The Alt Policy

While Maelstrom doesn’t have an Alt Policy in that we set a hard number of characters you’re allow to play, we do monitor activity in various away. If a player seems to be struggling to keep the number of alts they have active, then Staff will approach them and address the problem.

If the situation doesn’t improve after speaking with Staff then Staff may step in and ask that you give up a number of characters. Should the problem continue after that, Staff may repassword the idle characters in order to open them up for others.

Alts of the same player are not allowed to transfer vital information or objects between their characters.

Staff asks that you focus on one application at a time. Each application is given 1(one) week to begin visible movement on the character and is expected to have the application ready for initial review by the end of 2(two) weeks. A 1(one) week extension may be granted by Staff at the end of 2(two) weeks under extreme circumstances.

Every player is expected to be capable of achieving this level of application activity if they are going to manage to be active on the game itself. If after the noted times, the application is not at the proper stage of movement, the application will be deleted and the character re-opened for application by other players.

We ask that you wait until one character is through CG, meaning the application has been submitted and you have been approved by Staff, before starting on another. You may still only app a new character if you are current on all log requirements.

On the game, see: News Alts

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