Advanced Ideas Demonstrated

Characters: Toni Ho Delta Haven Linda Danvers
Rated: PG
Summary: Amid the StarTech Science & Tech Expo, a young genius named Toni Ho presents some of her most recent inventions to a crowd that includes Linda Danvers, Haven, and a disguised Delta.
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Where: Business District - New Troy - Metropolis, DE.

This area is almost always busy, the hustle and bustle of businesses open all hours of the day and night seeming to never end and keeping people coming and going constantly. At best, there's lulls in the crowds and traffic but it seems as if it never truly ends.
Here is where you'll find some of the businesses that are most associated with Metropolis, such as LexCorp and The Daily Planet. Any living areas here are set up mainly above the multitude of shops that line the streets. To find a house here is a rare thing indeed though there is the occasional stacked condo buildings.
As always, trees have been planted and occasionally a well manicured patch of grass can be found. Mainly, however, this section of New Troy is the epitome of 'urban jungle'.

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Meanwhile, about two hours before the ensuing chaos of Dire's arrival, another demonstration is taking place. It's certainly one of the more shiny ones, considering it consists of a series of force fields that have flickered to life around the test area. And the fact there's an unfortunate looking dummy and a table with a variety of devices. Mostly the large-bore…weapon?…that is pointed its way, as Toni prepares. Her demonstration isn't gettin near the level of attention as others, but then…she's a nobody as far as most people here are concerned, mostly here on Linda's kindness to let her be part of the overall Startech demonstrations.

Haven is bored of the 'big names'. They haven't thrilled her much, other than a couple of the medical demos. She's been striding around, looking for something to catch her attention. Blonde hair is caught back in a braid today, black slacks and a red blouse with her SI card thing clipped to her belt loop. Shiny? Haven likes Shiny.

If nothing else, then slightly awkward way the purple-haired Chinese woman steps forward might draw attention. "Ah…hello…my name is Toni Ho. And I'd like to demonstrate a few search and rescue and non-lethal takedown options." It's not exactly flashy, which is why only a handful of people are currently watching. "Um…so, first off you'll notice the fields surrounding the test area." She reaches back to tap the glimmering field. "This is my emergency field system. It's designed to trigger for catastrophic events…tornados, earthquakes, fires….you name it."

She walks back around to the open end of the field, then picks up a squared off 'grenade' looking device. "It can be set to trigger when certain conditions are met, or it can be triggered at need. Like this.." She hauls back and tosses the grenade at the dummy. As it strikes it sparks then expands into a shimmering sphere of force, at which point Toni slides on a pair of goggles. "Of course, it's also helpful for defending civilians in emergencies from….ah, well, bad dudes." She picks up a small white and black pistol looking weapon and points it, at which point there' sa FOOOSH of flame as the flamethrower washes over the sphere, then leaves it and the dummy inside unharmed.

One of those big names is StarTech, Inc., but they haven't gone in for massive corporate displays. There's a huge banner, but their displays are instead a series of booths, each one manned by one or perhaps two creators who have worked out a deal to work with - not for - StarTech. One such is Ms. Ho and her force field-shrouded booth. And there are nearly a dozen others, with everything from drones with water- or air-treatment pollution cleanup functions to AR glasses and smartwatches to advancements in crowdsourced news reporting.

And wandering through the crowd, taking up a position towards the back of the crowd watching Toni's demonstration, is the woman behind it all. Linda Danvers doesn't travel with a posse. There's no bodyguards, no trail of assistants. Just a single tall broad-shouldered short-haired blonde woman in a charcoal grey pantsuit and StarGazeR smart AR glasses. But she applauds Toni's demonstration. That probably draws a few glances, given there are only a few dozen people around this booth, rather than the hundreds it would take to really crowd an area this size.

Some people may not care about non-lethal takedowns..but that's right up Haven's alley. Well, it has been for a while, since she's come home to the mainland. It's her job, now…well, one of them. She glances sidelong at the other blonde that's approached, before her attention slides back to the demonstration. Now that's some interesting tech. Something like that.. well, one set of bosses might be intrigued. It would free her up from medic-ing to do other things.

