The Simple Etiquette & Rules of Maelstrom.

We try not to set too many rules on Maelstrom so our players have the freedom for their characters to grow and so the game remains a fun haven for them to escape to. That said, however, there are a few that are strongly believed in and we felt needed to be pointed out and noted just so they're out there and clear.

  • Here on Maelstrom we want to encourage RP as much as possible. While we understand certain cliques will form and you will often gravitate towards RPing with the friends you make here, they should not be the sole and only source of your RP. If you are exlusively and only RPing with a small group of people and remaining insular throughout any +events or social scenes and not allowing or encouraging others to join, staff will address this with the players first and after that, freezing, or character withdrawal may result.
  • Team RP is wonderful but it shouldn’t be the only thing that’s happening. If we see a team whose members only RP within that team, the team will be disbanded or Staff will take control of it.
  • This is a consent based game and the consent part of that is taken very seriously here. Under no circumstances is it alright for anyone to use another character (that doesn’t belong to them) or another character’s company/personal property/etc. for a plot, +event or scene without first gaining the permission of that character/player. If this should occur and Staff is aware of it, the offending party will be brought in to talk with Staff. If the behavior continues, the character being used for said behavior will be disapproved and frozen for a period of time to be determined by Staff.
  • Please do not idle on the IC grid or RP suites at all and if you need to idle in the OOC Room please set your @doing to: At Work, Sporadically AFK, or something to let people know you may not always be responsive to statements directed to you in public chat. Otherwise, the Quiet Room or your own IC private room (if you have one) should be used."
  • Don’t publicly bad mouth other games. If you wish to discuss what you deem as ‘the failings’ of another game, or even this one, in private pages that’s your right. However, on public channels and in the OOC Lounge, Staff asks that you not do so.

On the game, see: News Etiquette

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