About Your Sister

Characters: Superwoman, Snakebite
Rated: PG-13 for language and bloody visuals
Summary: Following A Question of Freedom, Snakebite reaches out to make contact with Superwoman about Divine.
OOC Date: 2017-12-26
IC Date: 2017-12-26
Where: Some abandoned site on the US/Canada border in New York State

There had been a letter, one with no return address. "I have this friend, and she looks just like you. Crazy right? Perhaps we should have ourselves a discussion. Co-ords as follow, be on time. Keep this private, I'm sticking my neck out for you. See that I don't get it cut off with a little discretion. —Snakebite". An attention-getter, right?

Those coordinates are, well middle of nowhere. Up in upstate NY near the Canadian border, it doesn't show up on the maps but there's a facility there. Rather there was a facility, radar dishes and the like suggest a cold war radar installation perhaps? Twenty miles from anywhere, with a single solitary mountain road leading up to the joint. As fine as it gets for a clandestine meeting spot, right?

"Fox" stands out in the open, that eerie polygonal fox mask cut in a dark blue today. Goes swimmingly with all that black tactical gear she's rocking, neat blue stitches for contrast. Carbine tucked under one arm, Shotgun lashed onto the side of her backpack. DEO patch on one arm, Fox skull on the other. It's her serious business kit then, the sort of thing she doesn't normally rock on clandestine DEO ops. Well not with the patch at the same time anyway.

She's not just on time, hell she'd been here hours now. Sweeping the place, double checking there wasn't some sort of security system up here. The Ford Raptor parked over by the way has then lone gone chill, never mind the bullet holes it's got here and there or the suspicious red stain on the tailgate. Shit's got government plates so stop asking.

Anyhow, Fox glances at her watch, before stepping out into the open. Peering skyward, as she waits for the second half of this clandestine little meet and greet.

Snakebite sends her a letter? Seriously? Snakebite, who should be in prison for her part in dozens of murders? And the letter makes it obliquely clear that she is in contact with Divine, who just tried to kill her? Kara is anything but thrilled or eager about any of this.

Her solution to this is several-fold. First of all, she does not keep this a secret from her teammates. This could very well be a setup for capture or downright murder, and Kara is no one's fool, no matter how idealistic she may be. Nothing is placed in their computer files, and no one outside the actual team members is told. But they have the coordinates and the time for the meet.

Second of all, the location is very carefully scouted. Satellite surveillance to determine what is in the area. Database checks for property records and such, to see what this facility was, who owns it now, who owned it previously, etc. And continuing surveillance to make very sure that the place doesn't suddenly sprout a heavy tactical team or an armored division or something leading up to the meeting.

The tags and VIN for the shot-up blood-soaked vehicle are entered into her system and a check is run, before Kara approaches the location. Telescopic vision for the win.

When Superwoman arrives, she does so at subsonic speed, appearing by sweeping around the building from the Canadian side and landing right beside Snakebite. Like, two feet away.

"Not really sure why you're contacting me. But. Here I am." the Kryptonian powerhouse offers. Clearly, she's not feeling terribly trusting right now. She's expecting a double-cross any second.

"Because my friend, is being treated like an attack dog. Like property."Fox is, well when not blood soaked and shot to hell? Pretty chill it seems. "This stays between us for now, alright? I got a girl, I got a life outside of this I'm trying to hold onto. Just talking to you, is enough to get the body bags filled."and well she turns, headed towards the largest of the nearby buildings. "First I figure it's best we square away the groundwork."

"I'm Fox, Snakebite is the mask I wear when I'm doing extra dirty work for the company. I'm an asset, not an agent for the D.E.O. The terminology is important, because Agents are regular dudes with badges. I'm an Asset, our mutual friend is an asset."Fox slips through the doorway, before kicking out a chair and slumping at a ratty looking card table. "We're not free to go, we don't select our targets, we don't get to vote. We fuck up, we get caught out, we refuse orders? Best case scenario is they put a bullet in the back of your head, in my case I got loved ones. You can do the math yeah?"

