Conversational Handball

Characters: Wanda Maximoff, Lexi Nemo, Jean Grey
Rated: PG-13 (Language)
Summary: A small group of X-Men catch up with each other while working out in the Danger Room
OOC Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018
IC Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018
Where: The Danger Room



Whoever answers the Institute's midday doorbell finds Jean Grey standing on the other side with a backpack slung over her shoulder; and a suitcase and two sizable boxes hovering beside her.

"I heard you guys maybe had some empty rooms…?" she wonders of them with a broad smile.


A Danger Room drone slowly melts while Phoenix squints at it.

She did, at least, drop her stuff off in one of those empty rooms, first.


Jean's spent most of the last week in the Danger Room, in the attic, or flying towards danger after midnight. Today, it's the first, but rather than drills, simulations, or even sparring, she's picked out a more eccentric scenario for the holosuite:

"So," Jean says, arms spread in her gym clothes so that the green hard-light paddles extending a few feet out from them are at their maximum defensive potential, "how've you guys been?" Green eyes pass between Wanda and Lexi, the three women positioned in a roughly triangular formation around a circular, solid black floor. Dead center of the trio, above a radiant white ring on the ground, there hovers a chrome sphere the size of a softball. Behind them, color-coded swaths of floor act as 'nets'; those zones extend a ways beyond their feet, forming an arc within which each woman has to remain while intercepting and swatting. Well above their heads, color-coded 0s glow in waiting.

"Sorry we haven't gotten to catch up much! I've just been— getting back into X-Manning shape is kinda consuming," she adds with an apologetic wince. A beat afterwards, the sphere zips towards one of the other women, beginning the workout.

Lexi is idly balancing on the toes of her left foot, several tendrils having sprouted from where her costume reveals the skin of her back, curling around her as they wave slowly back and forth. "Um, hey, considerin'…everythin', I'm not suprised if ya need a lil' time ta get back inta things?" Naked in Lexi's voice is the story of exactly HOW Jean is back again, though she hasn't pried as of yet. She's simply happy to have someone she thought of as a mentor, or at least a sempai, back at the mansion. And, well, life.

Wanda grins, wearing her custom black-and-red X-Suit since… well, much to the Professor's chagrin, she just said that blue and gold weren't her colors. "Well, Jean, I understand /that/…" She then reaches out with her powers, crimson hues encircling the ball and lobbing it over towards Lexi, "Here, catch!" She grins, as she might not be as skilled in Jean in such matters, but she has some game.

"No powers!" Jean blurts at the sight of crimson, clad in black shorts and an ancient Liz Phair shirt.

After a beat and an analytical look passed between the other two women, she puffs out a breath, then claps the overlarge catch gloves glowing around her hands together.

"No, actually, Mama needs her cardio: powers," she amends as a taut grin spreads. Focusing her gaze on the ball, she continues to address her teammates: "Anyway, thanks! What've you guys been up to— you've been okay, right? Everyone keeps saying it's been quiet, which— I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't here to see it for myself, but it's almost eerie."

Lexi awwws, but retracts her tendrils obediently at that point. "Are ya sure?" she says, as she falls into an easy stance, catching the ball as she shifts it between her gloved hands, then sends it spinning low at Jean. "Well, I guess? I mean, it's been fairly calm for once, other than stuff in Mutant Town. I've been volunteering out there some ta keep an eye on things an' check out." She balances absently on her toes…she makes it look easy. Because for her it really, really is. Perfect balance and all that.

Wanda gives Jean a wry look, "Well, I can do no powers if you can… but Lexi kinda has an advantage in that regard." She winks at Lexi, then looks over at Jean, "Hmmm, aside from my romantic life, it has been pretty quiet. Thankfully, that hasn't been, though I don't know if you've met Clea yet." She looks rather happy as she mentions her girlfriend, not something that she's used to being. Content, perhaps, but actually happy? That's a new one.

"Nah, powers."

With a soft grunt, Jean then braces and swats the sphere, sending it careening Wanda's way. Briefly, she allows a look towards Lexi to briskly say, "What's up in Mutant Town? Do you need anything? I'm not teaching, sooooo…" before returning her attention to the Witch.

"I'm glad," she says to her with a smile, responding to what was felt more than what was said. "Weirdly, no, I haven't— well. I guess it isn't that weird, because the only time I saw her kid there was after I moved out."

"I haven't really met her either…' Lexi confirms, glancing at Wanda as the ball comes her way. "I mean, ya stay over enough with her." she adds, teasingly, holding her gloved hands out in a guard position. "But ya don't bring her home that often." She tilts her head, glancing back at Jean. "Mmmm…I think it's good for now. Made friends with one of th' interestin' street types there, so been tapping into what she knows for when something needs help. Not that she doesn't do a lot of that on her own." she admits. "But I see her at th' soup kitchen I volunteer at lots." She grins toothily. "There was a mysterious disruption of a local drug gang's main lab, apparently they got knocked unconscious or shot an' their money all went missing. Same night there was a huge donation to the kitchen though, so worked out. Karma."

Wanda leaps for the ball, making a really amazing leap that's probably slightly enhanced… until Lexi makes her teasing comment about staying over there, which flusters the witch enough that the ball glances off her fingertips, careening past her towards the net. "Oh, you…!" She grins, blushing a bit, "I brought her over for Thanksgiving, but yes, karma does have a way of working out. And it's just… well, it feels right, I suppose. It's hard to describe, really."

