After the Clinic

Characters: Wanda Maximoff Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde
Rated: PG
Summary: After infiltrating the Fairlight headquarters searching for information on what ties it has with Jean Grey and the mysterious experiments on psychics, the four X-Men talk about where to go next.
OOC Date: Friday, December 29, 2017
IC Date: Friday, December 29, 2017
Where: Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters - Front Courtyard

Wanda's classroom is a rather modest affair, since there aren't /that/ many students at any given time. There's a few trinkets about, as well as a sketch from Piotr of Wanda dressed as Snape with the caption 'Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher' underneath framed on the wall by her desk. Sitting behind the desk, she goes over the files and documents, frowning a bit to herself as she looks over at the others, "This… is very disturbing." Which is probably an understatement.

Lexi ums as she closes the folder she was looking through. "Well…at least we know it really -was- Jean, an' she's alive? Or that she has a twin." She pauses. "Or a clone. Or alien shapeshifter. Or normal shapeshifter, or Mystique, or…um, but probably Jean." She wrinkles her nose. "An' that this was the place her parents took her to for treatment before th' Professor, an' that she apparently reeeeeeally didn't like th' people here, or the faclity considering she destroyed it, an' took the other patients away somewhere.

Luci sits quietly, watching the others and listening without interrupting. "Given the powers and the psychic signature readings from Cerebro, it seems pretty firm as an ID for Jean. The question would be: where she was, and why it is that she appeared there. She was only there briefly when she was ten. She wasn't there while she's been supposedly dead. She just suddenly appeared there, and then went after everyone lethally." And Luci is rather disturbed by this.

"Perhaps that's why she's scared to return," Kitty mentions on the heels of Luci's comment, quietly. She has her computer notebook with her, and shakes her head, "I still don't like what we found. They're squeaky clean, from inside to out. But it's what's -not- there that is more telling. On every angle, every facet, they're in line with a normal medical facility. But, there's this Benjamin Brighton fellow mentioned, and no data on him, whatsoever. Then there's the testing with the constructs. Like they're seeing how far they can push their patients."

Wanda frowns, then says, "Well, Jean is back, though I don't know if I can discount the fact this might be a clone, or something else." She looks over at the others, "I haven't had a chance to tell you yet, but when I happened to be near a bank robbery a while ago… I encountered Jean there, also helping to stop it. Though she left before I could ask her anything. But it /was/ her." She shakes her head, "Jean is… she wouldn't use lethal force against these people, not without a damn good reason." She sounds pretty well convinced of that, "I just wish I knew what it was."

Lexi pulls her legs up under her, sitting cross-legged as she leans back in her chair. "Well….it might be she went back there cuz she remembered bein' there? If it was someplace she went a lot when she was younger, gettin' treated an' stuff. But…" She frowns. "Yeah, seems like somethin' hinkey was up at this place. An' this company in general."

"For Jean to have done this, to have trapped those staffers inside and burned them alive … it had to be awful." Luci offers, very softly. She didn't believe it. Not until she read it, saw it herself. She's not sure there's anything left to hurl up out of her tummy, but it threatens anyway.

"None of us know what we're capable of, if pushed to extremes," Kitty says, quietly. "And what Jean must have gone through? Dying? Whatever. Being - remade? I don't know. Whatever happened. Maybe she's not herself. Or, maybe she's remembering things that she'd forgotten. Maybe she's not in control. Whatever the reason, I'm sure it's why she doesn't want to come back. She doesn't want that to be us." It's Kitty's best guess, at any rate.
"I think the next step is - well, Ororo has visited her, at least once. One of us to maybe go with her, to try and visit Jean again. Get a better idea of things. If we can. Or, if not? Just send Ororo."

Wanda nods, "I'll talk to Ororo, I think I can get a chance to speak to Jean then… she seemed, troubled. Not herself." She frowns, "But it was still Jean, and if she's having some sort of problem, we owe it to her to help her through it. If it weren't for her, I'd probably still be mucking around the "Brotherhood" taking Magneto's orders." She sighs, "I don't know if she needs saving, but we should do what we can."

