How Do Plots and Events Work?

There are 3 types of plots and +events that are used on Maelstrom. Personal, Area and Global. Below is an explanation of each and whether Staff will need to be contacted to run it or not.

  • Personal Plots and Events:

Theses are the ones that affect only the player and perhaps one or two others but that's it. These ones do not need to be run through staff.

  • Area Plots and Events:

This is the type that affect a sphere (such as SHIELD), team (Such as Avengers) or large section of the grid (Such as all of Brooklyn). These must be run past the sphere or team leader and should staff.

  • Global Plots and Events:

These are the ones absolutely must which has to be run through staff because they affect the entire game and potentially all the players.

To submit a Plot for review, use the format: +queue/create/Request Plot: <Plot Name>=<Information>
To submit an Event for review, use the format: +queue/create/Request Event: <Event Name>=<Information>

On the game, see: News Plots

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