Aftermath of Heroism

Characters: Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Toni Ho (Iron Patriot)
Rated: PG-13 for some grody descriptions of healing and oblique flashes of skin
Summary: Following the events of What it Takes to be a Hero, Iron Patriot grabs the still-smoldering not quite corpse of Voodoo, tosses her in the back of her van, and flees the scene before the authorities can arrive to ask difficult questions. The two heroines discuss matters.
OOC Date: 2017-12-21 through 2017-12-24
IC Date: 2017-12-07 through 2017-12-08
Where: Toni's van, then Toni's warehouse lab and lair

It was a short, if slightly breathtaking quick escape away from the facility following the pitched battle there, but the odd Chinese girl in the armored suit was willing to let Priss toss her cycle in the back for the trip. She finally pulls into a Bubba's Burgers parking lot, then parks near the back quarter of the restaurant, before she leans back against the seat with a sigh. "…I have bruises on bruises…" she mutters.

~"For the record, I'm sorry I'm molting on your blanket. I'll pay to launder it afterwards."~ comes the complaint from the still crisply charred woman in the back of the van, holding herself against her hover bike during the rather abrupt drive. She's not speaking, though that likely has more than a little to do with what has happened to her throat and lungs, and isn't entirely repaired just yet. She heals fast - incredibly fast, and impossibly well - but it still isn't instantaneous. ~"Are you OK?"~ Trust the empath to be worried about how the other person is feeling right now.

Ahhhhh yes. Let's address the horribly burnt woman in the room. Van. The van.

Toni looks back, looking a bit sick. "No, it's…it's my fault you're like that. Are you really going to be okay?" she says, a little worriedly. Because that's really what's on her mind. She could have got her KILLED, if she didn't have such incredible regeneration going for her.

~"It is not your fault. You didn't burn me, Patriot. You covered the civilians, just like you are supposed to. Crap happens."~ Voodoo sounds like an old salt when she 'says' stuff like that, doesn't she? Like she's been doing this for untold ages.

Toni mmphs and says a bit bitterly. "I dropped it to shoot at the big guy. I should have shifted it to cover you, then you would have had one of them down. I left you open to them just..just…" She looks a bit green at the memory. "…I told them I'd be terrible at this…"

~"Patriot, stop blaming yourself. Please."~ Voodoo offers. ~"You're new. You will get better. And I'll heal. I promise."~

Unfortunately, Pris can't just reach out and hug Toni right now. She'd like to, but she'd molt all over the poor woman, and she's already looking green and peaked.

Toni sighs out, then rubs her face. "Right well… you need something to eat to help heal or…how does that work?" she says, scooting around so she's facing back towards you. "Or do you need a place to stay why you do? I can take you to my workshop…"

~"I hate eating when its' this bad. But something after would be great. High protein, high fat content. Sad, but fast food is often great for this, and cheap. Maybe we could hit a drive-through, and then go back to the workshop? Would that be OK?"~ It's pretty bad-looking, now that Toni is looking. That poor blanket.

Toni shivers…yeah, she's still seriously blaming herself, you can feel that. It was kind of the thing she was most afraid of coming true, or really close to it, that she'd end up causing someone to be hurt by her actions. Hindsight is 20/20, of course, but still. "I…sure, we can get some burgers here or chicken sandwiches, or whatever you like then take them back? I have some protein shakes at home too…

~"I really hate the aftertaste on those things, but they couldn't hurt. I can pay you back, if you can afford, say … I don't know. Five double-cheeseburgers and maybe a box of those chicken strip things?"~ That's a Hell of a lot of calories. but Voodoo has a Hell of a lot of healing to do. ~"I promise, Patriot. I'm going to be OK. I know it's rough to watch, and I'm sorry. But I really appreciate the help, and the support. By the way: That armor of yours was really neat. I'm no tech head, but it seemed damned impressive to me."~

"…thanks. I mean…I built it for search and rescue not…battles, but…at least we drove them off, right?" She smiles weakly. "Don't worry about it, food's on me. Least I can do is get you fed…." She starts up the van then pulls around to the drive through, then orders exactly that! Nothing for herself. She's..not really feeling like she could keep it down, for some reason. Then she pulls out and starts driving back home. "So…what's your thing, then? You hunt those…whatever they were?"

