Christmas Fire

Characters: Superwoman, Logan
Rated: PG-13 for semi-graphic burn injury descriptions
Summary: A fire is started, and Superwoman and the semi-mysterious Logan manage to rescue those trapped inside the building.
OOC Date: 2017-12-26
IC Date: 2017-12-26
Where: Bronx, NYC

It's a sad truth of reality, really. This time of year, with dead pine trees and space heaters and extra electric cords abound, fires are an all too real threat. And one has currently started in a small apartment building acros the street from Logan's bar of choice for the evening. The first clue would be the shouts from people running out of the building, the small of smoke from fire burning things like insulation and acrylic carpeting. No sires yet, though one imagines they won't be far behind.

Logan certainly was drinking at a bar. But thanks to his healing factor…well, getting drunk is a serious problem for him, because no matter how much he drinks, he will always be sober and in the most perfect state of mind. Though the sounds of people screaming and fire burning wood and cloth catch his ears and nose, and as such he sets his bottle down, takes off his jacket and starts to sprint over there.
Of course, due to his enhanced physical abilities, he's pretty fast. running about 40 mph, he can make it there pretty easily and in short order. He sets his jacket down on one of the benches around the area before he starts helping people out of there…and when he still hears noises inside, he doesn't even think twice to rush in.

"I called 9-1-1!" Someone shouts from the crowd now forming outside the building. Still others try to get blankets or coats around those who make it out, herding them away from the building towards the street side to make room. But no one else other than Logan actually charges inside.
Flames leap out of one of the third story windows as glass shatters, and a high-voiced cry can be heard coming from the ream beyond that window.
What Logan can pick out - it's a mess in here, so it's anything but easy - is that he's dealing with a six story building. Most of the bottom two floors are clear, those folks having already made it outside. He will run into a couple of folks on the stairs trying to get down from the second floor, but more are coming down from the higher floors.
The fire seems to have started on the third floor. Much of that floor is engulfed at the far end of the hallways. It is spreading down, but the smoke and flames are also working their way up. It's not good. Worse, the flames have blocked off one of the two stairwells, forcing everyone to struggle across the building to reach the front stair, where Logan is climbing his way up. There are still dozens of people trapped inside.
This is bad.
Outside, sirens can be heard in the distance, as fire trucks roll towards the scene, doing the best they can with traffic as they fight to get there fast and render aid.
In the skies above, a lone figure is flying, making a circuit of a patrol as she considers some of her own recent problems. Kara Zor-El, known around the world as Superwoman, catches sight of the fire, and her reaction is instantaneous. She starts radioing in, even as she dives out of the sky, surging just shy of the speed of sound as she rushes down and through a window, starting to search for civilians in danger, heading to the hottest part of the fire first. "JD1, this is JD zero three. I have a fire at my location. I have EMS responding but not present. Send out the call; anyone close enough to get here in five move now. And we need rain, folks. Rain or snow, pronto."

Logan enters the flaming building and he helps people get out as he can, the lower levels are easy….but it's the upper levels that's gonna -suck-. But even Superwoman could see with her X-ray vision that there is only one person actively trying to help everyone else right now besides her: Logan. Even still, Logan moves to the next floor, but discovers it's filled with pure flame, and Logan cracks his neck a little before he just runs through it, his skin catching on fire for short periods of time before they heal…and back again…and back again…until he kicks open a door, the family there mortified that Logan's skin is growing back onto his body within seconds. He moves them out, and points them in the safest direction. "GO! keep moving until you get outside!"
And as such, people that were sure to be dead end up walking right out of the building in an obvious rush, more than likely much to the shock of others as the flames intensify.
Thus does this continue, with Logan kicking down doors and slicing doorknobs with his adamantium claws. another thing which would likely scare others as he shouts for others to get to safety, given, he also makes way for them to.

