A Wild ColdDrake Has Appeared!

Characters: Loki, Thor, Sif, Hogun & Eir the Healer (emitted by Hogun)
Rated: R (Language)
Summary: Loki, Thor and Sif go hunting deer in Ireland and end up coming face to face with a ColdDrake who isn't at all happy about being woken up. A battle ensues and when it's all said and done, Sif ends up in the Healer's Hall in Odin's Palace with questions about whether she'll survive or not hanging in the air.
OOC Date: Feb. 02, 2018
IC Date: Approx. 11pm, Fri., Feb. 02, 2018.
Where: Dun na Ri Forest on the outskirts of Kingscourt, Cavan, Ireland.

Odin's Palace, Asgard.

Let's go hunting, the brothers said. It'll be fun, the brothers said. On Midgard, the brothers agreed.

Which is why Loki, Thor and Sif are now stalking their way through Dun na Ri Forest on the outskirts of Kingscourt, Cavan, Ireland in the dark, while it rains and is just barely above freezing by Midgardian standards.

Wildlife is plentiful here and the sounds… the chills, chirps and chitters of those creatures that prefer the cover of night fill the air as surely as the scent of wet earth and moss does. At least it isn't a torrential downpour and there's no lightning or thunder to scare the animals off.

Sif is practically silent as she moves, having opted to go high and move through the tree tops. Instead of her sword and shield… Instead of her heavy leathers and armor… The Goddess is dressed in earth tone, soft suede with a quiver slung over her back and a bow in her hand. Her hair has even been braided back to keep it from her face.

As much as she'll harp on the boys for it later… She's enjoying this. It's been a long time since she's been on a hunt. Even if the animals of Midgard didn't really offer much of a challenge.

The horses are ground tied nearby as the three move through the dense forest. While Sif was going 'high', Loki's on the ground, pike in hand just in case one of the animals they do come across is a boar. Though they're not tracking boars; they're going after fallow deer, a type of deer that has been in Ireland since, well, since the last time they were here. He's dressed in his leathers, minus any hint of cape, leather boots, and he actually does move easily and quietly. Occasionally he does pause, listening for the sound of hoof before moving forward again.

Loki, too, is enjoying this. It's cold, dark, overcast, but it's not raining, and he's not surrounded by complete idiots. Pausing once more near a tree, he takes a breath, holds it, and exchanges his main weapon for one of his daggers.

When Thor and Loki actually agreed to go hunting on Midgard, it wasn't too difficult for Thor to apparently help get Sif involved. Totally not cuz she's his Valkyrior or anything. Regardless!

On Midgard, Thor is wearing human clothing to help the God fit in. He wears a long black coat with fingerless gloves, black boots, a brown shirt, and black woodland pants. his golden hair pulled back into a ponytail..though some of the strands have been braided. Likely Sif's doing. A small breath as he readies a hand-axe and a spear, leaning against a tree. Thor went for the low ground as well, moving in opposite of Loki so as to trap the creature that they hunt.

Yes…Mjolnir was left home. Because that would be some serious overkill.

'Overkill' is a bit of an understatement there, don't you think?

In the trees, the Goddess pauses, shifts, tilts her head and then drops a nut on Thor's head. Oops! She had totally mean to hit his shoulder. …Ahem…

Once she has the attention of both Princes, she nods her head forward and points off to the northeast, holding up three fingers.

A moment later and she shifts her position once more, this time to let her hop from one tree to another without causing so much more than a faint shake. For as heavy as Sif is, for humans anyhow, she's got an incredibly light step and is exceptionally agile.

Further a bit more and she stops, draws an arrow, nocks it, releases and only seconds later, the cry of a dying deer.

"Two coming at you."

'Overkill' is exactly what this is. Really. Three GODS hunting mortal deer? It's the textbook definition of 'overkill'. Still, Loki's not doing this for the 'challenge'. He's doing it because, well, it's fun. And he's able to actually not have to worry about anything except what is before him.

