Care and Feeding of Supervillains

Characters: Delta Dire
Rated: PG
Summary: Delta reminds her fearless leader Dire that she does need to eat, drink, and sleep occasionally, as well as the two discussing the upcoming tech expo.
OOC Date: Tue Mar 06 21:47:00 2018
IC Date: Tue Mar 06 21:47:00 2018
Where: South Bronx - The Bronx - Manhattan, NY

The South Bronx is an area of the New York City borough of the Bronx. As the name implies, the area comprises neighborhoods in the southern part of the Bronx, such as Concourse, Mott Haven, Melrose, and Port Morris

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It was late, and checking the access logs, Delta was pretty sure that her boss hadn't left the lab for a period longer than five minutes for at least twelve hours. And when you're trapped in a different universe, and the only person who can help you get home as well as your family isn't eating… You need to make sure they eat.
To this end, Delta has returned from a run to a small hole in the wall pizzeria, and buzzed herself into the lab itself, a steaming box in her hands. "Okay, Boss! Either you come over here and eat pizza, or I pick you up and carry you out of the room. And reset the access codes for at least twelve hours." She's grinning, but there's still a bit of steel in her voice indicating she means business.

There's some clanking noises from the makeshift workshop. "What?" comes a distracted voice. Not really paying attention! Which is about par for the course when Dire's really working on something.

Delta grins wryly, and walks around the corner to the in-use workbench and opens the box, interposing the greasy goodness within between Dire's head and the worktop. "Food. You know, it's that thing you need instead of nuclear batteries? …I mean, I like it, but I don't start suffering performance issues after being awake for a week straight."

Dire's hair is up in a messy ponytail, though she pauses to put her welding goggles up as the pizza interposes. "…mmm. Didn't Dire just eat?" she says, frowning to herself. "What is today?"

Delta nods towards one of the wall screens, which shifts to show a calendar and clock. "It's just about 2200, on March Sixth. Still 2018, at least. But yeah. Other me in the mainframe tells me that you haven't left the lab for more than bathroom breaks since breakfast. Which was twelve hours ago." The pizza box waggling gets slightly more aggressive

The rumpled blond frowns. "Dire was working on something that needed her full attention." she protests faintly, rubbing her eyes. It DOES smell good, the pizza. "…she can take a break to eat." she allows, grudgingly.

"Well, I'll pull up a stool, You eat the pizza, and you can tell me what you were working on. And I can also tell YOU something interesting I picked up." Delta smiles, pulling a wheeled stool over and hopping up onto it, depositing the pizza box on a relatively empty section of workbench.

Dire mms, standing up to pull over a old executive chair, then plopping down and rolling over before she snags a piece of pizza. "Dire is converting some of the robotic arms that were abandoned here to autonomous spider drones, since she lacks the materials for proper skelebots as of yet." she says, before hungrily devouring the pizza.

"…So you're turning those old Kukas into massive multi-limbed drones that can throw engine blocks around? That's freakin' AWESOME!" Delta gives a spin on her chair, leaning over to get a better look at the workbench. "Okay… My thing. I found… This!" She tilts her head, and a digital flyer appears on the screen, proclaiming that the StarTech Expo would be taking place in the near future, and was looking for exhibitors. "Was thinking… We have a table there, lets Erid Irons do some networking, and then Dire and Delta can crash the place later and take all the shiny stuff."

Dire nods in agreement as she grabs another piece, scarfing it down as she realizes how hungry she is. She tilts her head, looking over the flyer thoughfully, leaning in. "…would be a good place to step on the public stage." she admits after a moment. "To establish Erid Irons and the company, and to allow us to steal her technology to explain in the future why Irons' technology resembles Dire's."

"I thought so. It's too bad we don't have more supplies, or we could have both of us there during the attack too, for some extra cred. Timing's going to be a bit difficult though, we dont' want the Justice Defenders showing up on our heads before we have the teleport network set up." …It is a large pizza, so Delta reaches in and snags herself a slice, chewing a lot more leisurely.

Dire furrows her brow, considering. "It would be difficult to explain Irons disappearance during our attack. Dire could operate her armor remotely, but it might be noticed or interfered with. " She leans back. "Dire has created a one shot teleporter built off the emergency system in Dire's armor. She can create small beacons that can be attached to technology to teleport to a secure location.

