The Consent Policy

The concept of consent is a very simple one. The most important part of interactive games like this is that no one is, at any point, obligated to play with any particular person or be forced to take their character down a particular narrative path. With that said, please keep in mind that ICA equals ICC. Your In-Character actions will undoubtedly have In-Character Consequences.

Consent allows either- or both- parties in a disagreement to set limits on RP and OOC contact. This might be as simple as 'I'm not comfortable with your character ambushing mine' to 'Please stop paging me'.

If a scene has reached a point where players disagree on the outcome or actions and no resolution can be found, then the default decision will be to scrub the scene from continuity. This is obviously something Staff does not wish to do, particularly the more established something is in our game's continuity.

If a player is being harassed or pestered out-of-character, then Consent gives the player a wide margin for managing things. In these cases, however, we must ask that you provide some kind of log of events in order to justify your actions. Almost every client has an auto-logger built into it.

On the game, see: News Consent

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