The Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Obviously this isn't the letter of the law. With that in mind, obey the spirit of the law. If it is something not specifically spelled out here in legalese, that doesn't mean it is okay for you to do something that would have a negative effect on the game or the players. Offensive activity on Maelstrom Earth should be reported to staff immediately.

Staff has the right to change, alter, or add any rules or policies at any time so long as players are informed.

The Game Allows:

  • Promotion of other games through the BB system.
  • Player and/or Staff driven scenes and story arcs.
  • Players to have a location they can go to be free of all interaction if they wish to be. (we have a quiet room for this)
  • Development of a player's character through roleplay on the official grid (as long as Staff doesn’t feel it’s an extreme stretch, makes the character unplayable for future players or goes against the core of the character as per mainstream canon.)
  • Respectful discussion on Out of Character BBs, Channels and in the OOC Lounge.
  • Fair interaction between players with the option for Staff intervention.
  • A reasonable expectation of Out of Character privacy. (In Character privacy is not assured.)
  • Third party intervention in any conflict. (IE: uninvolved staffer, etc.)

We Will Not Support or Tolerate the Following:

  • Extreme Out of Character vulgarity.
  • Flames or disrespectful postings.
  • Harassment or destructive behavior.
  • Hacking of any kind.
  • Stealing or modifying any code that is not yours (A free code room is available for those who wish to share.)
  • Coding anything that allows to spy or stalk other members of the game.
  • Illegal activities, behavior, and transactions. Or promotion of any of the afore mentioned. (Remember, our server is in N.C. and what’s legal in your state may not be there so err on the side of caution.)
  • Roleplay of an extremely offensive, abusive, profane, or degrading nature.
  • Absolutely no personal information other than your own (and at your own risk) should be transmitted on the game. Staff will remove inappropriate posts, in the case of the boards, or will ask you to edit out such information

On the game, see: News AUP and News AUP2

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