Toni sets th flamethrower down and turns back. "This is mostly designed for search and rescue, as well. It can be expanded to brace a ceiling, or enclose an area that is compromised in some way to keep people safe." she says, walking back over as she picks up a tablet and touches a button, the spherical field disappating as she leans down to scoop up the shield grenade. "But, sometimes you can't just rely on defense." She notices Linda and smiles at her briefly, her eyes flicking over the crowd, falling on Haven curiously for a moement before she walks over to the table.

"That's why I also have an array of nonlethal takedown methods for law enforcement." She pats the cannon looking device, but skips it in favor of a small BB looking pistol as she points downrange. "For example, gas pellets, capable of being loaded into a standard firearm but filled with disorienting payload." She fires, the pellet striking the dummy and exploding in a rush of white gas as the fields around the area flicker on to completely enclose it, before a fan flips on and sucks out the material. "Less dangerous than trying to dose an entire crowd and risking overdosing individuals within."

Another of the crowd watching asks, "What gasses have you tried thus far? That looks like teargas?"

Another asks, "With the velocity of the pellets, is there a risk of dermal exposure, direct blood transfer?"

Linda nods to one or two of those who turn around to glance at her during her applause, but otherwise she stays quiet, watching, letting Toni take care of this. This is all her, and she's far too proud of the young woman to interfere.

Haven moves a little closer, her head tilting. "Not only dermal exposure, but will gases burn skin, react with certain clothing or chemicals in clothing or lotions? And well.. injury? What are the rates there?" Blue eyes will fix on Toni.

Toni perks up at the questions, rather than looking thrown off. "Good question! To answer the second first, the material uses a discardable sabot system that burns up save for the pellet itself, creating a chemical reaction that renders the shell of the actual pellet very soft…by the time it strikes it's degrading into almost liquid, unlikely to penetrate even bare skin." She looks thoughful. "It's possible an open wound may be a problem, but the gas in question I chose specifically because it had minimum risk of biological issues if it mixed with the blood stream, either directly or breathing it in.

She pops the clip open, pulling out of the rounds. "Theoretically you could put a variety of gasses in it, as long as it wouldn't interfere with the breakdown of the outer shell. I've tested it with a pepper round and a tear gas round as well, they're just more problematic to use on at least some targets." She considers. "I haven't done an exhaustive test on lotions or cosmetics, admittedly, other than very general use items….hair spray, common makeup, deoderant, that sort of thing."

She sets the pistol and the bullet back down. Though if you prefer, I have some more direct stunning weapons to show as well." She picks up a smal pistol that looks like it has an underslung laser under the barrel. "This, for example, is a specificially configured electrolaser, that operates as a stun beam…sort of an adjustable ranged taser, but more by disrupting the body's normal neural electrical patterns temporarily. No chance of causing a pacemaker to overload or shut down, or that sort of thing." She turns a little circular switch on the side, then fires it at the dummy, a blue beam striking it a split second before there's a second flash of green. "..though maybe not as effective against someone who's not organic." she says cheerfully. "Any volunteers?"

"Dry cleaning chemicals?" Haven asks, still eyeballing the gas pellet pistol. Her gaze will turn to the electrolaser. "No fear of upsetting synapses, or brain function? Putting a brain chemical out of balance?" She will step forward.

"What are the heart attack, fibrilation risks with the electro-charge weapon? What are the estimated biological tolerances you've used?" comes another question.

Getting a volunteer is a challenge, but eventually one of the folks will raise a hand. He's a risk-taker, clearly. "I'll give it a shot."

Toni tilts her head. "Nope. It's like….a flashbulb in your head, sort of….depending on the setting it's enough to just disrupt your nervous system a little bit…not actually, but your brain gets confused. Doesn't mess with autonomic functions." she says simply. "A longer duration can be set, up to a few hours, but testing is still ongoing with it." Toni admits, looking over to the gentleman. "No heart attack risks, as I said. I wouldn't recommend using it on a small child or a very elderly person, or someone physically weakened, just to avoid complications that might be unforeseen."

