An Accident At Sunset

Characters: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Serenity Malcum (Switch), Darcy Lewis & Sebation Gilberti (Bastion)
Rated: R (Course Language)
Summary: An accident at Sunset Cafe brings the promise of meeting later for Pietro and Evelyn (Serenity) and leaves the latter to meet and, try desperately!, to avoid questions by Sebation Gilberti (who she calls Agent) and Darcy Lewis (who is now known as Girlfriend).
OOC Date: Thur. Feb. 15th. 2018
IC Date: Thur. Feb. 15th. 2018
Where: Sunset Cafe, Manhattan, NY.

Starbucks has all but destroyed most Mom and Pop style cafes in New York but every once in a while, a small gem can still be found. One that has managed to hold on due to loyal customers, good management, friendly Staff and personalized service. In the case of Sunset Cafe, it also had a lot to do with the fact that there was actual waitstaff, booths as well as a chairs and even small sections that were 'divided' away from the rest in order to give the illusion of privacy.

On this particular Thursday evening, things had been going fine for the better part of the day. It had reached the high fifties and the skies were bright and clear. With a nice day breaking the winter blues, people had started braving the outside world again and business had picked up. Which had Tam and Nate (Sorry. I just can't help it), calling in extra staff to help. Which explains why Serenity is there. And has been for the past four hours.

"Evelyn! Order up!" It pulled 'Evelyn's' (Serenity) attention away from the customer she had been chatting with. A moment later, the order had been grabbed and she started back across the room only to suddenly find herself flying, behind someone else, out the glass window in the front. Breaking the fall of a large man, someone half his size had punched their way of the wall only a moment later and pulled the man off 'Evelyn' only to toss him and send him flying in a different direction. "Bastard!"

Still entirely unsure of what happened, and aware of a super strength pissed off mutant, Evelyn had grabbed the man's ankle. He paled and she looked sick, but his strength was gone and sirens were now able to be heard.

Probably a good thing considering the nasty gash in her arm. And the fact that said man was now rounding on her since she clearly did something to him.

The weather is, indeed, virtually shirtsleeve weather. People are out and about, doing whatever it is they do in breaks of weather like this, whether it's roller-blading, riding their bikes on the sidewalks and not effectively avoiding pedestrians, what have you. Pietro is most definitely making the best of it; small gatherings means he can make a few dollars, spend it on those cheeseburgers of which he's grown rather fond, pretzels and coffee.

Having counted his 'ill-gotten gain', Pietro has it stuffed into a pocket and he's actually walking down the street, his eyes on the next block where the coffee shop is, and is pulling apart a large 'philly' pretzel, shoving slightly larger than bite-size pieces into his mouth. It's not so much the sound of breaking glass that gets his attention, more like the immediate reaction of the pedestrians walking the street as they 'spook' and jump out to the side. One, two are pulling out cellphones almost immediately to record the incident. Just in case, of course.

Pietro's quick; his reflexes are bar none, and he takes one step, two before he's simply a blur. There and gone.. and he appears immediately at the 'scene of the incident', reaching out for the man.

"Is not nice picking on ladies." Pietro's tones are light, almost mocking..

Operative Gilberti isn't 'on duty' in particular. He's not exactly a direct sort that ever deals with the public anyway. He gets his nice boxes (labs) to work in for SHIELD, for the most part. But something directly in front of him, and potential citizens in danger? He reacts to it. He was down the street about two blocks, waiting on a car to pick him up, but can clearly see the disturbance down the way. He's no speedster, but immediately starts a brisk jog down that way, checking his gear with a cursory ease: making sure the weapon he carries is where it should be, as he dodges pedestrians and crosses the street quickly between the cars to arrive as soon as reasonably possible. He doesn't actually address the fight at all at first, he's on crowd control. Gilberti's authoritative voice reads to passerby as some type of undercover police, probably, or other military. The black suit he's currently wearing and dark blue tinted sunglasses sells him even more as that direction.

"Clear the street here! Move /back/, for your safety!" Gilberti demands of the cell phone users, attention on the people that may otherwise get caught in the brawl. He looks over his shoulder then, jaw tightness apparent.

Grabbed, the man rounds on Pietro, swinging a right hook at him. "That bitch did something to me!"

'Evelyn are you all-" Serenity nods. "Fine, Tam. Just worry about the others and getting insurance to handle this." From boss to Pietro go the young woman's green eyes as she picks herself up on the sidewalk. Thankfully, most of the glass falls away on its own. "Pietro…" She's not exactly 'fine' really but she isn't letting medical services anywhere near her either so… "I'll be alright."