Jean has the wherewithal to be quietly thankful she's the only psychic when Thanksgiving is mentioned, given the uncomfortable mixture of jealousy and guilt that briefly touches her.

Smiling even broader in the wake of Lexi's teasing and Wanda's response to it, she asks, "Is she nice? Clea? What's she like?" A green '1' hovering among the scores, the ball hovers back to its place in the middle, lingering for a couple beats before hurtling towards Lexi.

The smile shrinks somewhat as she turns her attention towards the mauve mutant. "Is that your friend's name?" she asks, still managing to find a little mirth, "'Karma'?" It shrinks a bit farther, and the next time she speaks the mirth is gone in favor of something more sober: "Just be careful, obviously."

"Hey…it's me!" Lexi points out cheerfully, leaping upwards to catch the ball before landing in a roll and sending it on a low trajectory back towards Wanda at about hip level. "No, her name is Diya. Though I did run into your girlfriend there, I think?" She peers over. "The troll thing, when it was smashing up the place there, she showed up to help with that."

Wanda nods, "Yes, Clea mentioned it, and she's well… she's a sorceress, a bit carefree but still serious when she has to be, and she's not really from here, if you know what I mean." She grins, "I mean, she looks no older than I do, maybe a bit younger." And the fact that Sofia is her daughter, well… that tells you something, right?

"Jesus," Jean exhales at the troll-mention as her eyes widen, "wasn't there a fire there a few weeks ago too? And gang activity— are you sure you don't want help?"

While her expression remains incredulous, on the whole, Wanda's description - not to mention the ball - draws green eyes her way as she admits, "Not quite what I was imagining, given the daughter. Which, I saw her the other morning, with her husband, fighting some kind of warlock? Which's how I ended up at her place: I had to go be horrified at supernatural justice."

Despite the flippancy, she sounds tired, relating that particular anecdote.

"I think I get what you mean about not being from here, yeah."

"She has a daughter?" Lexi says with interest. "Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that. I guess that's all magical youth thingee or something…" She grins at Jean. "Nah, it's not to the point where I need ta bring you girls in for it yet. If somethin' does come up, I'll definitely come by though." She tilts her head, bouncing on her toes. "Most of th' problem is, th' people there don't trust too easily, so I'm tryin' not ta startle 'em by bringing a lot of new people by yet."

Wanda nods, "Yeah, I met Diya before, when I was with Clea… definitely not the trusting type. Can't blame her though." She glances over at Jean and flashes the redhead a smile, "Witchcraft, and magic in general, is all about karma. You get out of it what you pay in." With that, she grins at Lexi, "Just say the word, and I'll be happy to turn some trolls into toads for you."

"Well, I watched a guy who's apparently the President of Wizards wave a gauntlet and banish some idiot who was completely outclassed to face a trial by— I dunno, his mind and soul, and Order and Chaos, or— something. No jury or lawyers, that's all I know," Jean quietly rattles off to Wanda, sounding no less ennervated. "He didn't even bat a— well, he was wearing some kind of gold, sharky, knighty helmet, so maybe he did bat an eye, but I doubt it," she continues, gesticulating around her head as she tries to describe the Helmet of Nabu. "Neither did she— it was fucked up. They knew it was fucked up too."

At this point, she is wide open, distracted by dwelling despite the tension in her stance. Even when she shakes her head to try and get clear of that morning and glances towards Lexi, she's not particularly focused.

"At least let Diya know her hard work's appreciated by people who aren't there, too," she asks.

"Y'know, I honestly don't know if she'd appreciate that or not…" Lexi says thoughfully. "Being appreciated. She's really private and tries to keep things low key an' herself off the radar, y'know?" She notices the lack of focus, frowning thoughfully at Jean. "…ya okay?" she says curiously. "It sounds pretty wild…"

Wanda catches the ball this time, then lobs a curved pitch towards Lexi, her eyes flickering over towards Jean, "That's… yeah, magical law doesn't exactly have the nice sensibility that modern court systems provide, true enough. But then again, if you know the risks involved in breaking those rules…" She shakes her head, a little sadly as she impishly gives the ball a 'jink' to the side just to make it a bit harder for Lexi. After all, she has tendrils!

"Hopefully, he did, I guess," Jean murmurs of the rules. Once that's said, she waves dismissively and flashes a smile for Lexi. "I'm fine, I'll get over it; I just wish people could maybe try being assholes at a reasonable hour, I guess. Didn't get back to bed 'til almost 5." After a slight pause, she allows, "I don't like what happened, but I can't do anything about that." Puffing out a sigh, she pushes a holo-paddle awkwardly through red hair and adds, "Anyway, Lexi— everyone likes to be appreciated, sometimes. Even if it's minor."

Lexi is playing "fair"! No tendrils this time, though she does have to leap for the ball as it goes zooming past, more batting it out of the air at Jean than really catching it. "I don't think there's ever a good hour for people ta be assholes…" she points out, dropping back into a crouch. "Well, maybe. I think she really, really want to keep a low profile, so knowing people know about her makes her nervous?" she says thoughfully.

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