Fast, fast fast. Superwoman moves through the uppermost floor, gathering up civilians in her arms as she slices open doors with heat vision, shoulders them open with her invulnerable shoulder, and blows ice-cold wind from her mighty Kryptonian lungs to put out the flames. Superwoman can move as fast as the Flash, or nearly so, but she can't go quite that fast without turning these poor people into jelly. So she has to slow down, but only so much.
There are so many lives at stake.
Kara can see the metallic skeleton of a figure moving through the building, and can hear the gruff, smoke-roughened voice shouting at folks, getting them moving, showing them the way out. She's glad to know there's someone else here helping, but she finds it rather amazing that he is managing to survive this, somehow.
Superwoman deposits one load of civilians as the paramedics and fire trucks pull up outside. "This group needs help for smoke inhalation. Chief! I need your water on the east wall ASAP! Keep your men outside, we'll get them out. But we need a little more time."
She's freaking Superwoman. Of course the fire chief will fall all over himself to do as she has asked. And Kara dives back into the flames, heading for the fifth floor.

Logan somehow manages to dodge Superwoman's speedy path on more than one occasion. EIther that or she just moves around him. He takes a moment to cough out the smoke before his body heals him again, his healing factor being the only reason he can even stand right now, more or less succumb to the burning. Finally he finds a door barricaded by falling flaming columns, and he slices through it, door included to find a small child having been trapped in the fire. Taking the young girl in his arms, he actually leaps back down the long stairs in a -far- superior to human manner, landing on the ground with the roll, but the child unharmed. After carrying the child out, people start to see Logan regenerate, but because he looks so damaged people have a hard time recognizing him, but some look on in shock as his skin regrows back on his body.
He then smells Superwoman…lifting his head up he races to get the last person…unless they meet at the middle.

Even as Logan rushes back into the building on foot - the stairs are starting to fail, which is going to make this a lot harder - Superwoman comes out through another window from the fifth floor, carrying another load of civilians. She drops them off with the paramedics, and she rushes back in, moving fast enough to beat Logan if only by a bit, diving into the fire that is literally consuming the four floor entirely.
By the time both of them have swept the floor and found the last, there is no way down. The building is literally being utterly consumed. Superwoman has blown out the flames, but that will last only briefly. She glances at the half-burnt man whose flesh is regrowing, and scoops up the last civilian, then extends her hand towards him, not caring how utterly gross he looks. "Take my hand. We're leaving here before it all collapses."
No chance she's going to recognize him, at least until his face grows back. Ow.

It certainly doesn't take Logan long to realize Superwoman was there to blow out the flames and otherwise, lend a much-needed helping hand. Though it also doesn't take long for his face to grow back, revealing Logan completely and entirely. Minus that he's missing half his shirt, revealing an impressive physique.
When Superwoman extends her hand to him, he nods, reaching to take hers gently, but firmly enough to hold on. "Make it quick or this is gonna hurt one of us." he nods once and he braces for a burst of speed that's faster than he's used to.
But thankfully…mutants like quicksilver has made him used to -impossibly- fast individuals.

"Just hold on." Superwoman murmurs to both the civilian and Logan. She exhales forcefully, blowing out the flames again, and then flies them out the window, right into the spray from the fire hoses, then descends to the street, where blankets are offered promptly as they are queued up for medical review by the paramedics, as two more ambulances have arrived.
Once they are down, Superwoman guides Logan a bit away from everyone else. "I can tell you're healing all of this very rapidly. I assume you won't need medical?" she inquires as she does so.
"Would you mind if I asked you a question?" Kara inquires. "I don't want to make you uncomfortable. But you look familiar to me."

Logan takes a moment to stumble a moment after Superwoman's quite fast descent. and he shakes his head. His jeans were burnt and his hisrt was almost non-existent, but he nods a little bit to Superwoman "Yeah, I don't." but then he gets a good look at Kara and…
WOW. She's beautiful.
Anyway, he lets her lead him by the hand that she probably still held and he gives her a look. "I'm special, I don't need it, trust me. One of the reasons why I ran in." Though when she asks him if she could ask a question of him, he nods a few times. "Sure. What's up?"
He looked at her curiously for a moment….wait a sec, she looks familiar but he can't place the finger on it. He looked at the S-symbol on her chest (not her boobs) and he takes a moment. Ooohhhh is this Jor-El's……

"I've seen a picture, and I think you were the man in it." Kara begins, honestly. She does release Logan's hand, but she offers a shy, slightly uncertain smile as she continues. "I may be wrong. But the photograph I've seen included several soldiers from the Allied armies, as well as members of the first Justice Defenders, including my uncle, Jor-El. The original Superman."
Kara pauses briefly, then continues. "You look just like one of the men, one of the soldiers, in that photograph." She waits for his response, wonderingly.