With Bastion heading crowd control and cops, who assume he works for the shop, showing up, most people start to disperse aside from those who want to catch the whole thing on video and the belligerent strong-man that started it all to begin with. Not that he's all that strong anymore.

When the cops arrive, Mal is already making her way out to talk to them and give a full report of what happened, surveillance tape in hand and demanding charges be pressed.

The suit.. Pietro glances quickly at the man in the suit, those glasses, and he looks back at the large man and shoves him roughly into the wall, the action a blur for his part. It simply looked as if the man fell backwards.

In the next heartbeat, he's beside 'Evelyn', and he looks her over quickly to be sure for himself. Blood. Cuts. Nothing seems to be too bad beyond that.. and Pietro looks back at the 'suit'. His voice drops, "I cannot stay," is whispered. "I will see you later?"

The speedster doesn't remain for the answer, however, making the broad assumption that the answer will be 'yes'. Taking one step backwards, two, Pietro's gaze lingers on 'Evelyn' before he looks back at the 'suit'. With a quirked grin and a jaunty wave, he's gone in the blink of an eye.

Gilberti will identify himself quietly to the cops as SHIELD, but makes it clear he is not 'taking over' this by any means. He will only assist them in being sure that this is contained, and is pretty diplomatic overall. Besides, he only just arrived and has very little information on what actually happened. Gilberti naturally helps keep people back and organize the initial response to the 'attack'. Only then will he visually inspect each of the people that appear involved: The person attacked, the big man yelling about something being done to him, and the lady who fell out the window that is being yelled ABOUT.

And, of course, the man that appeared out of nowhere like a blur. All of that gets an analyzing look from Gilberti. The stare Gilberti gave Pietro? A little weird. Penetrating. But then, Giberti turns, opts to start with the man person who was hit, first (the guy targeted by mr. super strong), and will attempt to get him aside to determine injuries. Clearly with medical training.

There's a faint nod for Pietro and she'd ask him to be safe but he's already gone. Which makes 'Evelyn' smirk. That is, until she has someone reaching out to try to tend to the cut on her arm. "I'm fine. It's a scratch. Nothing else. Check on the others."

The man who was hit explains that it was a simple misunderstanding and nothing else. Really, he's very tight lipped about the whole thing and is squirming as if, despite being at the heart of it all, he simply wants to get away.

Strong-Man growls at Pietro…was?… And pushes himself up. "That bastard's screwing my wife!," he spits towards Bastion and the human. And now he's advancing on the first man again. The difference? Now people are able to restrain him because, it would, seem.. His strength is gone. "What the hell did you do to me?" That anger is once more directed at 'Evelyn'.

'Evelyn' looks at the large, once-was-strong man and arches a brow. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Gilberti sides with the squirming man who wants to get away: the one that hasn't thrown anyone through a window. Well, not in front of him, at the very least. Gilberti will actually physically get in the way as Strong-Man attempts to get at the human, and assist in the restraining, in the form of a firm push at the middle of chest to Strong-Man. It is exceptionally subtle and measured, but the message there is, just privately for Strong-Man, that he's not the only strong person present. Well, maybe the only one, since Strong-Man is drained out.

"Check yourself," Gilberti says, in a darkened tone, with considerable verbal venom. "/Your/ actions are about to have large consequences. I suggest you don't add to them." He wings a look at the police, in a sort of 'what the hell is he still doing here?' expression.

"Do you need help containing him?" Gilberti asks the police, before checking on the human. "Let's get you examined for injuries. Even if you don't feel them now, you may soon." He aims this to Evelyn as well. He isn't sure if she was flung outside. "Were you struck as well, miss?"

"Struck? She played landing pad for that guy," Tam is informing Sebastion as he comes out of the cafe. In the mean time, the human that landed on Evelyn is shaking his head. "No. No, not needed, I'm fine. I'm just going to go." Except that there's now a cop there as Strong-Man is being taken away in cuffs. "Sorry, sir. We need you to come down to the station and fill out a report."

"I'm fine," 'Evelyn' notes before argument before the cop and the human starts. With so many people about and so much confusion going on, the chestnut haired woman takes the opportunity to try to duck away without anyone noticing. She's been very careful not to let her blood fall or anyone touch her. Is it dangerous? Nope. She's just very … private, you could say.

"Wait," Sebastion says, automatically attempting to block Evelyn's retreat, though he doesn't like, GRAB her or something. He knows better than to do that in front of all of these people, no need to escalate. "Someone /fell/ on you?" Sebastion inquires, attempting to tail her out of the group, but is willing to let her guide the way out of the very center of what was going on. In fact, he seems to be absolutely fine with moving her away from the other people, perhaps respecting privacy.