The nut falling brings a smirk as green eyes lift to the canopy and the basic area of where Sif is. His attention comes back down, and he nods in Thor's direction, moving off in order to forestall any animals running away from them. The deer's death cry fills the air, and the other two deer startle and begin to run, their tails held high. Loki exhales in a chuffed breath, and one step is taken, two.. and the dagger that he holds is thrown, leading the creature so when the weapon meets flesh, it digs deeply, and the animal goes down. Not dead, not yet.. but wounded.

Dropping a nut on Thor's head is a way to truly get his attention…I mean, who on earth is -brave- enough to even THINK of doing that? Oh, probably the lady that's pretty much tied to Thor's soul. Yeah, that's acceptable.

He turns those ocean blue eyes towards Sif, who he gives a wide smile to with a nod, looking in the direction of the deer who let out a death cry…Thor watches two deers run towards them, and while Loki makes quick work of one, Thor does the same with the other, a throw of his axe strikes down the creature mid-run, and Thor approaches it then, admiring his hit. A thumbs up to Loki then.

Sif very rarely ignores the boy. When hunting, however, all bets are off. Especially here where they'd be hard pressed to find an animal that can actually do them any harm.

With her own animal wounded, Sif slips from the trees and starts to cross the distance, another arrow pulled and let fly. The deer goes down and Sif slings the bow over her back, reaching into her boot to pull a dagger from a sheath there before pulling the rope from where it hung from her quiver. The animals will need drained, after all, at the very least.

"Have either of you hunted in this area before?" It's an odd question, especially given the way the Goddess has stopped moving and is arching a brow deeper into the woods. Why? It would seem they woke a sleeping and now cranky-that-it's-awake thing (no! not me!).

Loki waits for the second deer to go down at Thor's hand before he quickly steps towards his own downed buck. Grabbing hold of the antlers, the younger prince makes short work of the animal, putting it out of its misery. While he's doing it, though, he whispers a quiet phrase, essentially thanking the spirit of the animal, sending its soul on. Only then does he get back to work, pulling his weapon from the animal's side.

Looking up from his task, Loki's head tilts, his brows rise before, "In this forest, no.. further north, yes.. you recall, right Thor?" They've been all over this island, Scotland, Iceland..

Green eyes follow Sif's gaze, and he straightens, the buck ignored for a moment. His voice is soft, "Thor?"

With a jab of his pike, the deer that Thor has in his mighty grasp breaths it's last, and enters rest eternal. Though his ears perk up when he hears the sound of something waking up…looking to Sif, then Loki with a small nod. "Aye. we've crossed this island many times." but he straightens when he hears the mighty beast apparently stirring. Loki muttering his name gets a small glance, before he extends his hand…and while it takes a few moments, Mjolnir descends from the sky and into his hand.

Though he doesn't convert into his Asgardian armor, he does enter a sort of defensive stance. "I don't know what it is…but it's not pleased." he looks to Loki then, giving him a nod as if to prepare himself.

What manner of creature inhabits these lands now??

There's a ruffle of leaves, the sound of a tree cracking and suddenly the Goddess steps back and turns her face away. "I should have brought my sword," is muttered. "Eyes on the ground!"

Out of tress comes a very large, lizard like creature covered in deep grey scales, spikes running down it's spine and along it's tail as well as at the edges of the frill which puffs out around a dragon like head and snout with fangs that drip venom. The same spikes run down the four legs to meet paws with vicious looking claws on them.

The creatures, 'cold drakes' is what humans had called them, used to be prevalent in this forest but now only one or two remain. Usually deeply hidden. A breath that can, venom that would weaken Odin himself and a stare that petrifies. "I thought these things were gone from this Realm."

No sudden movements, please. Sif may be the Goddess of War but she's not stupid.

As Thor calls Mjolnir, and it arrives after a heartbeat, Loki's own weapon is drawn, and it's in the shape of a dagger. The pike that he'd been hunting with is cast to the side, and the dagger grows into a very nasty looking pike. "What is—" but when he gets a good look at the creature, he's moving quickly in order to keep his brother from becoming lizard 'fatality'.

"Brother—" and he's attempting to turn Thor aside. "Do not meet its eyes," and his own rise to check on Sif. Good, she's got it.

Thor gets one glance at the creature before he has a good idea of what it is. Loki helps him out in the knick of time, with Thor lowering his eyes from the beast with Loki. "Duly noted, brother. Now then…what are the odds of me making a good blind throw?" he grins then, before he chucks Mjolnir at the creature!