"I can 'do the math', yes." Kara answers. She already had figured that Divine was an 'asset' in this equation, so that is not surprising to her. Hearing that Snakebite is in the same circumstance is news to her, and a bit off-putting and confusing.

"If you are in danger, if your loved ones are in danger, I can help you." Or at least, Kara can try to help her. That's what she does, what she would do. And whether one believes it or not, the Kryptonian can do the sneaky, if necessary. It's not her gifted forte', but she can do it. "I realize that probably sounds to you like something terribly naive, but it is the honest truth. But the decision is yours … 'Fox'." She says the last uncertainly, not entirely settled on that, as she has been thinking of this woman as Snakebite for a month or something.

"Your 'friend' has not exactly been receptive or even rational about talking to me, about discussing anything. I have not been able to get her to even consider questioning the assumptions that have been drummed into her." Kara comments. "I find it more than a little curious that she would now be talking to you about wanting to talk to me. Not that I am not willing. But that feels odd."

"Because you preached at her, from her perspective. She's had her head filled with all sorts of twisted things, girl thinks I'm one of the Good Guys. She thinks I'm a sterling example, and let me frame that for you alright?"And a pause as Fox lifts a hand to roll that mask up, setting it and the helmet it's anchored to aside for the moment. Not like Kara hasn't already seen her face, right? Pausing, she lights up with a soft sigh. "I was recruited out of a federal clink. I'm a kidnapper, a torturer and a murderer. I ain't been anything approaching a good guy, for years now. That's how twisted up this girl is, the program she's run out of? Controls everything, she says I'm the first person in her whole life who talks to her like a person. Consider where she's coming from, alright?"

Fox lets that sort've float out there, before rubbing at her nose with a thumb. "I was a cape once upon a time, I woulda looked up to you once upon a time. I ain't that person anymore, but even I got limits. Slavery, brainwashing an innocent? Too much, too far. She needs out, and she doesn't even know how fucked up she is. You think it's some coincidence she looks -just- like you, fuck you even sound the same. If not you then who, because she doesn't just need a rescue. She needs to be saved, or they're gonna make her do some shit she can't come back from."

"I wasn't preaching at her. I was trying to get through to her. To save her from exactly what you are describing." Kara responds. But she isn't sharp about it, she doesn't cut off the other woman. She hears her out before speaking, but then she cuts right to the heart of the matter.

"She is my clone. That makes her my sister. All i want to do is help her, set her free, and give her the tools to make her own decisions." Kara offers. "Somehow, and I am not sure how, our minds are linked on some level. I dream her memories, and I believe she dreams mine. I have been able to converse with her, a bit, via lucid dreaming. But it is limited. That's why managing to reach her is so important, and why I rushed to the site we found as soon as I could plan for backup and extraction." Because Kara is a cape, but she's neither reckless, nor stupid; she planned for the possibility things could go horribly wrong for her.

"She's not the only one." Kara offers, after a bit. "Did she tell you that? They made another. This one they made male. I'm not sure how, or why. But I found him in that place. They set the whole place to self destruct, and I barely got him out alive." Kara sighs. "He's struggling. But it seems his brainwashing wasn't complete. He rejected her, and came with me. I'm helping him, just as I want to help her."

"That's Cadmus, doesn't surprise me. We can't go doing this half way, some of the less reliable assets have contingencies. Explosive devices inserted at the base of the skull, chemical cocktails producing dependencies. There's no telling what her just bailing would do, because you better believe there's a backup plan."Finally, Fox digs about in her chest rig before offering over a slip of paper. "I smuggled her a phone, no voice calls, ok? I have things to put in motion before you can get her out, but you can text each other. Talk to the girl like a sister, be a friend. She's lived her whole life believing one set of absolutes, don't just give her different commandments."

"If I get found out, I'll be "Killed in a shootout with police". Probably be on the news, maybe not. Either way they'll flag French authorities, that'll be how you know. If I get snapped, you've got to move fast and know that there is going to be collateral. The rest of the people in my cell, their loved ones, My girl, you get the picture I know. Just, don't fuck this up on your end alright?"And well, Fox offers the number over. "It's been a very long time since I was able to do the right thing, forgot how good this feels."

