Ancient History

Ancient Era historical timeline for Maelstrom Earth

  • The Celestials, Watchers, Oans, and First Gods first appear, billions of years ago. The Celestials clash against Oa early on. Oa arms a subversive faction of the Celestials called 'Aspirants' with technology to destroy the Celestial hosts. A casualty of this battle are the First Gods; the resulting explosion creates the 'Godwave' which seeds immense spiritual life all over the galaxy. The greatest concentration of this is the Demiurge and the Nine Realms of that entity's domain. The Old Gods of Earth arise; Oshtur, Gaea, and Chthon among others. (10BYA)
  • The Old Gods of Earth turn on one another. Atum destroys nearly all the Old Gods before fleeing to rest in the star Sol. Only Gaea, Oshtur, and a few others survive.
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