Maelstrom Earth versus Mainstream

A Bullet Point List of Character Differences.

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  • Oa and the Celestials have been locked in a cold war for millions of years. Oa is responsible for engineering many societies. They helped create the Demiurge and the world of Asgard in to check the unstoppable might of the Kryptonian Empire.
  • The Original Justice Defenders assembled in 1942. The team included Steve Rogers, Hippolyta of Themyscira, Zinda Blake, Jay Garrick, Namor, Jor-El of Krypton, Howard Stark, Thomas Wayne Sr., Carter Hall, Peggy Carter, Nick Fury Sr., The Phantom, T'chaka of Wakanda, Kent Nelson, and Wolverine. *
  • Project: Rebirth, which developed Captain America, was based on Terrigen mutagenic properties. Project Rebirth would lead to Project Cadmus, the Super-Soldier program, and the Weapon X program.**.
  • The New Defenders assembled in 1982. Lead by Janet van Dyne and her husband Hank Pym, they recruited heroes of modern and ancient measure. Notables include Hal Jordan, J'onn J'onnz, Thor of Asgard, Nick Fury Jr., and Giovanni Zatara.
  • Charles Xavier and Hank McCoy founded the Xavier Institute in 1999. The first 'graduating class' who became his X-men assembled first in 2007. There are now three 'classes' associated with Xavier's: First class, X-factor, and the New Mutants.*
  • There was a Superman of WWII in the original Justice Defenders: Jor El of Krypton, who would one day be the father of Kal El.
  • Supergirl, aka Kara Zor-El, cousin to Kal El, is instead Superwoman and currently the big name Kryptonian figure. She assumed the legacy from Jor El.
  • Stephen Strange met his daughter, Sofia, when she was 18 and trained her to eventually take his place. He disappeared when she was 25, leaving her to step in as Sorcerer Supreme.
  • Bruce Wayne and Sofia Strange have known each other since they were very young and are well aware of each others' secrets and pasts. They are true partners in protecting Gotham.
  • Logyn (Ratel) is a clone of Logan (Wolverine) from Earth-616 who canonically was discarded by Mojo but here survived in the background only to end up on Maelstrom Earth.
  • The Blue and The Black (two races from Fathom Comics) are minor gods, being the first children of Poseidon created/birthed using his own being/essence. Aspen (Fathom) is the only product of the two races breeding. All other attempts failed.
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