'Evelyn' stops as she's asked to wait, her eyes closing for a moment as she takes a deep breath. When she turns to face Sebastion, there's a faint and slightly forced smile. "It wasn't a far fall. It's not like it was several stories and, really, he isn't that big."

Since he seems okay with her walking away, she continues to do just that. She wants as far away from the authorities as possible as soon as possible. "So… How are you part of all of this? Clearly not with the cops…" Or else he wouldn't be letting her leave.

"I'm nosy," Gilberti supplies, with a wry, brief smile. And elects to actually take off his sunglasses, now, well aware that it will make him less aggressive. It does work, really: seeing human, hazel eyes is far easier to talk to than a wall of harsh sunglass reflection.

"I won't drag you back there or even make noise, if you're willing to come out with why he's so sure you did something to him," Gilberti asks, with a clean directness. Perhaps hoping that honesty will beget more? "Even if it isn't linked to you, if you saw something that can tame that violence, which could be important. Stopping those with violent powers can protect innocent people," Gilberti says, with a shake of his head. He is inspecting her visually in a subtle way, but she may pick up that he's looking for injuries that she's denying having.

'Evelyn' cuts those green eyes over to Sebastion as he inspects her for injuries. She seems to have the cut on her arm, which probably should have gotten stitches, and a few other scrapes and bruises. There's a very faint limp where her left ankle twisted but, over all, she's relatively unharmed given her size and that someone landed on her.

"I really couldn't see much, honestly. I didn't even know there was a problem until I was being pushed through a window and used as a landing pad by a customer." She shrugs her shoulders. That much is completely truth. "I grabbed his ankle to stop him from going after the guy…" Again, complete truth. It's accompanied by another shrug. "I never thought about whether he'd turn on me or not. I guess I should have given how he was throwing people…" Mostly truth.

"I'm not sure I'd call his ability violent. His personality at the time, certainly but… Ya know… It's like saying a gun is violent or a computer… It really depends on who is using it."

"As soon as he applied it in a violent manner, though, I'd say it can be said there's now a potential for a problem, and future problems; we don't want a pattern of misuse, I don't want anyone else used to break a window," Gilberti adjusts, shrugging slowly. He focuses on her arm, the scratch from the glass. "There's really no way you'll let me, or someone else, add stitches to help you, is there," he asks, with a sort of dry, accepting half-smile. He entirely expects her to continue to try to get away from him and the situation. Which, he's a strange man, so that's not any surprise at all. And he doesn't push it, he slips his hands into his pockets.

"I think more happened than you say. But if that's it, then that's it. I mean, I'm not a cop." He leaves that quietly there, opening the floor if she wants to talk, but if not? Well.

"There's always the potential for a problem or future problems. I'm not a cop, I don't know if he has a history of violence or not." Evelyn shrugs slightly before she glances down at her arm and then back to Sebation and, finally, quirks a smile. "Nope." The 'p' is even popped at the end. "It's all good. I'll get home, clean it out, toss a bandage on it and be right as rain."

Silence reins for a few seconds before she smirks. "No. You certainly aren't a cop. I'm not sure who you're with but I'll bet, judging by the suit, you're with someone. Could possibly pass as a businessman if it weren't for the fact that all of them around here are too busy trying to get to work to follow and question a random girl in an accident so…"

She arches a brow eyebrow at him. "You're right. More happened. But that's what I'm willing to give to a complete stranger at the moment."

Darcy Lewis has arrived.

"Businessman?" Sebastion is really amused there, looks down at himself and flips open his coat a little, weighing his attire. He's way too heavily built for 'random business dude', the spreading of coat pretty much assures. Actually, it also gives a hint that he's armed, back under the coat. But he relents his amused posture, and drops his arms. "SHIELD," he clarifies smoothly, which he's well aware could make this conversation skew in two very extreme directions, depending on her dealings there.

"Which means I'm always 'on duty', really," the large man continues. He had the sunglasses still in his hand; he perches them in his very short, military cut, pale blonde hair. "Agent Gilberti." There, now he's not a stranger, his vague smile seems to say.

Sebastion, in a crisp suit, is located down the block from the coffee shop with the broken window and the police presence, where people are starting to lose interest, since the suspect has been taken away.

At Sebastion's side is a young woman dressed in a pair of dark jeans though they're now ripped in some places and showing scratches and a short sleeved blue blouse. There's a faint limp to her walk, barely noticeable and a gash on her arm.