~"Daemonites. They were daemonites, an alien species that has a crashed ship's crew that has been hiding here on Earth for thousands of years, and sometimes messing with things."~ Voodoo explains.

~"I don't hunt them all the time. But I have a talent for being able to spot them when they're possessing others. When I do, I tend to follow them and see what they're up to, in case I can help. When they pull shit like tonight, I make a point of interfering as much as I can. I don't like bullies."~

Voodoo goes quiet for a while, resting in back. Molting is not comfortable at all. But things are getting better. ~"My 'thing', as you have probably guessed, is a few fold. My biggest is my Gift of the Mind. Which includes the ability to eject daemonites from those they have possessed. Which tends to hurt like Hell for them, which conveniently makes them a lot easier to pound the crap out of while they recover."~

The purple-haired woman nods slightly, listening as she drives. "So they're…like alien ghosts, these Daemonite things? That possess people, and you know how to exorcise them? Like a psychic thing, I'm guessing…" she says thoughtfully, taking it in without questioning for the moment. She has questions, just she'll wait until the end of the class…er, explanation.

~"Not ghosts. They have physical bodies. But they have the ability to phase and merge themselves with other lifeforms, and take control of them."~ Voodoo explains. ~"And yes. I have a psychic ability to see them when they're possessing people, and the ability to eject them. It's not easy, but it works, it disorients and weakens them, and they don't do well in our atmosphere."~ She doesn't bring up encounter suits and alternate atmospheres aboard space vessels and in controlled bases. That's too damned complicated for right now.

~"The worst part about them is that when they're merged with another lifeform, they grant that body a lot of power. Increased strength, speed, agility, healing, limited shapeshifting, injury resistance. It makes them incredibly hard to fight conventionally. Made even harder because if you do, you're likely to kill the host as well as the daemonite, and the host could be innocent."~ And doesn't that suck?

"And…the people, they're…still in there?" Toni says, as she pauses to pick up a remote and type in a code, before a loading door for her warehouse starts to raise, then drives into the warehouse in question, letting the security turn on behind her as the door shuts again. "So…how can you do that?" she says curiously. "I mean…were you one of their possessees so you're sensitive to them?"

~"Yes. The people are still in there, just unable to control their bodies or influence the daemonites' actions."~ Voodoo answers.

When Toni asks her next question, Voodoo coughs, a wet, hacking, yucky-sounding, gagging cough that lasts for a bit. Conveniently, this also gives her a delay in answering the other woman's questions. But eventually, she does. ~"No. I can't be possessed. They can't control me."~ Crap. How to explain this? ~"Remember, I said the daemonites have been here for thousands of years, due to a crashed ship? They weren't alone. They crashed because they were fighting another alien ship. The other race were the Kherubim. And they've been hiding on Earth just as long. But they blend in better. And they can interbreed with humans. The kids, the hybrids, usually have powers. I'm a hybrid. Raised human, never knew it until I was grown. But I'm a little unique. I was born from a mating of another hybrid with a Kherubim who was possessed by a daemonite. So my powers are a lot different than most hybrids."~ This is usually the part where people get disgusted and throw her out. She's as braced for that as she can be. But it's not going to be pretty.

Toni's quiet as she parses all of that. "…so…these other aliens, they possess too, or…they look like humans?" she says, glancing at you in the rear mirror for a moment. Not getting out quite yet. "So…huh. I…wait, is that why you could change at the fight? And regenerate like that, you've got…like, a bit of both races in you in addition to being human? Or are you..this other Kherabim race with some daemonite in you?" She doesn't seem judgemental about it, more trying to get it straight in her head.

~"Kherubim look like humans. That's how they hide, how they've blended in all these centuries."~ Voodoo answers. ~"And yes. That's why a lot of things, with me. I'm all three: I've got human, Kherubim and Daemonite 'blood'. I'm all mixed up."~ It's a private joke, but a long-held one.