"Okay, that's definitely useful. I'd suggest putting a Me in the armor, but Gamma always had a better You impression. Alternatively, we have ANOTHER diversion, so us disappearing isn't noticed. Like… Stick one of the Tesla Grenades in the power room of the building or something. Nice and flashy, causes an evacuation, and we can disappear in the crowd." Delta pauses in pizza eating, resting her chin in her hand.

"Hmm. Dire had a different plan for a diversion." She nibbles at her pizza for a moment. "There are villains here. We can hire some to assist us. There is one named Livewire who is made of living electricity and can enter and manipulate devices. In a technological show like this, she could easily cause widespread disruption.

"…So she's like a living Tesla grenade, but more so. That… is pretty freaking awesome." Delta grins wider, taking another large bite of pizza. "Want me to try to track her down, set up a meeting with you? We could try the storage unit thing again, if you wanted it on neutral ground at first."

Dire ponders. "Someplace that is a better backdrop than a storage unit. Dire has not made her full debut here. She must impress upon those who view her of her determination and power. It will save time." She considers. "We will find someplace appropriate dramatic here, perhaps. In New York, or perhaps Metropolis. Dire is curious to see this supposed city of the future anyway."

"Road trip? Or are we flying there? Either or, sounds fun to me." Standing up, Delta also passes Dire a bottle of water. "Here, drink that too. Hydration is important. And you need to get some sleep tonight too. Promise?"

Dire grunts, but obediently pauses to chug down the water in question, emptying it fairly quickly, before she gasps out, then wipes her mouth with the back of her hand. "Mmm. This flyer changes things. Dire will need to be rested to prepare a proper plan for this." she muses, waving it off. "We may fly there. Why don't you do some investigation of interesting locations that may work for a meeting place?"

Delta taps two fingers to her forehead, winking. "Can do. I'll have a flight over there, be back by tomorrow afternoon. Usual abandoned warehouses and factories, or anywhere low enough traffic with leaky steam pipes."

Dire ponders. "This is a world where there have been very destructive metahuman battles. Perhaps a site of a former battle, or a memorial. Something away from the public to avoid issues."

"I dunno about setting up the portable throne and stuff at a memorial. Battle sight through, preferably relatively fresh… Might be able to make that work." Delta leans against the wall again, back to thinking herself. "There was some kind of battle in Mutant Town recently, but I don't know if it'd be abandoned enough for us to get away with it."

"Oooh! Idea. What about the spot we came through at? THere's still that frozen explosion there, right?"

"Hmm…the temporal distortion at the trainyard?" Dire says thoughfully. "That could work. As long as we make sure she doesn't wander into it."

"I could stick some of those holographic caution barrier things, and the "Not only will this kill you, it will hurt the whole time you are dying" sign. I /love/ that sign." Delta giggles, stretching and relaxing a bit more.

Dire hehs. "You may use the sign. If they haven't already done something intelligent like cover it in concrete or something." She frowns. "If they haven't, Dire may need to do so. She does not know if she can trust the local authorities to be intelligent sometimes."

"But it looks so cool! Could we encase it in bullet resistant plexi or something instead? Hell, we could sell it as modern art. That'd be one way to profit off it." Delta snickers again.

"Someone stupid would try to use it in a poorly thought out villainous plot." Dire says ruefully. "If Dire could collapse it, she would have done so by now." She takes another piece of pizza, munching. "Mmmm…"

"Thing is, if you collapse it, it'd immediately explode and destroy whatever it is you used to collapse it. …Plus if we set up a bunch of fancy equipment and draw power that might be noticed." Delta sighs. "Sometimes I wonder which one of us is the sane one."

"Dire feels you are moving to the 'rule of cool' side of things for this." the blonde says ruefully. "Feels best not to poke at it, when Dire is still not sure exactly how the dimensional fissure formed in the first place."

"…True. We don't want to get dumped into ANOTHER world when we're just getting settled in this one." She pulls a hair tie from her pocket, twirling her hair into a messy bun and securing it. "Okay, I'd better head out if you want me actually available tomorrow by the time you're up. And you get some sleep, or else I'll tell OtherMe to start playing easy listening music in all the labs." She sticks her tongue out in one last good natured dig, before ducking out the door.

Dire grumbles, then snags one last piece of pizza before walking it over to the oversized industrial fridge, tossing it inside, then padding back towards the simple cot that serves as her current bedroom i the old factory office. "Who is the supervillain genius here again?" she mutters, then pads to the bathroom to wash hands and face, before collapsing into bed. She's out like a light almost immediately.

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