Logan leaves his arms at his side as he digs an extra shirt out of his bag that he left nearby juuuust in case. since he was already shirtless, Kara shouldn't mind him putting a shirt on so that it looks like the woman isn't talking to a pick-up male stripper. It's all for dignity since greedy conspiracy theorists are always goin'. But he listens closely to Kara as she talks about the photograph in question…the photograph that contained him, Victor Creed, Steve Rogers, Jor-El, among others. Logan nods a few times then. looking to Kara.
"Yeah. That was World War 2. I was good friends with your uncle. One of the best men I ever knew. and one of the few people he entrusted with his secrets." he looks around then. "Can I buy you a meal?"

Given, he said that so they could talk, not so much have a romantic outing.

Kara smiles and extends her hand again, this time a tad more formally. "I would really like that, Sir." She pauses, then offers, "I'll be right back. I think we'll find a bit more peace for that meal if I'm not in costume. Can you wait for me, over there?" She gestures towards the other side of the street, not far from Logan's bar.
Once Logan agrees, Kara takes off again, pausing long enough to use her breath to blow the water from the hoses forcefully through the building, chilled to ice crystals, extinguishing much of the flames, giving the firefighters a chance to possibly pull ahead of this thing before the building comes down. Then she shoots into the sky and disappears.
Four minutes later, a tall blonde woman comes walking up the sidewalk to where she indicated Logan should wait for her, and stops in front of him, smiling as she extends her hand. "Hi. My name is Kara Zor-El. What's yours?"

Logan nods a few times. "Heh, no need to call me sir. I may be old, but visibly speaking we're about the same age." he gives her a little wink before he nods softly to her, extending his hand to shake hers. to make it official. But alas, he does nod as he agrees to meet her at the desired point.
As he walks on over there, he gives a glance to Kara as she uses her powers to help the firefighters. "That apple didn't fall to far from teh tree at all." he chuckles then a moment before he starts to wait. Then, Kara arrives and is rewarded with a small smile, extending his hand to shake hers. "My name's Logan. It's a pleasure." he smiles then before he opens the door for her, letting her walk in first like a gentleman.

"Pleased to meet you, Logan." Kara offers, as she lets Logan guide her into a place. She's not picky, honestly, and what she wants out of this meal has nothing to do with food. This is a chance to talk, personally, with someone who knew her uncle, and Steve. That's a very big deal to this young woman, who frankly just about worships her uncle's memory and legacy. Hence why she has dedicated so much of her life to living up to it.
"Thank you, by the way, for helping out tonight." Kara offers. "You were in there before I was, and I appreciate it. I know not everyone was terribly thrilled, but you saved a lot of lives." It shouldn't be hard to see why she is accorded so much respect by other heroes; she's a natural leader, and very charismatic.

Logan smiles to Kara then, and of course, sadly, he couldn't give his last name because he doesn't remember it…either way, he was more than happy to walk her into just a regular diner. Cheeseburgers, salads, hot dogs…standard american-inclined junk food that's good for the spirits but terrible for actual health. Nevertheless, Logan chooses a nice booth away from everything so that they could talk more privately.
"Just doing what I can to help out." he smiles then a moment, but he leaves out that he was an X-Man. But even in WW2, he was known as the Wolverine..nightmare to really everyone at the time, and even now that hasn't faded away, but more popularly as Lucky James. Both share the qualities of charisma and a natural leadership, but Logan's the kind of man who would defer it to someone else if he saw them as more capable, and he no doubt sensed the same thing with Kara. "Ah, I don't need the praise. More deserving heroes out there like you." He's -humble-. a quality long lost with men like him. Regardless, he sets the menu aside and he looks her in the eye. "I take it you knew him very well?"

