Atop Four Furr-eedom Tower

Characters: Starfire T'Challa Chat Noir Ladybug Reed Richards
Rated: PG
Summary: Chat Noir and Ladybug accidently draw the attention of turrents, Black Panthers, Starfire and Mr. Fantastic himself during a game of tag.
OOC Date: Fri Jan 05 20:29:38 2018
IC Date: Fri Jan 05 20:29:38 2018
Where: Roof Top - Four Freedom Tower - Chelsea - Manhattan, NY

It was a cold night in New York. Paris winter nights are worse, but it was still cold enough that MOST people were wanting to stay indoors. Those venturing out were either up to something, powered up in some manner, or bundled up in jackets.

So, the sight of a young woman in a red body suit which is spotted with black, slinging over the streets of New York much like an arachnid-theme hero would is enough to draw some attention. The thing that would draw the attention of the keen of sight would be the sleek black figure in pursuit.

Clearly cat-themed, the black suited one of hte pair bounds were the red clad woman swings. He claws into a building side, flinging himself up to a ledge so he can vault to the next rooftop.

On and on the black cat gives chase, sometimes drawing near enough that he seems to be trying to claw (and yes, if your vision is keen enough, the very sharp black claws would be more than visible) at her waist only for her to very narrowly slip away. THe chase ends when she slings herself up over a high building, and has little to counter swing away with, there is nothing for the red ovaloid on a string she's tossing to sling herself about with to latch onto. The black cat presses his advantage, poucing her in mid-leap, and hauling her down onto the roof of Four Freedom Tower.

The pair land in a tangled heap where it's hard to tell if the black cat landed first or not. (Ladybug: Chat TOTALLY impacted first. Soft grunt, but not too pained sounding.) What is clear is the manner in which they tumble, tail over yo-yo (that red ovaloid), until the come to a stop in a puddle of light, cat on top.

Chat Noir grins wildly down at Ladybug, weight on his knees on either side of her hips, upper body held up off her with his tail (which is a belt, like… a normal leather belt which moves exactly like a real cat tail) acting as counter balance, clawed hands off the ground near her face.

"I caught you meow, Ladybug!"

It's like the only line for every corny villian ever, isn't it? HAHAHA! I caught you now, <insert hero name here>! You will never escape my <overly complicated Rube Goldburg death trap from which the hero miraculously escapes from two minutes later>! HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

Swinging over New York is a good way to learn the lay of the land. Of course, if anyone ever compared her to a spider outloud, she'd likely smack them with her red ovaloid.

She knew, almost immediately upon landing, that she wouldn't be getting away. Ladybug had, honestly, barely had time to brace for the impact of the pounce she new was coming. Her bright blue eyes hold the laughter she refuses to let bubble up from her.

"Get off," is half growled at the cat as she reaches up to push on him. "You didn't catch me. I ran out of space. And now you have me pinned in the snow! I'll water bottle you, I swear, Chaton…"

King T'Challa was simply enjoying his night, walking with his entourage until he sees two costumed heroes(?) leaping across rooftops and otherwise being possible distressing as it were. With T'Challa taking a small sigh, he turns to his guard, speaking then. «Return to the Embassy. I have something I should see to." he then seems to disappear into an alleyway.

Later that moment.

The Black Panther sat atop one of the nearby chimneys as he looks down at Chat Noir and Ladybug, thoug hhe makes no noise or sound. He simply watches then as he remains crouched. Though in most cases….that's scary enough.

As the two impact on the roof of the highrise, initially, all seems quiet. Peeeeerrrrfectly normal roof. Elevator door, big $ on the circular landing hatch.

Netgun turret that pops up and starts spinning around to point at the couple…*THUMP*

Meanwhile, a light starts blinking in the lab Reed is currently working in. He doesn't notice it immediately. This is normal, which is why it adds the annoying alarm after a while and flashing lights in other colors. "Mmmm?"

Growled at, Chat rolls up from his knees to his feet as he pushed, but only as he's pushed. The grin never fades.

"Are mew saying you'd like to get me wet?" he asks, trying to deflect the knee-jerk ACK! NO WATER BOTTLE! reaction that bubbled up inside and pounced on him.