A look is spared to Sif to make sure she's alright….and it's extremely relieving to see that she's got the gist of what's going down.

Now would be great for an overhead voice to shout FINISH HIM!

Thor gets one glance at the creature before he has a good idea of what it is. Loki helps him out in the knick of time, with Thor lowering his eyes from the beast with Loki. "Duly noted, brother. Now then…what are the odds of me making a good blind throw?" he grins then, before he chucks Mjolnir at the creature!

A look is spared to Sif to make sure she's alright….and it's extremely relieving to see that she's got the gist of what's going down.

Now would be great for an overhead voice to shout FINISH HIM!

Loki moves quickly… Why!?

No. Sudden. Movements. Loki!

The drakes head snaps around, tail lashing out and coming within inches of where Sif is. Or, rather, was. She just barely managed to sump out of the way in time. "Stupid Princes and their stupid magical damn weapons." Someone's a bit irritated. Her arrows are not going to cut it when it comes to that creature. She packed ones that wouldn't tear apart Midgardian animals.

A blind throw from Thor… Oh dear… Of course, neither brother is wearing a cape today. One would be extremely helpful right about now! "Coat! Give me Thor's coat!" Because, Hel, they've already got the thing's attention. No point in trying to be quiet now.

The dash she does across the clearing draws the beasts attention from the brothers and the breath it was going to aim at them is, instead, aimed at the Goddess. The stumbled step is proof enough that it hit her somewhere but that frost on the back of her arm likely isn't visible just yet.

Aw, Sif is always irritated in battle! Loki was keeping his brother safe… er.. though he probably didn't need to. Thor got the gist reasonably quickly, and now that the creature has turned to Sif, he's setting his own magic to grow trees' branches down in order to take hold of the creature, setting a 'cage', if only as a delaying tactic. The breath, though, there's nothing Loki could have done to prevent that, though his call does hold a hint of concern, though couched in that battle's call. "We'll bring him around, like the harts!"

Thor looks at Sif running, and he sees her call out to him, though now he's fairly pissed off. He easily runs towards Sif, passing her his coat in passing while he summons Mjolnir to his hand. He attempts to swing the mighty hammer right for the lizards head as he passes!

"Loki! conjure an illusion to distract it!" he calls out to his far more magically inclined brother.

It's sweet that they're concerned. It really is. At some point, Sif will remember to thank them for it. Not right now, however.

"Stay away from it's fangs!" Of course, no sooner does she have the coat in hand than she's running towards the beast. "You two better finish this thing off quick!" Why them? That becomes apparent as Sif uses a tree as a jumping off point, lands on its back and reaches down to wrap Thor coat around its eyes. She doesn't even take note of the 'scratches' from those spikes.

"Got it!" At least they don't have to fight blind now. Unfortunately, it also means the creature is thrashing about a fair bit and it takes Sif out of the battle.

As Sif makes the leap onto the back with Thor's cape, the trees grow up around it, effectively caging it, and giving it a smaller area in which to move. Soon enough, that area gets smaller and smaller to the point where the animal simply can't move to the side, can't move forward or backwards. The tail flails like a whip, bits and pieces of wood flying everywhere like shards of, well.. wood.

Easy enough to stay away from fangs, now, and as Thor's hammer strikes the lizard, there isn't a whole lot of room for the creature to come around and protect itself completely from such a hit. Green ochre blood oozes from the wound, and it begins to flail in earnest now, undoubtedly giving Sif a hard time to stay on its back.

Thor watches Sif mount the Lizard as she blinded it and…that was pretty impressive actually. with his eyes only vaguely opened so he could reach out and grab the creature, he closes his eyes when he knows he has it…and just starts to try and pummel it to death with Mjolnir!

Hopefully it'll help since Loki decided to trap it in a messload of trees. Way to go Loki!

With the creature trapped and blinded, it's only defense is its breath and the flailing it's doing. Even a beast like this, however, can only take so much and with one last thrash, which throws Sif forward and over its head, the drake heaves a last breath collapses.