She adjusts the pistol, then waves the man up on stage, motioning him back into the forcefield enclosed testing area, then pulls a chair over for him. "Here, take a seat…"

She steps back at that point, waits until he gets comfortable, then raises it and fires. The man jerks slightly and his head lolls, eyes rolling up in his head for a moment as he slumps. "He's out…you can wake someone in this state, but they'll remain confused and disoriented until they have time to recover." She walks over and gives the man a firm pat on the cheek, a few times until he seems to start a bit, then looks around, blinking blearily. "Ugh…." She carefully help shim back to his feet as he stumbles a little. "I set it for the lowest setting, so in a minute or two he'll be fine."

Two of the convention security personnel will step forward to gather up the gentleman and help him past the barrier and over to a chair they've brought in nearby.

Back behind, Linda offers a nod towards those men, appreciating that they paid attention and tuned in, took care of things. And that they aren't overreacting. "Cool stuff." she comments wryly, softly.

Haven just watches the man get walked off to sit, taking him in, in ways most people can't. "Huh." Is all she says a moment, eyes lingering on him and helping him recover a touch faster, before her eyes turn back.

Toni sets down the pistol. "I'm also working on a microsonic projector that may be able to work as well…making people want to get away from it, at least, or ah, having intestinal distress maybe." she says with a thoughful frown. "But it's still in the prototype stages." She walks over to the larger barreled weapon. "Now…this is intended for a variety of source. The force field generator can be adjusted to change shape, but's difficult ot do on the fly. This creates a wave of focused concussive force. Everything from the equivalent of picking up and tossing someone through the air, to putting a hole in the concrete wall for getting to a trapped individual."

She steps to the side, touching a control on the side as it hums to life. "This is a little more powerful than most things I work with, but it has a wide variety of possible uses that don't JUST involve knocking people over." she says.

Another touch, then the barrel starts to charge up, before it makes a *thump* noise, a wave of concussive force shooting out to knock the dummy flying to smack into the back wall of the force field enclosure."

It may not be Stark showing off the Iron Man armor, but at this point Toni is drawing a good many more interested parties, and there are oohs and ahhhs as she demonstrates the concussive canon.

"What force range are you estimating?" someone asks. Given Toni has said she's in prototyping stages, she may not have actual measurements yet, but she likely has estimates from her original design work.

Haven winces, her nose wrinkling. "Non-lethal sometimes, but it could be lethal others." She murmurs to herself. She can just picture the broken bones, fractured skulls, splintered ribs.. yick. Someone thrown against a wall, or a car.. something less than yielding.. not to mention going up… and then down.

Toni waits while some helpful Startech interns run out to set up the figure again. "Well, I'm still working on finetuning it, it will take a lot of testing to see exactly how much it can do. But at the current scale…it could probably flip a tank pretty easily, or something equivalent heavy. Thick armor would stop it, a couple inches at least." She frowns thoughfully. "I mean, I haven't actually SHOT it at battleship armor or something, but the problem is scaling it up makes it harder to control for search and rescue operations. You risk more damage to what you're trying to move, or additional structural damage, for example."

She picks up a remote control, flipping it on as a small drone rolls out that's covered in a glimmering blue alloy. "This little guy…w.hich I'm not entering in to the battlebot game, because, well, he doesn't have any offensive ability…is covered in an alloy of my own design, that's meant to resist a wide variety of hostile environments. Heat, cold, vaccumn….but it's also made to be extraordinarily tough."

The little drone rolls over and takes its place inside the forcefield as Toni dials up the controls, the concussion weapon humming more loudly as several lights start to blink on it. "For example."

And she touches it. There's a much louder *THUMP* as the blast hits the drone, the force fields immediately extending to cover the entire area as the poor thing pinballs off the wall, ceiling, floor and around again before landing on its back and bouncing. After a moment, it extends little manipuulators and picks itself up, then spins in a circle, apparently unharmed.

Linda applauds again. This time, she is not alone. And the crowd gathering around Toni's demonstration is still growing by leaps and bounds.

"Hey. Can you do that again, after its system check finishes? I'd like to get a better angle on it." someone asks, lifting up a phone.