And then, turret gun.

Chat looks up at it and spots the other black cat crouched on the chimney just beyond. Yay for night vision, guys! His reaction is done without thought or hesitation.

Chat Noir repositions himself between Ladybug and the turret-gun-cat combo, claws up and at hte ready in a very feline fighting stance.

And a single thought decides to peek its head up in Chat's mind: Copycat 2.0

I'm not ready fur this!!

Ladybug snorts. "In your dreams." He stands and she stands, brushing the snow off her. "If I get hypothermia or frostbite because of your antics…"

And then there's a turret gun being trained on them. "Wow. People are much more paranoid here than they are back home, non?" She's starting to back up when there's suddenly a black cat right in front of her. "Chaton! What are you doing?" He has night vision. She doesn't. "Really, you think you're going to scratch that…" And then a thought occurs.

"Cataclysm is a little extreme, isn't it?" Nevermind that she's still backing up. How far off is the edge?

Black Panther still didn't move, though perhaps it was mild concern that Chat may have been attempting to use lethal damage on Ladybug. Regardless, he offers the turret that is next to him a simple acknowledging look before he keeps out of it's sight, looking down at it…but then again, it is likely a defense mechanism of the fantastic four….greeaaat.

Regardless, the King is not one to panic.

Black Panther looks to Chat noir and Ladybug, but not a word…just still as a silk leaf…staring into their souls, or at least thats what they may believe….

Suddenly, Black Panther is no longer in the darkness. Light is spreading gently across him, a steady orange glow with flickering edges of green as Starfire drifts down, hands tucked politely behind her back. She's looking in the general direction he was looking. "Is this entertainment?" she asks nicely.

As if to punctuate Koriand'r's question, there's a *KA-THUMP* as the net gun sends a pair of bolos streaking towards the couple. Nonlethal apparently, but certain to tangle them up together. Of course, they might like being tied up together…the gun does not judge.

Reed pulls off his goggles as he blinks at the roof alert. "…ah….whoops." he says, stretching a hand over to slap the override before the turret can fire again, then jogs towards the hangar elevator to take it up to the roof. He'll be there in a moment!

"Not if he tries to use it on us," Chat retorts to the Ladybug behind him. Neon green eyes with slitted pupils are trained on Black Pather while keeping the dangerous net-turrent in his peripherial. Chat holds his ground as Ladybug begins her retreat, only to double blink as the glow begins. His slitted pupils widen slightly, adjusting to the light and his ears swivel to catch the words, in English.

Which suddenly reminds him that he had been speaking to Ladybug in French. It takes Chat a half-second for his mind to click over into the new language. He inhales to speaks, but then BOLOS!

The weapon fires and Chat charges it staff being drwan and extended in the same heartbeat. He was aiming to get some distance between himself and Ladybug before throwing himself into a slide with his staff extended up plenty high enough for the bolos to catch on it. He grunts from the impact of the bolos on his staff and the staff into his shoulder, but revealing that he's stronger than a normal human, Chat keeps his grip AND prevents the bolos from ever reaching his Lady Luck behind him.

"Possible akuma! Get clear, Bug!" Chat calls out, back in French, because Ladybug and instincts and now there's TWO of them. And one is glowing and can fly.

T'Challa seems to remain still even as Chat attempts to attack the turret, though Black Panther may seem to be more appraising of the far younger version of a…mini black panther? no, not a panther. more of a weird…cat thing. Oh well. But then he keps his eyes right on it even as Starfire appears behind him.

"That remains to be seen." he describes before he rises to his feet to look at Starfire, his tone a slow and smooth charming drawl. "If you wish, you could also watch. The boy is skilled." he says a moment then.

Then a look to Ladybug…what can she do?

Get clear, he says. Ladybug rolls her eyes and saunters forward now that she can see who is thanks to the new mood lighting.

"Has it truly been so long, Chaton?" Ladybug asks in French. "Get back? Really?"

