The Seas and Oceans


Atlantis is a crucial component of the established canon of Maelstrom: Earth. The rise and fall of Atlantis signifies not just the first civilization on Earth, but the powerful forces and figures who have shaped the history of all humanity.

44 thousand years ago, the mighty civilization of Oa was losing a brutal, bloody war with the warlike Kryptonian Empire. Searching for a weapon that could harm beings of such staggering power, Oa found a proto-sapient energy being in the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy. Called ‘The Demiurge’, Oa used their immense technological powers to force the Demiurge into a true sentience. The resulting tidal wave of magical power rippled through dozens of star systems with a force unequalled since the first days of the Universe. From the Demiurge sprang up demesnes and sub-dimensions. Entities on par with the Old Gods and even the First Gods of ancient, forgotten myth sprang up from the nothingness. The Realms of Asgard, the Fourth Worlds, New Genesis and Apokalips were but a few of dozens of such subdimensional realms.

On Earth, all magical power condensed in the hands of a few hundred crude humans. Civilization overnight went from meager pottery and crude bronze weapons to having incredible power to shape the world around them through magic. The most powerful of these homo magi were concentrated on one island. They forged a mighty nation and called it ‘Atlantis’.



Isle of Avalon


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