The Goddess, for her part, hit the ground and a moment later rolls away. "Next time," is groaned, as she rolls to her back. "You go hunting on your own." She's going to feel this mess for days. "And you wear your damn capes."

The thrashing has put large holes in its wooden cage, but it managed to hold it in place for the violence that would be brought to bear against it. That's all that Loki wanted. He's back away enough from the fray, keeping his eye on everything going on, orchestrating it's 'capture'. When Thor smash.. and Sif is thrown, Loki is pretty sure that the battle is done, and the day is won. Her comment gains a lopsided smile, and he twists to gesture towards the bucks that are still waiting for their attention, "Just think of the feast afterwards.”

Thor wipes the lizard blood off of Mjolnir before he just -chucks- it to parts unknown. It looks like it freaking broke orbit immediately. Stretching a little bit, he moves over to Sif to help her back up to her feet. "I apologize…normally that doesn't happen." he looks legitimately concerned for her, and if she looks into his eyes, she'll notice.

He looks then to Loki. "Are you unharmed, brother?" he asks the younger Prince before his attention is back on Sif, a hand on her upper back as worry seems to have overcome his more boastful nature.

With Thor's help, the Goddess stands. She's got a few scrapes here and there, a cut on the side of her leg nearing the back, and what was almost frostbite on her arm.

She gives a very unladlylike snort. "I just want a long, hot soak." Slowly, and with the tiniest, occasional sway, she walks over to put the bucks in the three bucks in one area.

"I've hunted with you two before. It's always an adventure…" Pause. "Heimdall. And don't forget the horses."

Because it's time to go home. And apparently the horses will be taken first.

Loki approaches once again, his own weapon going from pike back to dagger, and he sets it onto his waist, once again hidden. His pace quickens to catch up with his brother and the sword maid, reaching out to put his hand on Sif's shoulder as he does. "I'm fine, brother.." Though he does give Thor a quick glance to be sure he's fine, but he's sure he is! "Sif," and his tones drop. "Stay a moment," and he holds out his hand.

Loki looks at Sif once more before he crouches down to look at that leg injury, brows creasing. His lips are moving, but he's not making any sound as he truly talks to himself. Rising once more, he shouts to the 'heavens', "Take them first!" before he steps aside quickly. "I will see you both soon.. brother, watch over her. Sif, I'm afraid you will be feeling the effects of this battle soon enough." He's not going back to Asgard, not yet..

As dawn approaches on the horizon of Asgard, the Bifrost activates. Presumably, to retrieve those it had deposited on Midgard several hours ago. Thor and Loki had talked Sif into going hunting with them. On Midgard. And they return. Sans Loki who had opted to stay behind. No one's sure why. Heimdall had take his sister and the Crown Prince from the Realm before she could really ask questions.

They appear, Sif covered in scrapes and scratches with something dangerously close to frostbite on her left arm and a nasty but 'clean' gash on the side-back of her right thigh. Which is where Loki had been knelt and why Sif is looking behind her and very confused when they arrive. "Wha— Damnit, Heimdall. You couldn't let me ask the question first??" The Goddess huffs at her brother.

Finally, her eyes cut up to Thor and she arches a brow. "Do you have any idea what Loki was talking about?" That tiny sway she had earlier? Slightly more pronounced now.

And then a hand is waved. "Nevermind. Let's go. I need a hot tub. I'm cold." Her hand grips his wrist. For someone who is freezing, her temperature is high. A heartbeat later and they're standing in the Courtyard of the Palace. That's when Sif sways obviously and actually, openly, grips Thor for balance.

And where Hogun, who had been alerted to the Prince's and his Shield Maiden's return had been walking QUICKLY on his way to the Observatory. Seeing the pair appear and Sif's condition, Hogun sucks in an audible breath only to exhale sharply, shoulders rising and falling with the motion.

I see you. I'm not happy. Tails to your room, Princeling, before I summon Eir.

Thor walks with Sif, keeping an arm around her to make sure that she stays upright, since she sways. "Come, let's get you some rest." He looks to Hogun then as he arrives, nodding a little bit at him in an

I know. Don't make me throw you off the rainbow bridge.