Toni hmms, then nods a bit, opening the door and hopping out, then walking around in her armor to open the back door for you. "C'mon, there's a cot you can rest on. I've been meaning to get new sheets anyway." she says, motioning to what is apparently her living area…in what is effective a large warehouse converted into a combination lab/workshop. You can guess which part takes up the majority of it, though she does have a sort of living room and bathroom area in one corner of the floor. It's very open and airy, at least, and the cot is where you can easily lie down without interrupting the conversation. She peers in, looking a bit uncertain, then bites her lip. "Um…I should…probably find you something to wear too…I mean…uh…I have a sleeping shirt or something…"

Now that her ruined lung tissue has been expelled - quite forcefully - Voodoo can respond aloud. And she does, as she gathers the blanket around herself and shuffles out of the back of the van. "I have clothes in the saddlebags on the bike." she murmurs, and reaches out, tapping the controls so the bike lifts up a few inches, making it easy to tug it out of the van and get it situated somewhere else. "Wherever you think is best to put this. Tap the blue key twice to shut down the anti-grav when it's in the right spot, OK?"

That said, Voodoo drags herself off to the cot. Given the blanket is already a mess, she keeps that to shield the cot and sheets, for now, and lays down. It won't be long and she'll be feeling much better. But there's a bit more work to be done, and she's getting to the ravenous stage. A shower will be nice, eventually.

"So. I can tell you don't work for Iron Man, despite the name and the armor." 'Cause if Toni did, this place would look a lot more impressively techy. "You said there were others, who were trying to convince you to do the hero thing. Friends?"

The armored girl walks over then turns around, stepping back into what looks like a stand, at which point her armor unlocks and unfolds, so she can step out. Her clothes are rumpled and she has a bad case of helmet hair at the moment, having not been expecting to use her suit, and promptly runs her fingers through her hair to try and get the slightly sweat-slick hair off the back of her neck. "Right, right…" she says, walking over to the bike and moving it up against one of the walls before she taps it curiously, then leans down, looking over the bike with interest.

She snorts. "Me, work for Stark? Not a chance…" she says, dismissively. "I was just picking up some parts … sometimes the big companies are the only places to go for really high quality actuators and other parts." she says, patting the bike absently as she looks over, then perches on it a bit absently. "…yeah, I have a couple friends who work out of here sometimes. They're the ones who set up that police scanner over there, they were trying to argue with me saying we had a….an imperative to do what we could against a crime, if one happened nearby." She frowns a bit. "I didn't build the Iron Patriot to be a weapon though. Or a vigilante, really."

Also, now that she's got the helmet off and you can get a good look at her…she looks very familiar. Like you saw her staring at you a bit in a pizza place not too long ago.

Of course, once Voodoo manages to completely heal, it's quite possible Toni could recognize her, too. Not quite yet, maybe, but soon. After the shower, it's highly likely. But for now, Voodoo is curled up in the blanket on the cot, head down, watching while staying covered, justing waiting out her healing and the necessary hunger that follows. She always feels so damned weak after this stuff.

"Sorry. I didn't mean to be insulting or anything. Just, we were there, and your armor does look a lot like his, To me, anyway. I don't know tech worth a damn, though. Maybe I'm way wrong." Voodoo doesn't try to defend her lack of knowledge. She's very up front about her limitations.

"I tend to agree with your friends, for what it's worth. We have talents, resources, abilities others don't have. If you see someone in trouble, in danger, do what you can." She coughs a little more. "If I were a nurse, I'd try to patch people up. I'm not. So, I try to defend them, when I can, and stop the assholes."

Toni huffs. It's not hard to tell she doesn't like the idea of being mistaken for Stark, but empathy certainly suggests this is someone who has major beef with Tony Stark, or a chip on her shoulder about him, anyway. "Exosuits can look the same…I've tried not to make it look like Iron Man armor, but…" She mmmphs, rubbing her face, then walking over to a large fridge and snagging a trio of bottle waters, jugging a fourth in the crook of her arm as she carries them and the food over to set down by the cot. "…I'm not…arguing the logic of it, or the responsiblity. I just…" She sighs. "I just am not trained to fight alien ghost thingees or stuff like that. I don't want to get in the way of people who actually know what they're doing, like you, and cause….casualties." Yup, she's…still really, really bothered by this. A little haunted, in fact, as she thinks back to those screams and the sound of Voodoo's body being set ablaze.