"SHIELD?" There's a faint tilt to 'Everlyn's' head as she tries to think back. "Can't say I've heard of it but the Agent thing… Yeah… Government, huh?" A hand runs through her chestnut hair and pushes it back from green eyes. "Always on-duty means no off the record conversations though." Which is likely going to be the only way she'd say anything to anyone.

She's quiet for several steps before. "Let's just say that some things don't always work around me." Not… quite accurate but… close.

"If I were more specific, I'd say I were in the science division. Just doesn't sound as special-agent, now does it. Which means /my/ recorded conversations have to do with which set of tests are doing well and which aren't," Gilberti chuckles. "And it means I'm far too curious," he continues, not pressing on her cautious statement right away.

"And I follow evidence around," he adds. The look at her shows his opinion of her as interesting evidence. Which probably actually explains everything that has now happened. Science guy thinks she did something.

"Things don't work. All right." He's with her so far, no disbelief. "Ordinary things? Like, bad luck?"

In front of Sunset Cafe, a sleek black car parks. The space is grabbed with the brutual efficiency of a New York driver. The engine is turned off almost before the car finishes rocking through its inertia.

Out steps a woman, brown eyes, green eyes 'hidden' behind black framed glasses. She's in a Men In Black business suit, skirt almost too high above her kneecaps, jacket definitely too small to button closed in front, and heels that an inch too tall to be anything close to sensible. An oversized purse is pulled from the passenger seat, keys tossed in, and door closed so she get step away from the vehicle.

"There you are. Why the hel are you all the way out is that Sunset? Fuck I love their cinnanimanimanomnonom rolls. You're buying me some," says the woman, lips bright red even as he gaze makes note of the women near him.

"And her too. If she wants one. You want a synonym roll? Or a coffee or anything?" she's asking Serenity, smile broad and open and honest.

"No. Not ordinary things." A look and a quirk of lips. "Are you calling me evidence, Agent?" That's his name now. Agent. 'Evelyn' grins. "I've been called worse, I suppose."

The sudden appearance of the woman with talking to them has 'Evelyn' taking a step back. "Whoa. I doubt you'll be getting much of anything out of Tam and Mal right now. Shop is closed for repair." She looks back and forth between the two before her eyes settle on Agent. "Your girlfriend is hyper." A look goes back to Girlfriend and then there's a tilt of her head. "And … Nevermind. Right. Sunset is closed right now."

"Then I'll be perfectly safe, as I am too ordinary," 'Agent' answers, fully able to play, it appears. "Calling you? Are you offering me your number? I'll assume not, we haven't at all gotten off on a good foot here," Gilberti replies, with a loft of head and sly smile. And then there's a Darcy. "You have no idea," Gilberti says about 'hyper', but it isn't suffering at all.

'Agent' brightens up just a hair when Darcy appears, actually. Gilberti questions Darcy's requirement: "I'll only buy if this goes towards my debt from you bringing me donuts," he warns in return.

"What? It's cloooosed?!" Darcy 'whined', eyes going from the two to the storefront where she FINALLY spots the signs declaring that it is closed for renovations. Girlfriend visibly droops before leveling her narrowed eyed gaze on Gilberti.

"One doughnut. You want a box knocked off your tab, you buy us both lunch," Darcy fires back, having no idea what the two were talking about, but knowing that Serenity is beautiful has Darcy assuming he's said something nerdy. Especially since she just heard him say that he and Serenity hadn't gotten off on the right foot.
"Hey! Whoa. I don't need bought lunch, thanks. I don't tend to sit and eat with random people. Especially one who considers me evidence and one who doesn't quite understand those heels aren't for every day wear."

The woman with chestnut eyes cast her green eyes about before taking a step back. She isn't at all comfortable that there now seems to be two of them trying to coax her into something.

"Yes. Closed. Having someone thrown through your window does that. You guys enjoy your… whatever. I have… somewhere to be."

"I know how this works. I won't just blanket /any/ restaurant," Gilberti replies, dodging that a little. No super expensive places, of course. "I don't print money in my lab," he reminds Darcy darkly, some of his low force coming into the front, the same coolness that made the cops listen to him earlier at the scene. The idea that he just sits in a lab really doesn't fully gel with how he acts.

"'Evidence' here fell through a window— because someone else was thrown at her. I don't think she'll come to lunch to talk about it," Gilberti brings Darcy up to speed. Otherwise known as letting her give it a shot. But he's decided mostly not to press it. He'll 'bad cop' now, starting to walk towards the car. Go Darcy go.

"Then quit fucking harassing her about going to lunch, fuck man!" Darcy fires back at Gilberti with a frown. SHe'll deal with restaurants in a moment. Right now…

"And don't call beautiful women 'evidence'. Fucking rude as fuck. Go sit in the car and think about what you've done," she says, hand on a hip, arm out straight, finger pointing at the car. Assured he'll go, Darcy turns to Serenity and her demeanor falls to something more honest again.

