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Character Naming Policy

There is the potential for multiple characters to have the same codename with Maelstrom Earth. As such, and in order to prevent as much confusion as possible, we require players to use the character's full name (IE: Bruce Wayne) instead of codename (IE: Batman). This allows for people with different real names to share codenames and well as allows for the proper naming convention to be added for the wiki.

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Pertaining to the Characters

No character below the age of 16 can be apped. If a character you wish to play is below this age, you are free to app them older, so long as both mind and body have been aged to match.

Once a character has been approved for play, they are free to grow beyond and outside of the mainstream canon (New Earth and Earth 616) in almost any way they wish. You may be asked to explain how they arrived at the changes from the canon and how it was backed up by RP, but you are always free to grow and change to match where the RP takes a character so long as this does not not make the application of other characters overly difficult or impossible, does not violate or break the feel and heart of the character as per mainstream canon and does not go against the heart of mainstream core canon.

As long as players are not violating the rights of others to decline scenes on an OOC level (ICA does still mean ICC), a character may act in accordance with their nature as per mainstream canon or the growth of character canon via Rp. This includes, but is not limited to destruction of portions of the grid as a result of major fighting.

We at Maelstrom Earth understand how easy it can be to get caught up in the latest group ‘trend’ or get very excited about an idea or concept that is a favorite, being hyped up, or seems new. Especially as more shows, comics and movies keep coming out. We love seeing our players so excited about the themes that make up the core of this game. However, we will ask that you take a bit of time to consider what it will mean to app another character and be sure that it is one you truly want and will hold on to because while we know and understand that sometimes, no matter how much you wish it otherwise, a character just doesn’t fit; having characters picked up and then dropped over and over again is something that is very disruptive to the game, the flow of stories and the rest of the playerbase. If this is something we notice a player doing, then we will disallow the application of any more FCs on that player’s part. If it continues, we will put a freeze on new apps for that player. We don’t do this to be mean or destroy anyone’s fun but to protect the playerbase and flow of storytelling as a whole

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Character Relationships

Part of character growth and development is the relationships they form. At Maelstrom, we will never force you to carry your characters canon relationships over into your Rp (though keep in mind that it may take a little explaining especially on iconic pairings such as Jean Grey and Scott Summers or Superman and Lois Lane, for example.)

If you stray from your canon relationships, we want you to keep in mind that the other character may, at some point, be picked up and so you’ll need to work with them to rectify what occurred. This said, as long as it doesn’t go against any other policy, you are free to have you character grow and change in their relationships, romantic and not, in whatever way the Rp take you.

You are more than welcome to have your characters get married, have children or both so long as you remember that should one of the parents drop and be picked up by another, they get to choose whether to keep that in their history or not. It won't change that it happened on the game, it simply means that the new version may choose to 'detach' from it.

We also ask, that before going forward with it, you talk to staff to let them know what is going on.

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