In fact she suddenly turns very green and make a dash for a nearby sink before she loses her lunch to it in a messy, but thankfully brief moment. "Guh.."

"Like I said, I'm sorry." Voodoo offers, no longer belaboring the point of the armor. She's not here to poke at anyone's prejudices, and she sure as Hell doesn't know Stark worth a damn, so she will neither defend him, or speak to his foibles.

Just as Voodoo is about to say something more, Toni blanches and heads for the sink, and Voodoo clamps her mouth shut. She waits while the other woman cleans up, and then gently but firmly suggests she drink one of those waters. "You should brush your teeth, too. I always find the lingering taste of it just makes more more likely to hurl again." Eminently practical she is.

Now that the food is nearby, Voodoo starts eating it, unwrapping a burger and starting to devour it, working to calm the raging need of her body for calories and protein as the healing ramps up to a finish. She keeps that up while Toni recovers, and waits for her to return.

"You're clearly smart." Voodoo offers, gesturing around. "And you saved lives tonight. A lot of those folks would have been much worse off without you. No one's perfect, but you did the best you could." That said, Voodoo eats some more, then drinks down another water before she adds, "Maybe with your smarts, what you need is some training. Help from someone with more experience, to help you figure out, in your head, how to think about, and approach, another critical situation and do better next time." Voodoo sure got training, after all.

Toni makes a face, but nods and disappears into the bathroom, the sound of brushing then gargling coming from inside. She re-emerges after a few minutes, her color a bit better, her face a bit damp from where she apparently splashes some water on it before to settle herself.

"Well…I could have done worse…" Toni acknowledges after a moment. "Mostly because you were there to help us out though. I've never tried to be a team with something, quite. I mean…Riri and Dominique are by pretty often, but…not THAT often…" she says, pursing her lips. "I guess…I just need to figure out a way to train, or something."

She hesitates, then says. "Um..I don't suppose you'd be willing to…to show me some things? I could help you when you need someone to watch your back at least…and the Iron Patriot is hella strong. No weapons, but…" She frowns, glancing at the armor. "…I might add some nonlethal stuff now. Maybe…electrolasers…gas pellets, something like that…"

Voodoo finishes up most of the food and the water and has settle down, quietly, waiting for Toni's return, curled up in the very yucky blanket. That poor thing needs a laundry something awful.

"I could try to teach you some things. But how I fight probably isn't going to mesh well with you and the armor." Honesty is always best. Voodoo shrugs a little. "But I can try. "If nothing else, I've been through some stuff. I can show you what I've learned, give you some challenges, let you try to figure out how you can best handle them."

Again, Voodoo is no techie. No brain. So she's going to let the brain figure things out for herself. But she can try to help. "For now, though, I'm going to go into your bathroom and shower, get this gunk off, scrub down, and then probably get some sleep. Sorry, but that's just how this works. I'll be at least a few hours. Afterwards, though, we can talk more."

Toni smiles faintly. "…cool. Ah…don't worry, it's an industrial drain. Used to be the safety shower for the warehouse,…should get rid of most of the goo. I'll pour some solvent down there later to get rid of anything that's left." Otherwise she won't be able to take a shower without thinking about it or likely, smelling whatever gets stuck.

"Stay as long as you need. Go ahead and stay on the cot too…I'm going to do something for these bruises then do some maintenance on my armor." Toni nods, then heads on over to her workshop, saying over her shoulder. "And…thanks. I'm glad I could help, even if I kinda sucked at it."

The Voodoo who emerges from the industrial shower in the cobbled bathroom in the warehouse lab lair is quite a bit different than the purple and gold skinsuited warrior of earlier. For one thing, there's no sign of that costume whatsoever. She's just wrapped up in a couple of extra towels, carrying the bundle of the blanket towards the laundry machines as she pads along on bare feet.

Once she has that started, Pris heads for her bike, opening the saddlebags and retrieving some of the spare clothes found there, before heading back to the bathroom to change. She emerges about ten minutes later, carrying her towels, wash cloths, etc., over to the laundry for phase two, and then back to the cot she goes, curling up there as she lays down.