…kind of way. But then he smiles, and any notion of danger is removed! Though in response to Sif, he shakes his head. "I don't know…Loki's been acting strange lately. I'll look into it. But for now, you're my priority." love shines in his eyes even if his face doesn't reflect it, but he walks right beside her, giving Hogun a 'walk with us' kind of look.

"She will be taken to Eir. Now." It's a deep voice that booms. Heimdall's telepathy at its finest.

Sif rolls her eyes at all three men. "Excuse me. She will be going to her room where she can soak in a hot bath." So the poison can pump through faster. " I'm covered in dirt, from and ColdDrake blood. I'm also freezing so if we could get inside, that would be fantastic."

She's starting to lean more and more on Thor.

Heimdall's telepathy can take a flying leap. Hogun's lips press together unhappily. It is the only outward reaction he has to the mental touch. Hogun takes up step with Thor, moving to Sif's opposite side and walking a mere half step ahead so that if none are near to open doors for the Prince, Hogun can.

And yet, as a servant is passed, the Grim One, pauses briefly to step into the edge of the servan'ts personal space.

"Eir to Sif's room," is all that is said. Hogun's voice is low, rough and horse from disuse, soft and hardly above a murmur, and yet carries more than easily enough. Last heard a half century ago when the friends were in a tavern and Fandral took some teasing a bit too far in trying to get Hogun to 'lighten up' by having a girl drape herself into his lap. It really wasn't polite of him at all to have simply stood up and let the poor thing fall to a graceless heap on the floor at his feet. All Hogun had told Fandral was: Outside.

Fandral had returned with a busted lip. Hogun had not returned at all.

Now, decades later, Hogun speaks aloud to order the healer to Sif's room.

Order given, the Grim Warrior turns to hasten his steps and catch up to Thor and Sif, seeking to return to his place as a forward guard. No, Hogun isn't worried at all. Can't you tell how much Chill he has?
Thor keeps his arms wrapped around Sif as she leaned more and more into him….before he just scoops her up in his arms and carries her. "shh…rest now Sif." he shouts. A grateful nod is given to Hogun in the 'way to go man, I owe you' kind of way…even though it's kind of his duty, Thor is still appreciative.

Eventually, when they reach her room, Thor sets her down right by the tub and he starts turning nobs. "Let the healers see you without any trouble, Sif. Please." he asks her then as he looks her in the eyes. When Thor says 'please', he means it. In the 'if you move, I will pin you down with Mjolnir and leave you there for a week.' kind of way.

Thor was worried…and it was written all over his face.

All this fuss! Sif's nose wrinkles. "I'm fine, really. I just…" And then Thor says please and Hogun is sending for Eir. Not just a healer but Eir herself and she sighs.

"Fine. I'll let the healers check me. Can you both shoo so I can bathe? Maybe food and water?" And blankets. Are we sure leaving her alone is a good idea?

To Thor's nod, Hogun merely inclines his chin. Yes, this is his duty, but there is something MORE to it than that. Enough that Hogun pushes open the doors to Sif's room, and to her bathing chamber, and then moves to collect towels and a warm robe to set out even as Thor is setting the water and all but begging Sif to let them all mother hen on her.

Hogun doesn't beg. That's not his style of Mother Hen. Hogun merely does. Towels set out, he gives one look to Sif, quirks a brow and slides his brown gaze to Thor.

"No," he tells the Prince. No, don't leave her alone. No, she's really not okay. No, you will not be leaving her side to get her food and drink. No, I will not be leaving you alone to tend to this. No, I will not be staying in the bathroom with you as you undress the girl and get her into the tub. No, I really don't care what EITHER of you think about this.

Nothing more to say, Hogun turns and leaves the bathroom, presumably to order food and drink, gather blankets, stoke up the fire, and wait for Eir's arrival.

Thor seems to smile softly as Sif agrees to his request, nodding softly to her as he -definite- remains there before he looks at Hogun. Doesn't take a genius to interpret that, so Thor gives him a look that pretty much sums up as…

I know, I won't be leaving her alone, and do me a favor and if Loki stomps on over here, give him a book and sit him in the waiting room?

He smiles softly then to Sif as Hogun leaves. "Come now Sif, let's help you into the bath." Yes, he will offer to help her strip down. Cough.