"Ororo did?" Lexi says, surprised. "Huh. Well…" She hesitates. "Why's she not comin ta us for help if she's in trouble? I mean…she knows all of us. She could easily contact us telepathically, even if she couldn't physically come ta us." She frowns. "…well…she has to have taken th' patients somewhere, right? Maybe she took them back home? We could check that pretty easy."

"That was kinda my point." Luci offers. "That there has to be something. That the Jean we know wouldn't have done this without an impetus, either external, or unknown but internal to the situation." But as a nurse, Luci has serious issues with this. She cannot help that. She wants to help her friends. She wants to help Jean. But what is she to do? She's really not sure.

To Lexi, Luci just shrugs. "She's staying at some magical sanctum place. She's concerned about what her being back means, and staying away until she can be sure, until we can be sure, she's not a threat." Luci hates it. Even moreso now. But she can at least repeat again what Ororo told them all.

"And I don't know the nature of this place. Or, who set any of the magical protections on her. Clearly, it's someone Jean trusts to be able to - well, do something if she gets out of control. Or tries to hurt someone. Or herself," Kitty says, not liking any of this any more than anyone else. "But, I think our next step is to talk to Jean."

Wanda blinks at Luci, giving her a look, "Wait… a /magical/ sanctum? This can't be…" She suddenly gets an odd expression, then says, "I need to talk to my girlfriend, I think. And soon." Because there's only so many magical sanctums around, after all.

"Wait, what girlfriend?" Lexi says immediately, focusing on Wanda. "You have a magic girlfriend?" She grins. "Who doesn't live in Canada?" She hmms, then sobers. "You don't think her powers are, like, out of control or somethin'? Maybe she didn't mean ta burn that place down completely, it just got away from her…I heard she had issues like that when she was a kid."

The hispanic heroines shrug shoulders. "That's what Ororo said." she offers to Wanda. She, however, doesn't seem shocked that Wanda has a girlfriend. Or maybe she's just making sure to keep a very neutral-seeming face and say nothing to offend?

Kitty looks to Wanda as well, and nudges Lexi under the table slightly, "Girlfriend talk later," she tells Lexi, but in a friendly manner. She nods to Wanda, "If you know someone who can get us some answers, that would certainly help."

Wanda nods, "I think so… at least, I suspect she'd be able to help." She grins wryly at Lexi, "And I'm pretty sure she's not Canadian. But I'll make it a point to ask her soon. She owes me a date anyway."

Lexi awwws at Kitty, but nows. "Okay. Well. If she would know something about this sanctum place." She frowns. "Maybe she took th' people there? If it's a safe spot that gives sanctuary or somethin'?" She purses her lips. "Either way, I guess th' question here is…do we go find Jean to find out what's happenin', or do we go investigate this more on our own? If Jean's got some kinda plan, we might end up walkin' in th' middle an' messin' it up though."

"Jean left the plan to us. At least, that's what Ororo said." Luci offers, softly.

"Our goal, our challenge, is to - figure out what's happened. Jean's hands are tied, at the very least. She might help by providing insight, or clues, from what, if anything, she might remember. But, this is all on us, like Luci says," Kitty agrees.

Wanda hmms, "So we should work together and figure out what these people are really up to, and stop them… before Jean can't stop herself, from the sounds of it. At least it sounds like she's not, fully in control." Which sounds like something Wanda is too familiar with.

Lexi quirks her lips. "Alright. Well. First priority seems like helpin' these patients, if they're being abused or somethin'. This Dr. Brighton seems major sketchy, so maybe look for him too?" She tilts her head. "Or that engineer, Marla Etter….she'd know what they were buildin' an' runnin' in these places."

"So, what should we do? Go find them and persuade them to confess to us?" Luci questions. "Or is there something better we can do about this?"

Wanda grins slightly, "Persuade, no… but I think we need to investigate these people more closely. Perhaps we can figure out what they're up to in more detail, if we start looking into these people specifically. We all have contacts we can use… so let's use them. Find out more about these folks, and see what the dirt is on them." She smiles slightly, "I'll talk with Clea, and see if she can get me in to see Jean. Maybe I can get some more information that way too."

Lexi nods thoughfully. "I can try an' track down home addresses an' stuff, so we know where to look for that. Shouldn't take more than a day, maybe? Depends how much they're hidin' 'em."

And so the group starts there…

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