A Quiet Holiday Night

Characters: Susan Richards, Reed Richards
Rated: PG
Summary: After a night helping dealing with a mysterious possession by something called an 'akuma' and encountering Chat Noir, Reed and Susan enjoy a quiet night at home.
OOC Date: December 23, 2017
IC Date: December 23, 2017
Where: Four Freedoms Plaza

On the ride back to the Baxter Building, Susan glances over at Reed, "Akuma? Well, if they are real… never saw one before, but it explains quite a lot. This could be notoriously bad." She frowns, "I know you don't like dealing with it, but…"

Reed mutters to himself as he drives. He's been a bit…well, grumbly since the explanation of what akuma supposedly are. He was better this time, he didn't do the magic fingers and says "Of course, because it's maaaaagic!" In that sarcastic voice he gets into. "I don't know what they are, but it sounds like some sort of creature who escaped the astral plane, perhaps. Strange's background, if she's even around." he grouses. "I can't imagine the damage one would cause if it landed on a metahuman with significant power, it would be like those Red Lanterns…"

Sue nods, "Exactly. The fact that it found what was apparently a normal person is frightening enough. If it was able to control a metahuman, it could be a disaster." She wrinkles her nose a bit, then gives Reed a wry look, "You can say it love, I know you're thinking it."

Reed mmphs. "Well…there must be some way to track these things. Some sort of unique energy signature we could use to detect them when they appear, or track them back to however they're getting into this dimension. Then shut them down before they cause more havoc." He frowns a bit. "I'm not sure how much we can trust this French 'Black Cat' though…

Susan snorts, "I wouldn't trust him any further than Johnny could throw him, /but/ I think we can trust him enough, in this case." She glances over at Reed, "If we could talk to Sofia, that would help, no doubt."

Reed sighs. "Well, she's a bit more approachable than her father was, but her mother is fairly protective of her, as I understand it. I haven't really encountered Clea other than briefly at her Halloween party, when you were off dealing with that family emergency. She seemed open enough." The Fantasticar begins descending towards the roof of Four Freedoms Tower, settling towards the hangar doors as they open, then closer over it as it sinks into the hangar itself, settling down to land lightly on the ground.

Sue smiles, "Well, more approachable than her father… that's not exactly hard to do." She chuckles and looks wryly at Reed, "So what did you have in mind, now that we've finished Christmas errands /and/ are now demon hunters?"

Reed hmmms, studying the noticeable dent in the back of the Fantasticar, frowning a bit to himself. "…well, I think the drone scan handle this repair…so I believe we may have the evening to ourselves…" he says, with a faint smile, walking over and taking your hands. "Mmm, hot cocoa and watching a good movie under a blanket on the couch?" he offers, his eyes twinkling.

Susan laughs softly, "I think that sounds absolutely perfect, Reed." She smiles and leans in, kissing Reed lightly, "'Tis the season, after all." She mmms quietly, looking quite content at the notion of a low key evening at home.

"I think Johnny even hung some mistletoe over the couch…" Reed says amusedly, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on Sue's lips, then slides his arm around her, leaning into her slightly as he starts to walk with her to the elevator leading to their living quarters. "It most definitely is…" he agrees with a smile.

Sue chuckles softly, "I'm surprised he wasn't dangling it over his head with a selfie stick. It seems like the thing he'd do." She leans in against Reed, mmming quite happily at the embrace.

Reed turns his head to nuzzle the blonde hair so close to him gently as you step aboard, riding all the way up to the living quarters and stepping out into the living area with Sue. "Hmm, pick a nice movie and a blanket and I'll get the cocoa?" he offers, with another soft kiss to Sue's cheek.

Susan smiles warmly, "Sounds perfect to me." She kisses Reed on the cheek back, then goes to pick out something fun for a movie… and a nice throw blanket for snuggling purposes.

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