Her eyes flit between her partner and the two perched. "Now isn't the time to play with string, Chat. Details yourself and join me. I'm going to go introduce myself to our… Visitors…"

The red ovaloid (I will never again call it a yoyo) whips out and wraps around T'Challa's ankle. He has a split second to realize what's happened before Ladybug gives a tug and pulls herself forward towards him, pushing up to leap over and land behind him and Starfire at the last moment.

"It's quite rude to stare." Do either of them speak French?

Starfire takes a moment to parse T'Challa's answer, enough to decide this is not, in fact, a scheduled performance. That means there are two small humans being shot at on a roof for seemingly no good reason. She glares at Black Panther reproachfully and soars toward the roof, fists igniting with green starbolts she holds for only a minute before lobbing them at the turrets. She doesn't put a lot of force into the throws, but given the temperatures involved, force isn't really the deciding issue.

The netgun turret is starting to shut down per the override….then the brave little turret is flambe'd and explodes from the starbolt hitting it, before the bolo has finished winding around the extended staff, narrowly missing clocking Chat in the head as it does so. There's a moment like everything pauses, for just a second, before…


That'd be all the OTHER popup turrets that unfold from the rooftop as the Plaza's AI notes that its turret has been destroyed by live fire. The nearest has a single barrel that's squared off orients itself on Starfire, elevating, then a little red dot appears on her chest. Not to draw attention to it (she has comic artists for that) but to provide a lock on for the electrolaser that is about to fire, attempting to stun her out of the air with the equivalent of a ranged heavy taser. Smaller turrets, double-barrelled, rise from the corners of the roof, turning to orient, some following Ladybug as she leaps away to land on the other side of T'Challa as they track, some starts to turn towards Starfire as they move to acquire targets as well.

Meanwhile the three new netgun turrets all attempt to bolo the heck out of Chat. *KATHUMPKATHUMPKATHUMP!*


In the elevator, Reed listens to soothing smooth jazz as it rises towars the roof.

Wait… The BUILDING IS>..??

"Oh, now this is cool," says the Parisian kitty as the building's roof 'grows' more turrets and then there's a little red dot. On his feet now, since Ladybug had moved forward and slung her weapon(?) out toward the other black feline, Chat's eyes focus in on the dot and for a moment he just gives a shudder. Because …laser pointer. But he is the hero of Paris and has more self-control than that!

Especially when the building open fires.

Having been distracted for a heartbeat, Chat's a bit slow to react, managing to dodge only the first one before he's wrapped up by the other two. One catch his legs, the other his arms. His staff clanks and clatters to the ground, rolling a bit away from him. He yowls… like a cat… as he drops to the roof, twisting to try to get his claws at the ropes. Cataclysm as an espace is a last resort!

T'Challa is incredibly hard to move.

once that bola wraps around his ankle, he solidifies his stance so that it feels like Marinette is pulling on a wall, though she manages to land behind him..she'll find that T'Challa is already facing her. While he does speak french and understand her words, he simply remains silent then before he speaks. "I never did enjoy ladybugs." he looks at her costume of choice before he takes a more relaxed standing position, though it's clear even now he holds a weight of discipline.

He looks then to Starfire as it appears she's going to be blasted. Well, perhaps now is a good time to start analyzing their moves. Though the Kimoyo hacking card was already at work to shut the turrets down.

Starfire is briefly confused by the existence of that red dot. Why would an automated turret need a laser sight? It doesn't have binocular vision like a human to be confounded by depth perception; or at least it shouldn't. Maybe it's a sign of how primitive human technology is. Maybe they just haven't figured out how to make guns aim properly yet. Or maybe the gun isn't automated at all, but is being operated remotely by some kind of camera link.
You have a lot of time to think about things like that when your best option to dodge a bullet or laser or whatever is to just stop flying and let gravity drop you a few dozen stories out of the gun's line of sight.

Starfire takes flight and is suddenly blasting the roof her partner is on which causes Ladybug to narrow her eyes. "Hey!" She's already twirling the yoyo to whip out and catch the gold skinned woman when, suddenly, the roof' s arsenal opens up.

"Funny. You're the first black cat I've met that I'm not fond of," is noted to T'Challa in return. "Step up or move on."

