A Moment In the Snow

Characters: Wanda Maximoff Clea
Rated: The gardens of Xavier's mansion.
Summary: A quiet moment in the snow.
OOC Date: Sun Jan 21 20:35:24 2018
IC Date: Evening
Where: Gardens - Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters - Westchester

Normally in January it's rather uncomfortable outdoors in upstate New York. However, most schools don't have a resident weather manipulating mutant on the faculty, so the gardens are actually rather pleasant for the time being. Not that Wanda seems to mind either way, as she absently uses her magic to craft a snow sculpture… a butterfly, from the looks of it, as she weaves the threads of her witchcraft into something tangible.

"Very pretty." Clea's voice comes from nowhere. There is the rest of her, actually. "You're very pretty too." she teases Wanda. "Good evening, my dear. Is this your doing?" she asks, making a motion with a hand to encompass their surroundings.

Wanda smiles a bit, "Just making it so it's wintery but not unreasonably so." She glances over her shoulder at Clea, leaning up and kissing her cheek, "Just enjoying the last of the winter break, since classes start up again tomorrow." She shrugs a little, looking a bit impish, "How are you love?"

Clea beams at the kiss. "Poor you." she says. "Back to your terrible burden of shaping young minds." she teases again. She puts a hand on the red head's shoulder, fondly. "I'm well. I hope you are as well."

Wanda chuckles, "I'm much better now that you're here. What's on your mind, Clea?" She smiles, knowing that there's certainly a reason for the visit. There's never not a reason, anyway…

"You're on my mind." Clea says. "Is that wrong?" she wonders? "Can't I come see you?" she says with a bit of a pout. "I miss you and I like seeing your school and where you spend your time. It's all very interesting. Especially with all these little powederkegs around waiting to go off."

Wanda turns and slips her arms around Clea, smiling, "Of course it's not wrong, Clea… I'm just so used to putting out fires or dealing with crises that I expected this was more of the same. I'm sorry." She lightly kisses Clea then, and murmurs, "I'm very happy you're here. But then I'm always happy when you're here."

"I'm happy you're happy that I'm here." Clea says, returning the embrace. "To be fair, putting out fires makes life interesting." she adds. "The trick is to not get so bored that one goes about starting little fires for other people to put out." She squeezes Wanda gently. "I apologize for not distracting you properly while you had a vacation. I'll try to make it up to you."

Wanda chuckles, "You distracted me pretty well… but what did you have in mind, Clea?" She grins a little, tilting her head as she stays close, regarding Clea with that curious expression.

"I have nothing in mind except you, dear." Clea says. "Seriously. I thought I would just pop in and see how you were doing. I think we should plot another vacation for you sometime, though. Somewhere interesting to go, somewhere special. Also, isn't there a day coming up wherein sweethearts give each other candy and spend outrageous amounts of money on fancy food and wine? Named after a dead religious figure or the like? What shall we do on 'Dead Religious Figure Day'?"

Wanda laughs brightly, "Valentine's Day! And yes, we could definitely do something then. Is there anything in particular you wanted to do, love?" She smiles warmly, looking at Clea, "Though, for something different, we could hit Harry's in Salem Center."

"Oh, yes. I could pretend to be a normal, workaday lady out for a night on the town with a special someone. I shall take it as a special challenge." Clea says with a grin. "I can even dress the part. It sounds like a grand time."

Wanda Maximoff grins, "Well, Harry's is a popular hangout for students and faculty nearby, so it'd be a great chance for you to meet my friends and acquaintances too." She chuckles, "When it isn't a party anyway."

Clea laughs. "Yes. I can attempt to embarass you some more with my adorably naive mannerisms and turn of phrase, not to mention my borderline inappropriate public affection for you. It seems like great fun."

Wanda smiles, "You can try, but you haven't really succeeded yet… which isn't necessarily a dare, mind you." She grins and runs a hand through Clea's hair. "And I just am glad to spend more time with you… seems like it's hard to find lately."

Clea mock-pouts, but she closes her eyes in pleasure as Wanda puts her fingers through Clea's hair. "MMm… well, I shall do my best to try harder." She opens her eyes and nods once. "It has been my fault. Things are afoot, I fear. I don't know."

Wanda nods, "No blame being placed, Clea. I know we both get very busy with… responsibilities." She hmms, looking at Clea intently, "Want to talk about it, or just not sure yet?"

"I'm not certain there is anything to talk about just yet. Something nags at me, though, something tells me things are not right but I haven't enough of an idea to be able to scry the source. It's just all nagging worry, but perhaps it's just paranoia creeping up on me in my old age?" Clea says, leaning to kiss Wanda's shoulder. "But you're always a comfort, I can forget my worries when I'm with you."

Wanda smiles and slips her arm around Clea, "And you're my comfort, Clea. When you're with me, those things that worry me just seem less important in comparison."

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