Welcome to the F.A.Q.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions often received as Staff. If your question isn't on here or the answer isn't clear enough, please don't hesitate to reach out to Staff! Remember, this document is a constant work in progress and we'll be adding to as more questions are brought to us or we think of them.

Question: Why do I have to do at least one public scene outside of my team and group?
Answer: Because, very honestly, this isn’t a chat room or your sandbox. The game was created for everyone to have fun on and to interact. If there’s a serious problem with a player, you’re always free to reach out to Staff but as a general rule, an exclusionary attitude towards other players isn’t tolerated.

Question: What is the Significant Differences page on the wiki?
Answer: This is the page where you’ll find how our world differs, in bullet point fashion, from canon as it’s been established on grid.

Question: What do you mean by 'clique(s)'?
Answer: We understand that people have different definitions for 'clique', but for our purposes, we're taking the 'a small group of people, with shared interests or other features in common, who spend time together and do not readily allow others to join them.'

Question: What do you mean by ‘Gender/Species/Sexuality/Race Swapped’?
Answer: First let me preface this with saying, these things may be possible for a short term plot after it’s discussed with Staff. In general, however, we mean: Pietro Maximoff isn’t going to be a girl, Black Widow won’t be allowed as a man, Rocket Raccoon isn’t going to be a fox or a monkey, Wiccan isn’t going to become straight or Steve Rogers gay and T’Challa isn’t suddenly going to be Caucasian.

Question: I really hate logging. Why is it necessary?
Answer: Logging on Maelstrom not only helps Staff keep track of activity levels but is also what makes your Rp an ‘official’ part of your canon. If you don’t have the Rp logged and someone wants to discard what you say has happened because they’ve picked up a character yours interacted with then there’s little recourse aside from dealing with the fact that isn’t part of canon and can therefore be discarded.

Question: One of my Powers/Skills/Resources doesn’t exactly fit within the level list provided. What do I do?
Answer: If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to get something to fit, you’re always more than welcome to page a Staffer. In general, the question ‘If my character were from Earth, where would this sit?’ can often help as well.

Question: Using a wiki is really confusing/I’m just not good with wiki stuff. Can I get help with it?
Answer: Absolutely. Page or @mail Platinum and she’ll be happy to help. However, you must have a wiki account and create the page first. You will also be responsible for keeping it up to date even if that means @mailing, paging or submitting a request for the update with the information you need included.

Question: If something’s wrong with the Mu* where should I look for information on it?
Answer: The best place would be on the wiki’s side bar on the main page.

Question: Can I have more than one alt in a Team/Sphere?
Answer: Yes you can just make sure you adhere to the rules in News Alts and don’t pass vital information between them.

Question: I want to play a different version of a character already on game (IE: Bucky as Capt. America when there’s already a Steve Rogers as Capt. America). Can there be both?
Answer: No, sorry. Just like we wouldn’t allow Jane Foster as Thor (or Sif) when we have a Sif and/or a Thor Odinson. Yes, Barry Allen and Wally West can both exist on the game at once because they use a different mechanic and one wasn’t the ‘heir’ to the other.

Question: I see ‘Mainstream Canon’ being used a lot in the files. What is that?
Answer: When ‘Mainstream Canon’ is referenced here on Maelstrom we are referring to DC’s New Earth and Marvel’s Earth 616.

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