She's already heading for the jump that will take her back to her partners side. The 'whip' catches and she jumps, sliding to her knees beside Chat. "Stay down," is muttered as she spins the yoyo in front of them in a wide circle until it's a solid red glow as if there's a shield there.

enew York is going to give me a permanent migraine!"… And then Starfire seems to just be staying there. "You might want to move," is called.

The sudden drop carries Starfire out of range as the crackling burst of electricity shoots harmlessly up through the air to fry some poor pigeon. No one will miss it. Some homeless guy will have scorched skyrat for dinner. The circle of life in New York!
Chat gets a bit tied up. Quite good ropes, but his claws can start to make some progress in cutting through them. He could always try to gnaw on them to help!The netguns wiggle their barrels towards each other, as if doing a security high five.

The lasers…don't fire as of yet, though they're definitely tracking. The card is taking a suprisingly long time to cut through the programming involved…some serious firewalls are in place. The lasers turn to track Ladybug's return to the roof, as does the squat square-barreled electrolaser.

In the midst of it all, there's a faint *ding* and the elevator opens. "Sorry, sorry, I wasn't expecting that anyone would be….ah…" Reed slows after hurrying out of the elevator. "…what the devil is going on here?!?" he says, frowning now as he brings up a holographic display from the forearm of his costume, starting to type. None of the turrets fire as of yet, as the hacking is disrupting their firing protocols.

Poor pigeon? More like GOOD RIDDANCE PIGEON! Of ever there was an arch-nemesis for Chat Noir…

"Stay down. Me-ouch, My Lady! I thought you knew me better than that," Chat quips even as he has no choice but to obey her command since he's working on the ropes. A moment more and there's some slack, which Chat uses to wiggle-shimmy his shoulders until his arms are free enough for him to get a better slash on the ropes on his legs.

"Your building turned into a level of Ultra Mega Strike Seven! It was pawesome!" he replies. Because he's a chatter box.

T'Challa doesn't seem to be easily lured by Ladybug's taunting, though when Reed Richards arrives, T'Challa leaps off his stand and lands a short distance in front of him. "Mr. Richards." says the King of Wakanda, which isn't unknown that he's the Black Panther.

He takes off his helmet then. "I would ask that you forgive the intrusion. I would like to work with you on something in your laboratory, if you would honor me with such an allowance." says the king humbly enough.

He wasn't want to lord over anyone unless they were one of his subjects.

The red dot slides off Starfire's body as she plummets. Once she's too far down to be targeted, she catches herself in midair and ignites her fists again, soaring up again like a comet, ready to wreak havoc…
…on a congregation of small humans chattering peaceably?
Starfire hastily tucks her hands behind her back to let her nascent starbolts dissipate. She wasn't about to blow anyone up. Honest.

"It's not like you have a choice," is noted to Chat when he puns at her. "I''m beginning to think the puns can't be helped either." Her Kitty is spared a glance and a smirk before she turns her attention to everyone gathered. Starefire's new reaction is noted but the girl is still a threat as far as Ladybug is concerned. Of course, then there's the shift in demeanor from Black Panther and a brow twitches. It gains him a smirk at least.

Finally, her eyes land on Reed. "Your building is … Impressive. I'm afraid my partner and I triggered a bit of a chain reaction. My apologies." Not once does she switch to speaking English. "Could we, perhaps, lower the weapons however? We didn't mean any hard."

And then that cat gets a reproachful look. "Chaton. Be serious…"

With a few last presses of holobuttons, the remainign turrets shifts, then retract, shutting down as they disappear back into the roof, as Reed frowns at the burning remnants of the one netgun. "Well….I'm sure it was an accident." he says, quirking his lips as he glances at the others. He looks a bit suprised to see T'challa, inclining his head. "Your highness…I wasn't expecting to see you here. Ah, of course, I'd be happy to lend the use of one of my labs." He slides his hands in the pockets of his lab jacket. "Let's see…as for the rest of you, I know the tied up cat person…I don't believe I've met either of you young ladies, however. I'm Reed Richards. Or Mr. Fantastic, if you prefer." He motions around the roof. "Welcome to the roof of Four Freedoms. Really, it's much more comfy inside, if you came to chat."

