In Character Actions and In Character Conseqences

Remember, ICA=ICC (In Characters Actions = In Character Consequences). If Staff sees something they think warrants action on their part, it will be taken. Have a Superstar in your home/restaurant/etc? Chances are, they didn't get there without being seen. A News or Media post should be made. Did an action scene happen that took out part of a building? News would cover it. Fire lighting up the sky? Someone likely caught it on their phone. So make sure you're prepared for the fallout of RP'ing in certain places or certain things. These are the things Staff will keep an eye out for in the +where and in logs. If a post isn't made within two days, Staff will make one. This is the stuff that feeds Rp so it's vital it be adhered to.

Your In-Character actions will undoubtedly have In-Character Consequences.

On the game, see: News ICA

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