofi shakes her head sadly. "I'm afraid not. He isn't even in this dimension anymore. Where he is, humans aren't allowed. Even Khal would be hard pressed to demand entrance. Perhaps we can petition to know the outcome of his sentence, however."

A questioning look is sent to her husband and a brow arches.

"Every person in this room could absolutely meddle in any court proceeding on Earth," Jean quietly - pointedly - notes. She's not saying anything, but she's just saying.

Khalid just sits quietly and listens. Truth be told, in terms of power the scales are pretty even between Sofia and Khalid. Only in authority does Khal have that bare -inch- of supremacy. He'd be pretty damn pressed to even speak to the council at all, even less be permitted to witness (unless he personally brought a poor soul and Nabu/Doctor Fate was requested.

Aside from that? Khalid and Sofia are in complete agreement.

Then he's subtly asked if they can hear about the sentence and he takes a moment to ponder. "Greater chance of success, but odds are they won't allow us….but I can try, if it will get Jean to breathe air instead of flames." He comments on Jean's present temper as he rises to his feet, the Helmet flying to his hand.

He appears to be communing, using the Helmet as a focal point. Seems he's asking Nabu the Wise.

Then Jean speaks. "Quiet, please." He asks politely. A few moments pass. Then the Helmet leaves his hand and goes back to the stand. "Hmph, got off light. He'll lose his magic and remain in custody for two years."

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