If Starfire is any judge of human body languageand she thinks she's gotten pretty good at itthe tall, pale, male human who just emerged from the lift is being regarded with respect and deference. He must be a leader of some kind, and his mere presence has defused the violence as well as prompted the others to submit. They treat him almost like a father, and the idea of a family of humans is so cute Starfire presses the heels of both palms to her mouth to stifle a sudden, delighted squeal. How can she intrude on that? She forces her hands down and offers hastily, "No, no, you must spend time together and be kind to one another! I shall leave! You must… eek!" She can't quite cut off that last squeal before flying off into the night.

A hrmph comes from Chat as he claws his way free. And no, the puns can not be helped. They are who he IS!!!

Freed, Chat gets up to his feet, leaning into Ladybug's personal space by her shoulder while some how managing NOT to actually make physical contact with her. Only a creature who is liquid like a cat could manage it.

"I am furry serious, My Lady. Monsieur Stretch Armstrong does not speak French, I'm fairly certain," he informs with a smile and his attention on Reed. He hadn't gotten a chance to really talk to the man much after the akuma attack. He wasn't feline well, after all. The offer to come in has his brow lifting and his cat-eyes turning to Ladybug. Maybe there will be snacks?

"It's up to Ladybug," he tells Reed in English while looking at his partner. It needs to be noted that the red and black pips he had been wearing when he first met Reed are gone… but looked exactly the way the earring Ladybug is wearing look. Same with the #YOLO ovaloid that she is still spinning about to make a shield for them.

"What do you say, My Lady? Do you have time fur a Chat?" he asks, making SURE to say the English word 'chat' with his beautiful and delicate french accent so that it sounds exactly like his own name. And, beclaws Chat can NOT help himself when it comes to Ladybug, he waggles his brows and grins.

T'Challa nods softly then to Reed as he accepts his offer. "You honor me, Mr. Richards." he approaches to stand next to him as he looks to the younger heroes. He knows enough that Reed -sometimes- enjoys company at least. Regardless, he smiles softly in more manners than anything else. Though in fact, his guard detail was already awaiting him outside.

His eyes traverse then to Reed as he pulls out a chip from his Black Panther helmet. "I would like you to look this over with me. I am hoping to upgrade it. If you desire a price, it will be given to you."

Slowly, the 'shield' drops only for the cord to be wrapped around her waist when everything and everyone seem to relax. She listens to the two men talk until she has Chat at her back and leaning in.

Slowly, those bluebell blue eyes slip over to him and narrow before she nods her head. "Alright, Chaton. We'll go in for a bit. If the building attacks again though, you're in so much trouble…"

Her attention once more shifts to Reed and T'Challa. "My apologies." Look! English!

Reed hmms as Starfire shoots off. "…okay." he says agreeably to her departure, then raises a brow, holding out his hand for the chip as he looks it over. "Interesting….and what exactly does it do normally? Very compact…certainly beyond contemporary electronics." he muses to himself, then smiles at Ladybug as she speaks. "Please, follow me then." He heads to the elevator, holding it for everyone to join him.

"If the building attacks, I will.. do anything you ask me to! Cat's honor." Chat replies happily to Ladybug. Not that this offer is any different from his usual, but it's still offered before he rights himself and gets ready to lead the way toward the elevator. He eyes T'Challa, stepping not as subtly as he thinks he's stepping, so that he's between T'Challa and Ladybug. My Bug. Hiss hiss?

T'Challa seems to let Reed show off his genius. "It is mostly used as experimental in it's improvisation. It's to help hack into small, sometimes large devices. I hope it to help in the more…how do you say, 'superheroic' aspects of my duties." he smiles softly. all for the good of Wakanda. he looks then to Ladybug and Chat, though also looks idly curious as he sees Starfire fly off.

"It is a creation of my own, though I would rather have a mind like yourself look it over."

Ladybug smirks at Chat, brow quirking upwards. "Uh-huh. I'll remember you said that." Of xourse, she can't help but chuckle as he inserts himself between her and T'Challa. "Easy, Chaton."

