The Copyright Policy

This game does not own any of the rights to, nor is it in any way affiliated with any comic book publisher. This game is solely a creation of fan fiction in interactive form. The theme and story of this setting are uniquely created to accommodate multiple comic characters freely. All copyrighted materials and characters are owned by their respective publishers/creators.

Characters in the game are considered to be a part of this setting from the moment of approval, though they are entirely within the control of the Player who created them. This means simply that on the rare occasion that a player leave the game whose character is currently vital to a major ongoing storyline or plot, the staff have the right to run the Character as a non-Player Character so that the plot can be seen to completion.

Any character created by a player used in this manner will thereafter be properly retired from play. The reason for this ruling is not to interfere in any way with a player's right to leave or control their own Original Character, but rather as a way to ensure that players who remain on the game after someone has retired their character are not left hanging in the middle of an unfinished story.

All writing, original characters, and plots generated from this game are the intellectual property of the author. Players on this game consent to have their characters, plot ideas, and related writings (roleplay, cutscenes) published on our game’s official website or distributed with full citation. Anyone wishing to use plots, characters, or concepts from this game for commercial purposes must contact the original writer for their explicit permission. The staff of Maelstrom: Earth are not responsible for any liability or loss of wages from contracts, agreements, or misuse of copyrighted material.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License