Pris's wearing a pair of virtually painted-on bedazzled blue jeans and a purple-lettered, gold-symboled white half-shirt at this point, as she closes her eyes and lets herself drift off to sleep, looking as if nothing has happened. No sign of the horrible, more than lethal wounds she sustained.

And there's the fact it wouldn't be hard at all to recognize this as the woman from the pizzeria the other week.

Each time you step in and out…Toni's attention is drawn to you, even if it's for a brief glance. You get the feeling she's not entirely used to having someone else moving around the workshop besides herself. And, well, the roombas you find industriously cleaning up the bits and pieces shed on the way to and bathroom, though she shoos those off when she realizes you're sleeping. She glances at you again, getting a faint furrow to her brow. Has she seen you before? That's…hmm…

She goes back to work, turning it over in her head as she works on replacing some burnt out emitters and hooking up her suit to recharge, as well as opening up a laptop and hooking it up to run diagnostics and performance stats. She obviously will need to improve her force field system more so it can last longer…she really needs a power source. Like an arc reactor. Damn Stark for being better at that, she can't improve the power plant any more than she already has.

Another glance over…the hair is longer now as it grows out. The half shirt and the dusky skin..those long curls…she's….

Her eyes widen suddenly as she stares. That's…that's the girl from the pizza shop?!? No…no that'd be nuts, it couldn't be. But she pauses, setting down her tools, then creeping closer, trying not to wake you as she bends down, her curiosity easy to feel as she tries to get a better look at you as you sleep. No…no, it IS her…that gorgeous girl from the shop. She can't help but remember you. And she nearly got you killed. "Oh my god…" she murmurs, rubbing her face quietly.

The empath stirs as she catches the curiosity, the focus, the appreciation, and the guilt. Her restful slumber becomes a bit less so, as she rolls over towards the heart and mind quailing with concern. There's a soothing emotional warmth that exudes from her, but paired with it is a lassitude that wouldn't normally be her intention. It's simply the bleed over from her own current state: she is tired, wanting, needing rest, and so she projects that outwards as she tries to soothe away the pain and offer respite.

Toni holds her breath as you turn over towards her, stilling, then slowly relaxing as the soft warm feelings wash over her, calming her, before she lets out a slow breath. Well. She…she looks fine now. She seems okay. But an alien hunter…she should have guessed. Most of the alien girls she knows from the news, the heroines anyway, all tend to be at the least, pretty. Though, well, not quite so outright gorgeous….

Toni flushes and rubs her cheeks as she stands up, chiding herself internally. Honestly! It's not been THAT long since…meh. Maybe it has, but still. She pauses, then reaches over to tug the blankets back up over you where they've been moved about by you shifting, tugging it over your shoulders quietly.

As the emotional disturbance eases back, Pris relaxes and falls more fully into sleep, easing the light tension built up. She doesn't stir as the blankets are resettled over her, and sleeps pretty solidly for several hours.

When Pris finally stirs again hours later, she lets those beautiful purple eyes of hers slide open as her mind reminds her where she is, how and why. Then she sits up, glancing around, and almost immediately reaches out for the food that was left, and another water, as she checks to see if Toni is still here, and what might be going on.

"Everything OK?" she questions.

It's a bit cold by now, the food, but there's a microwave visible that can help with that in the kitchen that you can see. And the fridge, if you need more water. This time, it's Toni who's dozed off, the young woman sprawled across the couch in the living area, dressed in leans, fluffy slippers, and a long shirt with a stylized Avengers symbol on it, strands of her purpe hair falling over her cheek as she breathes in and out quietly. She looks younger like this, that normal drive and seriousness she wears as an expression softened.

As she speak, she stirs slightly. "Mmmph?"

Pris lets one hand brush lightly over Toni's shoulder. "Shhh. Everything is fine." she murmurs, as her empathic powers soothe the edges to let Toni drift back off, unless she's truly ready to wake up. Meanwhile, she heads to the kitchenette area to heat up the food and grab more water. The food she has already eaten is long gone, and the sleep helped a lot. She's not ravenous, just hungry, now, so this should be enough. She has to admit, Toni looks a lot cuter when she's not so stressed.