Haven will applaud, though she's mildly distracted. She's thinking about the implications of a cannon like that, worrying about it in the wrong hands. She doesn't know if it's the military in her, or the SHIELD agent. Maybe both.

Towards the back of the crowd, a girl in baggy sweatpants and hoodie grins widely. That's her awesome friend.

Toni says cheerfully. "Sure…" She motions the drone back over, then repeats the experiment, as the drone gets knocked around yet again, bouncing and spinning, but then righting itself afterwards. Other than some scratched paint, it still looks in pretty good condition. "I've worked this into a full search and rescue based exo-armor…." Toni says. "But.."

"Based on Stark's suit?" someone promptly interrupts, as Toni frowns, almost scowling "No. None of the tech in my armor is based on Stark's technology, unless he's managed to patent all technological innovations when I wasn't looking." There's a bit of laughter from the crowd at that, though there's definitely a sharp tone to the rejoinder from Toni. Chip on her shoulder?

She walks back over to the table, then opens a case, before she pulls out a gauntlet that she slides over her forearm. It's blue, and silver..perhaps in contrast to the Iron Man armor. After she plugs in a cable to it to power it up, she flexes her fingers. "Now, as I said…" she says, picking up the flamethrower again. "This material is designed to disappate extremes of heat…."

Yeeeeeaeh, she's actually about to shoot herself with it looks like…

Linda flinches a bit as Toni gets a bit scathing in her responses. "Not all powered armor comes from Stark, even if his is some of the best known, best branded, and most publicized in the world." she offers aloud, for all to hear. "Ms. Ho? Your demonstration is your own. But could you perhaps lay down a foam foundation before you test that flamethrower? I am sure the convention center would appreciate the caution."

Haven watches the power gauntlet. Her fingers brush along her pass, a hint of a smirk. Stark just doesn't stay out of the spotlight, even when he's not here. It's a little annoying for someone who flies under the radar by choice. She doesn't want anyone thinking she's sniping ideas. She is, however, on alert. Just in case Toni gets hurt.

Toni blinks at Linda, distracted..thankfully before she can set part of the stage on fire. "Ah…well…." She frowns. "Right." She sets the flamethrower back down again. "Ah…anyway. This is what I have, and what I do. And what I'm going to try and make available to people who need it. It probably won't incorporate everything, but I'm hoping, by working with Startech, that I'll be able to get some of these into production soon. There's still a good amount of testing to go though."

You know, whenever she can come up with a corporation name. Those science jerks took her first choice, Advanced Idea Mechanics. Maybe Cyberdata. Something.

There's a smattering of applause that swells as Toni looks a bit nonplussed at first, then squares her shoulders, flexing her armored fingers and curling it into a fist.

Linda slowly, deliberately inclines her head towards Toni while offering her a warm smile and her own applause. If the young woman can take the hint and take a brief bow, the applause is likely to redouble. But she has most definitely made an impression.

At the inclined head, Toni's brows furrow….it takes her a moment to get what Linda is suggesting, then she bows to the crowd, with a surge of applause accompanying it, looking a bit flushed as she straightens up again.

Haven will applaud, her brain spinning with some ideas to pitch to someone higher up. She will smile brightly for Toni, and even give a hint of a whistle.

The demonstration over, the crowd starts to move away as Toni takes a seat by the table, pulling off the gauntlet as she looks it over thoughfully before unplugging it, as the force field generators power down a moment later. "..with 12 percent power remaining…" she murmurs. "Thank goodness for extra batteries." She sighs a bit, then glances out over the crowd, smiling at Linda as she meets her gaze. Well. That wasn't too bad. She's not really used to demonstrations…

The tall blonde woman offers another smile for Toni, and a little wave, and then she slips through the crowd, careful to play it low-key, so as not to draw attention to herself or her departure, instead leaving all of that attention for the purple-haired asian inventress herself. Let all the interested parties move forward and take their chances to congratulate her, challenge her, or just ask her questions.

Haven will linger a moment, flash the inventor a smile, before she'll move on. There's probably food somewhere, and Haven's almost always ready to snack.

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