"I'm sorry for him. Yes. My shoes are stupid high, but I'm stupid short, so they make me feel like tall person and that makes me happy, so I'm going to wear them no matter what anyone thinks about them. Are you okay? He said you got someone thrown into you and you went through the window? You seem okay, but I wanna ask ya know? Falling through glass hurts."

"Sailor?" 'Evelyn' arches a brow. "Eh. Evelyn, Evidence…. Tomato, Tamawto…" Not that he actually asked her name. Ever. "Hey. They're your feet. Whatever makes you happy." Shrug.

"Yeah. Like I told the cops and Agent, I'm fine. A few scrapes and bruises. No biggie." And a twisted ankle and a gash on her arm that really should have stitches. "I'll be right as rain once I get a shower and clean clothes." And to make sure no one is pacing her hotel room floor.

There's a moment of hesitation before… "They guy that did the throwing… He'll be getting his power back in a few hours… They should put him somewhere capable of holding a meta with enhanced strength…”

"Derby Girl. Our uniforms have shorter skirts," Darcy retorts with a smirk and a shrug to Sailor before bobbing her head at the 'introduction'. "Darcy," she says on a warm smile that turns concerned.

"If you're sure. That cut on your arm looks pretty rough, if you wanted it looked at? You really should, as soon as you can. I don't mind driving you wherever, if you want," Darcy pauses a bit to glance over at the window again.

"Yeah. I'll make sure there's containment en route for him. You told the cops and Agent Dickhead over there what happened that had Shit-fer-Brains tossed into you like a hackey sack?" Darcy asks, as if making sure. Clearly, she's more worried about wound than getting a good report.

Nah, Agent Gilberti didn't ask her name. He won't get promoted as a detective anytime soon. Maybe this is why they often keep him away from people. That and other things. At this point he doesn't even seem offended by the admonishment from Darcy. It's more of a 'hmmm, you're probably right' look, though he doesn't go all the way to actually sit in the car, he goes over to it and leans a hip against it somewhat. He watches them, but not in an 'I'm staring at you' way. Except he can hear bits of it. Such as 'Agent Dickhead.'

"Hey," Agent Dickhead interjects from the car. Don't make him come back over there … to get mocked some more.

Green eyes flit over to Agent Dickhead and, despite herself, 'Evelyn' smirks. "He's not that bad. As far as cops, Agents and the asshole government types go… I've dea—" Her jaw suddenly clamps shut and she straightens. Fuck! Fuck. Fuck. "Nope. I'm good. A hot shower and some gauze. I'll be fine."

There's a shrug and another step back is taken. "The hu—The guy that was flung into me gave a report. The guy that did the flinging gave a…well, several statements, actually. Mal and Tam did too. I didn't really see anything. Look, I gotta get. Thanks for the concern and all. I'm fine."

Green orbs slide from Girlfriend to Agent. "Take a lesson in subtly, Agent. It'll help." A wink is offered. "And take Girlfriend somewhere nice." A two fingered salute is given to Girlfriend who, yes has a name but good luck getting 'Everlyn' to use it now that they've been nicknamed.

Before anything else can slow her, she turns and crosses the street before continuing on and turning a corner.

Those were some interesting verbal skips. The girl must be a meta, jittery about government types in general. Probably because they've been dickheads to her in general. Darcy understands. So, she just nods to 'Evelyn', ready to let her be while moving over to the much taller Gilberti.

"Thanks, Evelyn. Take care. Maybe we can do coffee next time, when I'm off the clock and don't need to give a fuck about regulations," Darcy offers before turning her gaze up to her co-worker. Her grin's turned sly and so full of mischief, a certain God would be proud.

"Yeah, Boyfriend. Take me somewhere nice."

"I'm subtle," Gilberti informs Darcy after Evelyn makes a very hasty retreat. "Absolutely no robots were used," he adds, inspecting his fingernails calmly. Because that's where the bar of subtle is for the man. Whether or not there were robots.

"When do you actually give any fucks about regulations? … well. I want Hawaiian BBQ," Gilberti states, as if in-other-news. "And I'm /certain/ she has some ability to suck power out of people," He sighs. Blah. His gaze to where Evelyn went is dismayed. But when it's back to Darcy? Back to a smile. She doesn't bother him.

"Get in, then," Gilberti says. He will be driving, thanks. "Keys." He gestures across the car, in a 'throw them at me' motion of grabby-hand.

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