Up close, you can see the bruises starting to form against her back and one of her shoulders faintly through the neck of her shirt, just the very top…she's definitely going to be feeling those over the next few days. Toni makes a little 'mrrph' noise, stretching out as she shifts at the touch, then opens her eyes after a moment as you head to the kitchen, blinking a bit as she takes a moment to remember she's got a guest still. Then just to watch you for a moment, her eyes half-slitted open, before she sits up, yawning out and rubs her eyes with the heel of her hand. "MMph…more tired than I thought.." she admits. "You're…you're better?"

Standing at the microwave, Pris responds. "Yep. The earlier food helped a lot, the sleep even more. Hungry, now, but not ravenous. You want to share?" she queries, as she is heating things up. "I have a lot of talents. But unfortunately, I can't heal anyone else. I suggest you stretch regularly the next few days, two or three times a day. That'll help promote the bloodflow for healing on your bruises. I'm glad you got some sleep. If you need more, take it."

"Right…well, chicken tenders, a couple, would be good." Toni says, wincing at the tightness. "Ow…yeah, I'm going to feel this…" She gets to her feet, a bit stiffly, then hesitates, watching you. "Um…we…we've met before, do you remember? At Giovanni Pizza…I invited you over to our table. I didn't realize it was you at first, but…now I can see it." She flushes. "Um, but I can just keep calling you Voodoo if you're more comfortable. But…um, so it's fair, I'm Toni. Toni Ho. Antonia, really, but no one calls me that."

"I remember, Toni." Pris offers. "If I was still masked and in costume, I'd prefer Voodoo. Stupid now. So pris is fine." That said, she heats up the food, then divvies it up on two plates to bring over, along with a pair of waters as she settles down across from the other woman. "I can try a warm massage, to help loosen those bits so you can stretch them out better. You just let me know. For now, sit, relax, and eat. Believe me, it will help. Not as much as it does a regenerator like me, but it will help."

Toni relaxes a bit, she was a bit nervous. "Um…a massage?" She winces a bit, then mms. "Won't that hurt or…?" She frowns. "…well, I guess it can't be worse, I didn't realize I was…quite this bad before." She takes the food and snags a water gratefully, then pops it open, taking a long drink before she starts nibbling at the tenders. "It's pretty impressive, I wouldn't even know you'd been hurt so badly the day before…" the Chinese woman admits, crossing her legs in a modified yoga position to get confortable…or trying to, before she realizes her leg doesn't quite want to bend that far and settles for tucking the one that does under her and letting the other dangle off the couch. "I guess since you know my secret lair and all that.." she says, waving around with amusement. "We can both let down our hair, sorta."

Pris doesn't eat right away, but puts her food and drink down, then slaps her palms together and starts rubbing them vigorously. "The key is not pressure, but heat and precision. Hot water bottles can do it, but they're less precise. Trust me."

It's hard not to trust Pris. It's part of the same thing that also makes her almost universally attractive and desirable. She just does her best not to abuse the privilege, as she then walks over behind Toni, and starts applying those heated hands to certain spots on Toni's neck, shoulder and back. "Keep twisting and stretching, it will work. I promise."

More will follow for the leg, and then Pris can settle down and join Toni in eating and drinking and relaxing. "My shapeshifting ability includes one heck of a 'healing factor', as my old teammates used to call it. If it doesn't kill me, I will recover, rapidly and without scarring. Which is handy, believe me." The dancer smirks. "First secret lair I've been to in quite a while."

Toni blinks, her eyes widening a little as Pris scoots closer, then starts putting her hands on her, tensing up, a surge of…well, a bit of nervousness, a slight thrill of it, and a little pure social awkwardness coming to the fore. It hurts a bit, but she tries to do as she's asked after a few seconds of being frozen in place, gingerly at first, but tries to twist around as asked. It does feel…better. Nice even. If she wasn't bruised it would be even nicer, she suspects…the other woman clearly knows what she's doing.

"Mmmph…thanks…" she says, a tiny flush on her cheeks again. It's…really hard to feel a bit of…well, something she's not quite sure what to call it yet having Pris that close unexpectedly. "Um, well, not really secret…though I don't advertise. I haven't gotten any job offers from a place I'd want to work at yet, and I don't trust putting my technology where anyone might lay hands on it, you know?" She takes a bite from one of the tenders, relaxing back slowly. "I kinda need to expand it a bit for guests, obviously." she admits. "Should have thought of that, but it's generally just me here."