"Odin's left nut! Both of you behave. I may not be fine but I'm not dying. Now knock it of before I knock you together."

She batbats at Thor's hands. "Ha! You don't get to strip me this time. If I have to suffer so do you." She wants to stick her tongue. She doesn't, but she wants toi.

Stripped, she steps into the water and makes quick work of cleaning. Sadly… Warm water, poison, increased blood flow and now the dirt that had been stopping the bleeding is gone.

"I think … I should see a healer… You can carry me though. I'm going to sleep now.."

Yep. Right there. Leaning on the edge of the tub.

"Both of you are idiots," comes a voice from the doorway. Eir has arrived and she's pauses her way in without preamble.

"Get her out of that water and on these towels," she commands with an air of STUPID MEN, STUPID CHILDREN. Hogun, fast on her heels, is already laying out said towels while the healer is opening her medkit to get what she'll need to quick stop the bleeding so she can be transported to the healing rooms.

"And as I work, you will tell me about your encounter with a cold drake and the reason you delayed in bringing her to me.”

Thor looks at Eir as she arrives and his facial expression sours to an 'ooohhhh shit.' kind of face.

He looks to Sif as she passes out right in the tub and noticing what he had done, he carries a naked Sif in his arms as he walks over to where Eir can best do her work. Setting her down, he stays kneeling at Sif's side before he looks to Eir.

"Loki, Sif, and I were out hunting…and we came across the Drake. I summoned Mjolnir to my hand to kill it, but Sif blinded it so we couldn't be petrified by it's stare…but it got Sif when it was slain." he shakes his head. "It was my fault." aaaand that is why he's worthy of Mjolnir. His heart.

Once the workspace had been made ready, Hogun steps back, waiting in silence to be told he was needed for something. It allows Eir to work quickly to stop the bleeding.

"How long ago?" asks the Healer, tone clipped and all business. As the wound is tended it is examined, Eir expertly seeing how deep it goes and how old the wound is. By the time Thor tells her, she would have likely deduced the timeframe for herself. Still, keep the worried Princeling focused. His guilt will not help Sif recover, no matter how well placed it may be or may not be.

"Wrap her and bring her," the healer orders of Thor when at last the bleeding is stopped. She needs her full medbay to try to halt the progress of the venom in the vanir's blood, 'freezing' Sif and causing her body to fight by making her core temperature sky rocket out of control.

"You, garden. Inform the grounds keeper: two bunches of basil, three heads garlic, jar of honey," she orders of Hogun who doesn't even spare the time to bow in acknowledgement. Anything he feels in the moment is hidden behind silent and swift action. Eir appreciates that in a 'helper', and so she stands to let Thor scoop up Sif and follow her to the Healing Rooms. Part way there, a guard is ordered by Eir to run ahead and inform an acolyte to make a bed ready, post-haste.

Thor looks to Eir then as she asks him rapid fire questions. "Only moments ago. Half an hour, at the most." he looks at Eir then as he looks at Sif, shaking his head softly before he looks at Eir, nodding as he starts to do as he is told, wrapping Sif and lifting her up in his arms as he follows Eir.

Thor looked to Sif. "Stay with me, Sif.." he whispers toh er softly as he raced after Eir. Once they reached the healing rooms, he would set her down on the prepared bed…then step back, allowing the healers to perform their work.

It takes the Healer of Asgard over an hour to get Sif stable, the fever managed, and her wounds properly tended. Acolytes had politely but firmly directed the two, Thor and Hogun, to the waiting area just outside where Eir is working. When finally Eir emerges, she looks slightly tired and every bit her age. Steady sky-blue eyes settle on the two.

"You may go in and sit with her, when you are clean and changed," says the healer before turning to give orders to her acolytes on how often they are to check on Sif, and under what conditions Eir is to be summoned immediately. For her part, Eir has research to do. She knows what creature the venom is from and most of the symptoms that Sif will be facing, but brewing an antivenom isn't something she's ever had to do. Cold Drakes are not at all common, nor something that could likely be found in just any healer's tome. This is something that will require research and study. For now, Eir knows that fever and dehydration will be Sif's battles, and those are symptoms the healer is more than able to combat.

For now…

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