The Ethics Policies

General Ethics

Beyond the AUP, a few things need to be made clear. There are three basic actions that are taken when someone is in violation of the basic ethics of the game. Except as outlined below, every person will have at least one action of the list in order before the next action form is taken. A player may also receive more than one action from a category rather than moving forward in numbers. This is especially true if the player in question has shown that they are actively working to improve their behavior or violations.

1) Player is brought in to discuss the situation with staff. Suspect flag may or may not be set depending on the situation to log activity.
2) Removal of the player's Character(s) from play until further notice.
3) Permanent ban from logging into the game.

In extreme cases where the health of the game, playerbase or it's database may be at risk, standard protocol can be bypassed by the head God/Goddess and an immediate removal of the problem (player, code, etc) may occur. This intervention will hopefully never occur, but given the possibility of hacking or other matters, we need to be clear that there may be situations where it happens.

Staff Ethics

News AUP and News Ethics outline the majority of what staff can and will move upon, as well as clarifying how staff will go about it. Staff emphasizes transparency and openness; staff decisions will not be issued anonymously and staffers will be held accountable for their choices. If a staffer does not wish their opinion or decision on their name, then it should not have been offered.

Staff of a higher rank have the right to override the decisions of staff lower on the chain of command. Staff will attempt to be fair in every
action, accepting that not everyone's view of fair is the same and that all decisions and actions will be reviewed by the Goddess of LD. Third party intervention as outlined in the AUP can be used as a way to ensure that should a disagreement regarding fairness occur, there is a clearly outlined manner of handling it.

A staffer may have their staff bit removed for conduct unbecoming of their position. and as such, any action is subject to the review of staffers higher on the chain of command. "Conduct unbecoming" will include, but is not limited to: improper handling of situations as outlined in the Player Ethics, violations of the AUP, and unauthorized release of IC Character information and actions which could result in damage to the overall health of the game.

On the game, see: News Ethics and News Staff Ethics

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