"Stop worrying about it. Life happens, and you adjust and adapt. You don't have to think of everything first." Pris offers, smiling. She doesn't seem to mind the social awkwardness, and she does what she can - non-invasively, non-intrusively - to put Toni at ease, to help her through all of those other confusing feelings without requiring that they be addressed right now.

Time enough for that later.

"You're welcome." Pris offers, as she settles and eats, and drinks. All to the good. "I'm not much for tech, myself. But a suggestion I picked up from a friend years ago: assume someone else will get hold of your tech eventually. Plan for it. Prepare to be able to disable your tech, to make sure they can't use it in a way you aren't willing to have it used." Pris has no idea how to do any of that, but she remembers Spartan talking about how important it was. So she shares.

"I take it that some of your friends from the pizzeria the other night are some of those who have been encouraging you about being a hero?" Pris inquires. "It's good to have friends. A family, not of blood, but of spirit." She misses hers, badly.

Toni does seem to relax a bit as she gets used to the idea of talking with Pris…she's not THAT socially awkward, just…you get the feeling she's been by herself more than probably is good for her of late. "I've thought about that, wiring fail-safes and such into it. But there's always a way someone smarter than you can figure out a way around it, or use some metahuman power to get around it." She frowns a bit. "I mean…more people are probably interested in stealing Stark's armor than mine, anyway." There's that slight burst of…well, pugnaciousness towards Tony Stark, apparently.

"Um, yes…one works for me as a tester, actually. The other stops by when she's not busy with family things, the last…well…she moved on." she says with a faint sigh. "But it's actually another friend who started pushing them and me towards it, she's a lot more…um….optimistic and impulsive than I am." she admits.

"Well, you would know better than me. I just know what that friend of mine used to say, is all." Pris offers. She's not a tech genius, and she's not going to pretend otherwise. "More people maybe interested in Stark's armor, but his would be harder to get to. So don't count yourself out."

That said, Pris smiles warmly as Toni talks about her friends, a rueful little moue at the notice that one of her friends has since departed, at least for a time. "It's hard, when friends leave to pursue their own things. I'm sorry. But she may be back. Give it time and see what happens."

"Optimistic is always good. And impulsive is not always bad. It has its uses." Pris offers, with a grin. Yeah. She's not going to counsel against impulsiveness. That's totally not her way.

Toni frowns. "I don't know, she just…left a note and vanished. Said she was going home to her own alternate universe and I can't believe I actually am saying that in a normal sentence." she finishes. "It's more my tester friend who's down about that, she was her girlfriend." She sighs, then mmphs. "Well…um…so…ah, what's your thing, then?" she says curiously. "You just…roam around hunting these things, right? No place to stay? Because I owe you, I don't mind if you want to crash here for a while."

"I stay in motel rooms, generally." Pris offers, shrugging. "I travel a lot. Different cities, different gigs." See. This is the part where all of this is going to fall apart. She knows it. She can see it, feel it coming. She doesn't usually go in for premonitions, but there it goes. "I do a lot of short-term dancing gigs. I hunt daemonites if I spot them. If I see folks in trouble, in need of help, I do what I can. But I'm on my own. So it's not much. Just whatever I can pull off."

Toni is a smart girl. You can see it on her face as she furrows her brow slightly at the dancing gigs thing, then tilts her head, before her expression clears, hesitates. "…so…uh…dancing, you do…" she says, uncertain if her guess is correct…but feeling it might be a bit insulting if she's wrong. "Um, no, it doesn't matter, actually." she decides, almost immediately. "I mean, you don't get paid for that sort of thing…hunting aliens, I'm guessing, so…" She bites her lower lip, frowning. That…really bothers her on some level. She knows from Sev what it's like to be a heroine with no way of earning a living wage, dependent on her mysterious benefactor. So she can see why it's not going be easy to hold a job if you have to move around, and….mmm.

"I mean…it doesn't seem fair that you should have to…to scramble for a job and money on top of doing good like this." And maybe, Toni thinks to herself….she can help with that at least…

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