Still, she follows the men, feeling slightly outnumbered!, to the elevator.

"So… You have a kitchen that I can be in while you boys talk science, right? I'll make snacks?" Otherwise her eyes will glaze over or she'll fall asleep!

"Hmm, yes, right through that doorway…the fridge is to the right, I believe Sue stocked last time she was out. If Johnny hasn't devoured everything yet." Reed says absently, activating the scanning features of his costume's built in computer. "Fascinating…so you're looking for increased performance? Software enhancement, perhaps?" he asks T'challa thoughfully. "Oh, yes miss, ah, there should be some wine I believe in the door currently, if you'd like something to drink, or water and sodas, depending." He glances at Chat. "…would you like to assist her?"

"Science?" Chat chirps, like a cat excited to see a mouse on the other side of a window. His ears, which are not real cat ears, but triangles of whatever his suit is made out of (@Ladybug: BOYFRIEND MATERIAL!) clipped to his blonde hair by metal studs…. so… riveted to his hair? Anyway, these ears flick up in complete attention at the words 'you boys talk science', only for them to fall as Reed suggests he go help Ladybug ((OOC: I nearly put Mari!)) make snacks.

He's torn,it's clear, for he looks between Reed and THE SCIENCE! and Ladybug and THE SNACKS!

"Aaaaahhh…" he vocalizes, belt-tail giving a shudder of I am not sure what to DO!

T'Challa nods softly to Reed Richards. "You seem to have already guessed my intent with your second guess." he smiles softly then as he looks then to Chat..realizing he is likely still between him and Marinette. poor boy doesn't realize that T'Challa isn't that interested. No contest there. No offense intended. he looks then to Richards as he follows him to his station. "I considered upping the energy output, but I also realized that it would unbalance the energy output and could mess with the program and possibly make it far more noticeable."

Ladybug takes all of three steps before her yoyo starts beeping loudly and flashing. "Oh!" Flipping the top up, she silences the alarm. "I'm sorry. I actually have to run. Life beyond a mask and all." She smirks and takes a few steps back, retreating already. "People, work, et cetera."

"It was nice meeting you both," is said with a nod towards T'Challa and Reed before she grins at Chat. "I'll see you tomorrow night, Chaton. Try to get some sleep." A wink is given and she turns to make her way out and head home. She needs at least a six minute head start to get home before hedoes.

Reed hmms, walking over as a workstation unfolds from the wall, then plugs in the chip, starting to type. "Hmmm…..well, I can certainly analyze the chip for any software improvements that could be made. It will probably take a day or so to do that, and improve any code that can be tightened up. I'm not sure if I can improve on the materials..does this contain vibranium for the power systems?" he wonders, glancing at the king. He smiles a bit at Ladybug. "of course, miss. Next time, just, well, ring the bell." he says, dryly. "Less weapons fire involved." He glances at Chat, but seems fine if he goes for snacks or stays for science."

Undecisive, Chat's attention goes to the yoyo and his ears droop. She's leaving. And he knows better than to offer to escourt and yet….

Life beyond the mask… Find me, Chaton… See you tomorrow… Chat_Noir.exe has stopped responding.

For a minute, just long enough for Laydbug to get to the elevator, Chat's broken. The doors close. He's spoken to. Chat turns to look at Reed and then T'Challa… A blink, and then he's running out, forcing open the doors and basically just recklessly, almost carelessly, trying to take the fastest route OUT of the building.

Chat reaches the rooftop a minute later. Plenty of time for him to have lost Ladybug. He waits, frowning… then grabs his baton, checks for her location, pays no real mind WHERE it's located, only where it's located relative to himself, and then he's off, once more racing after rooftops, trying to catch up to her, to follow her home, hoping that maybe he's fast enough.

But… he won't be, and she'll transform some time between one check and the next because he is not keeping his baton on tracking mode the whole time (speed is of hte essence!). He guesses where she went, guesses wrong, and finally an hour later, gives up, and just… heads home… er… Marinette's home. Because he purromised her he'd be there when she woke back up in the morning.

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