Why the Wiki is Important!

The wiki here at Maelstrom is a tool that is heavily used. The creation of character pages are a must and is a policy that is enforced as is keeping a character page up to date on Relationships and any RP that you, as the player, want to make an official part of the character’s story while you hold it.

Additionally, the wiki is used as another way to access our news files as well as other information that is vital to the game but not necessarily found within a file here as well as examples to help guide you if you need it. The NEWS files on the game only cover the bare minimum needed for you to get started here on Maelstrom Earth. They are designed to give you everything you need to play effectively.

However, it is highly suggested that even if you are quite familiar with a broad range of comics and their settings, that you visit both the game wiki and speak with a staffer regarding any concept that might be out of the ordinary. After all, there is still always something you can take away from a new perspective. If you are new to all of this, then most certainly you can gain a lot of understanding and knowledge from visiting the link below.

Wiki: http://maelstrom-earth.wikidot.com

If you find that, through RP, you have shifted the character or changed something that you feel needs to be on the Significant Differences page, just let Staff know. You can do that by submitting a request using the following format: +queue/create/request Differences Page Update=<Information>

On the game, see: News Wiki

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