Kara frowns momentarily, considering all that Fox has told her. "If there are others in danger, we should make a plan to get them to safety." Yes. Because this is Superwoman. Like it or not, she is the prototypical Big Damned Hero. And she's genuine about it. She's not just pretending. "You know their situations better than I will. I get that. But … consider it. Consider how we can save them. Because I will do anything I can, use any resources I can, to protect them. And my sister." She won't promise to protect Fox, only because Fox has made it clear that she doesn't really want to be saved. She can't really understand that, but it does no good to argue it.

Kara does take the number. She examines it carefully, committing it to memory. And then she incinerates the piece of paper with heat vision, right there where they're standing. There will be nothing left for anyone to discover. "You need to understand, some of the commandments they've given her preclude her trusting me. They've driven it hard into her mind that I'm a threat. That I'm what's wrong. I don't know how to show her that isn't true, to earn her trust."

Superwoman doesn't exactly have experience thinking like a paranoid murder hobo secret agent weapon of programmed mass destruction.

"Don't earn her trust. Earn her friendship, talk about whatever. Talk about music, or movies or whatever. Talk about where you're from, about the family she hasn't met. Don't talk about right and wrong, be polite but honest. Be gentle, and be steady. There's no off switch here, I know what it's like to be brought up in this kind of thing. She's never had a day to herself, never had a decision to make on her own. Step one, is breaking the isolation."Fox gives a nod, chaining up a second smoke.

"She's very smart, that clone of yours. Figured out my whole deal in like, fifteen minutes and two beers. Had my whole motivation, had me dead to rights. She doesn't need her hand held, she needs a friend. Her heart's pure as the driven snow, and she has a good head on her shoulders despite what they've done."And a pause, as Fox casually ashes that cigarette aside. "and knock off the gestapo NSA bullshit, alright? You think Cadmus didn't make her, just to counter you? Think they don't watch everything you do, don't have your club house bugged? They read your email, they listen to your phone conversations and they figure out you have an interest in someone like me? Heads roll."

Kara actually laughs a wry, bitter chuckle at Fox's last. "Do you honestly believe I don't know that?" Fox has met her clone. Surely she can realize that Kara is at least as smart as her clone. And she has more experience, with the world and with humans. "Nothing about any of this is going into any computer systems. No phone calls. No radio traffic. There's nothing for them to tap. And no place for them to put their bugs." Because Kara is far from stupid; she's a goddamned tech genius. If she can figure out how to bug or hack something, she can figure that someone else could to it, if maybe slower or with more effort.

"I don't presume anything, nor should you when the knife is at -my- throat."Fox replies, coolly. Pulling that helmet back down before giving her neck a slow roll. "Underneath this facility is a substantial bunker complex, it's off the books. I stashed food, medical supplies, some cash in the basement. If things go sideways on my end, it's where I'll be sending your sister. We'll call this site-one, understand?"and finally she rises, hefting that carbine up to rest against her shoulder. "If I have traffic, I'll drop you a letter. Be sure to drop your sister a text, alright? I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got work to attend to. We don't want anyone asking too many questions, do we?"

"I'm not, Fox. That is my point." Why is it these people are incapable of trusting her to pay attention and be competent? Kara has no idea, but she's honestly not up for this argument. "Understood. And agreed. Go, and be safe. I'll do the same." But she meant it about trying to help Fox's people. Only time will tell if the paranoid woman will open up to make that possible or not. Kara has offered, and that's the best she can manage right now. "Do you need me to clear out first, before you go? Or do you want me to stay here for a while after you're gone?"

"They're tasked with something on the west coast at the moment, doesn't matter for the next hour or so."Fox glances back, before well off she goes. Climbing into that truck with a sigh, and off to do whatever it is she does. Eating babies, stealing pennies from fountains? Who knows, truly.

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