"I knew him well. Not very well, until I got here. Until I grew up enough to read through his journals, and study them." Kara admits, smiling. "But I got to know him a lot better, then, and admire him tremendously. Obviously, he is one of my major inspirations for doing what I do." Her eyes twinkle a bit. "And it has helped in getting to know Steve, since he was rediscovered. Of course, for him that photograph was less than a year ago. For you, it was over seventy years ago." It's all a matter of perspective.
Apparently Kara is as cast-iron in her stomach as Logan, as she doesn't shy away from ordering the gut-buster fare available here, and she isn't trying to eat like a bird, either. "I will say this much, but I won't belabor the point: you, too, are deserving. You did what you could to help, and you didn't hesitate. There are plenty of men who wouldn't do that." Even those with powers. "I take it you knew my uncle very well?" Given his respectful words, that's her takeaway.

Admittedly…it was strange hearing about the band he was in in those days…those men, who he'd willingly risk his life for ten times over, he chuckles a little bit, and almost looks away. Well, Victor, for his part, went evil, Cap was 'dead' until but a year ago..the picture's worth a thousand words. "I see…your uncle was a great man…he's one of those guys where, if you were in a foxhole, he'd be one of the guys you'd want next to you. Back then, well, I considered all of 'em like that." he takes a moment to order and he's no flyweight himself when it comes to food. "I got along with Rogers the best. He had a way with words you know, and our origins of rags to…you know, doing something important, is the same. Victor was my brother, and Jor-El was the glue that held us all together. He and Rogers were the guys who could make speeches like Churchill." he laughs a moment then, recalling the time…but even she could see the overwhelming sadness in his eye.
"But…time is the enemy of everyone. and sooner or later, it just kinda fell apart."

Kara sighs softly, listening as Logan tells his story. She can honestly feel like she was there. "Steve is still like that. I don't know that I've ever met another man with the magnetic charisma and innate leadership he has." And given all of the men - and women - she has met, that's got to be saying something. "I'm glad to know that my uncle really, actually lived up to a lot of the legends and press hype of the time. A lot of people speculate about how much of the history books are put-up jobs and spin control. I know what Jor-El wrote in his journals. But hearing it from someone else who was actually there … that means a lot. Thank you."
They can sit and talk for a good while. Kara asks about what Logan has been up to since the war, and ask questions to confirm that it's his healing that has allowed him to stay virtually the same since back then. She asks about Victor, because with her hearing she can tell there's emotional hot buttons that come along with that name. And she asks about his memories of a few of the others in the photograph. Meanwhile, she's not stingy with herself, happy to talk to him about anything he'd like in her own life. She never gets close to telling him who she is out of the costume, but she makes it very clear that she was raised on Earth and has a human family out there somewhere.
Eventually, Kara will ask Logan a question, as they pay up their bill. "Logan, would you like to come by the Defender's base, to see Steve? Or, if you'd like, I could give him your number?" She knows that would have meant a lot to Jor-El, so she assumes it would mean something of real value to Logan, and to Steve.

Logan smiles softly to Kara as she tells him that Steve Rogers is very much so the same person he knew during the 'War to End All Wars'. A small chuckle then as he hears more and more of things of ages past. Though as she thanks him for just proving what was right by Jor-El with a live account, he smiles to Kara warmly. "It's my pleasure Kara."
They talked on and on for what seemed like hours, all day in fact. Every topic from Logan's personal life with Victor to Kara's life as Superwoman and even hints and tips about her life outside of the spandex, but of course, she is very quizzical, so Logan has no clue. Either way, when it's time to pay, of course, he's a gentleman, but since they both want to pay, they decide to go Dutch. They both split the check.
When asked if he wanted to see the Defenders HQ to see Steve, Logan nods a few times as he appears to be in thought. "Yeah….yeah that'd be great. Thank you." he smiles to her warmly, though normal senseless fears rested in Logan's mind….would Steve even remember him? would they still be as good friends as they were back then? either way, he and Kara talked for an hour longer before heading their seperate ways, both of them with big smiles on their faces.

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