Settled: Approximately 17,000 years ago
Government Type: Monarchy
Head of Government: King Orin II and Queen Aspen
Biome: Aquatic
Location: Atlantic Ocean
Crime Rate:
Timezone: Eastern (EST) (UTC−5)

About Poseidonis

Poseidonis, named for the Greek God, Poseidon, is the kingdom and capital city of the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically, in old times, it lay within the center of the continent, near to the neighboring city of Tritonis, but not so close as to be able to make it in a weeks jaunt.

The city itself was made great by the Benevolent King Orin (for whom Aquaman was named after), having ended many of the tribal and animal attacks that would have struck from the wall-less borders. Thus was a massive wall crafted around the entirety of Poseidonis as well as the city being built up in a spiral manor to give it the look of a -great- city. Under his rule, his people prospered.

However, Poseidonis has had many grudges with a neighboring kingdom in Tritonis. Tritonis, being ruled by the more brutal members of Atlantean culture, sparked many….many…MANY wars with Poseidonis. The two great kingdoms often fought to an immediate standstill, with either side unable to gain a distinct advantage over the other. Finally, after years of bloodshed, a very hesitant peace was agreed upon.

When it comes to technology and magic, very few places can even come close to Poseidonis. A breeding ground for incredible minds and technological wonders, Poseidonis has achieved feats in such a field that no other Atlantean kingdom can attest to. In terms of a military power, while Poseidonis possesses a mild army, ready for war at a moment's notice, they are no warmongers. Turrets defend each spotted gate on their walls, and soldiers are always present to ensure the peace is kept. In short, Poseidonis is a kingdom that no reasonable soul would want to cause trouble with.

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