Wally West

Played By: Michael Rosenbaum (Voice)
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Quote: "Here's the deal: you tell me where those guys went, and I promise to come visit you in the hospital. We'll play darts! The soft kind."
Position: Mechanic for Central City Police Department
Affiliations: Justice Defenders
Inspiration: DC
Rating: NC-17

Public: Wallace West has had a few jobs from being a deliverymen, to working in a test facility, to being a mechanic for the police department, and even being unemployed. He's a typical, average, everyday blue collar worker. And, despite what everyone might say about redheads, he does indeed have a soul. A pretty generous one, at that.

Secret: The Flash is a well-known superhero. Especially in Central City, which is where the Flash calls home. He is The World's Fastest Man, and is one of the members of the Justice League. High-spirited, ever the optimist, self-sacrificing, and always beleiving the best in people, The Flash is one of the most popular and favored heroes on the planet along with the likes of Superman. He's also, arguably, one of the most powerful metas on the planet.

Speed Force Conduit
Wally has a direct link to the Speed Force and cannot be severed from it. The Speed Force is what grants all speedsters, including Wally and his mentor, Barry Allen, their speed. Without the existence of the Speed Force, no speedsters would have their powers. The Speed Force holds an actual reality in the multiverse, from which various timelines and realities can be viewed if one can get there.

Superhuman Speed
Wally is, arguably, the fastest (or one of the fastest) person(s) in the entire universe. There are, in fact, no known limits to Wally's speed. He has, in the past, moved so fast he saved 500,000 people from a nuclear explosion that had already detonated at ground zero and moved them all 35 miles away to a safe distance. He's been known to travel at roughly 500 times the speed of light in need. His speed's only limitation is the limtations he sets on himself, which are few and far between. Wally's speed defies time. space, as well as logic. It can defy all those things at the same time.

Just as interesting as Wally's ability to be 'The Fastest Man Alive' is the fact that the Speed Force also protects both Wally, and the enviornment when he goes this fast. Wally does not leave a trail of 'fire' as literary imagination goes or more accurately destruction in his wake, which is known to happen by the laws of physics when going past the speed of Mach 10. His footfalls do not chew up the ground (unless he wants or needs them to), not does he cause massive vortexs in his wake as he passes at these speeds. The way his speed works, through the Speed Force, the most that happens to things around him (unless he makes an effort otherwise) is that there's a brief wind in his wake that might cause hairdos to get mussed, or papers to scatter.

Superhuman Agility
Beyond simply being able to move fast, the Speed Force enables Wally to also react fast. Let's face it, if you can go past the speed of light but you can't turn on a dime you're going to collide into things. That wouldn't make the Speed Force look good, would it?

Wally can, literally, turn on a dime even at top speeds. His reactions are so swift he can jump and run up falling debris at breakneck speeds with ease and can dodge attacks even from the likes of Superman.

Wally was built for speed, and he's more than capable of reacting as needed, in any way that's needed, to help him to keep going fast. And faster. And faster, still.

Superhuman Stamina
If one had Superhuman Speed but mortal stamina, one wouldn't get very far in the scheme of things, would they?

Wally is blessed also with nearly inexhaustible Stamina and endurance. He can literally run for days on end, without stopping for food, or rest, and not lose a microsecond in his speed as he does so.

Simply put, Wally does not easily get tired. He's not an Ent, because he is positively hasty, but he does not easily get tired unless he actually lets himself slow down - and that's not often. Still, he is a human being when it is all said and done, and he does need food or rest like everyone else and he'll usually take advantage of that. Because everyone loves a good night's sleep. Even speedsters.

Decelerated Aging
One thing Wally -doesn't- do fast is age. In fact, the Speed Force slows this process down. While he certainly will get old, Wally, and the rest of the speedsters that utilize the Speed Force age at a much decelerated rate than the rest of the world around them.

Speedster Empathy
Through the Speed Force, Wally is able to tell if another Speedster is in peril. Unfortuantely for Wally (and other Speedsters) they cannot tell which Speedster might be in jeporady, or what kind. The sense perception can lead Wally to the general vicinity where this originated from, however.

Enhanced Senses
Wally's senses work with his faster-than-light brain and body, to allow him to percieve the world in a completely unique fashion. In so doing, the world can seem to 'stand still', frozen in time, as he moves freely and fluidly through it. This perception allows him to do things like scan thousands of faces to find the person he's looking for, or search an entire beach for a lost ring for a little girl, or any other innumerable tasks that would take other people hours or days to do. Uniquely, literally the faster Flash moves, the slower or more 'frozen' the world around him is.

Molecular Acceleration
Wally is able to literally move the very molecules in his body to a number of fascinating ends.

He can vibrate so fast that he becomes more or less intangible, immune to gasses or airborne virsuses, even to the point where he's moving so fast that light cannot and does not reflect off him, making him invisible to the naked eye.

He can adjust the vibrations of his molecules to be able to pass through nearly any physical object, such as doors, walls, or other barriers.

He can even adjust his vibrational frequency to align his senses to percieve other species that the human eye might miss such as alien biology or advanced technology (like cloaking devices) by a process of experimentation, which would not take him all that long. Because he's the Flash. And he's always going faster.

Lastly, but not least, he can also produce an insane amount of heat through friction with his molecules to heat up a room, or any other number of uses.

Speed Force Aura
Wally, and anyone (or anything) he carries with him are protected from the general laws of physics and the deterimental side-effects of traveling at such velocities as the Flash travels by what he's coined 'The Speed Force Aura'. Essentially the Speed Force extends it's protection through the Speedsters to whomever, or whatever, is in transit with them so they suffer no ill effects or harm at traversing at such mind-blowing speeds.

It is important to note, however, that nothing else is 'shared', such as speed vision, thinking, reationary times or any other of the Speed Forces boons lent to speedsters.

Wally is able to tap into the Speed Force and utilize its inexhaustible wealth of resources and power to revitalize himself in the case of injury. Through it, he is able to accelerate the natural healing factor of his own body and heal instantly. This is, of course, provided he isn't knocked out unconscious. It is not a 'natural' state of his body, even paired with the Speed Force, to heal in such a manner unless he is actively setting his mind to the task.

Limited Aerokinesis
By moving at certain speeds, Wally can manipulate air to create a number of types of vortex's. In one fashion, he can suck all the air out of a room to quash a fire, or suffocate a villian tempoarily to knock them out by pulling the air away from the center point of his choosing.

Other things include moving fast enough to create a barrier akin to a wall of wind to control and corral dangerous fumes, gasses, or smoke in order to keep it contained by moving his arms rapidly in circles to create drafts of wind to deccelerate falling objects (like people) or that can knock down barriers with the strength of focused hurricane-like winds, or even create pocket tornadoes capable of dousing larger fires or turning a villians escapade into complete chaos.

In other words, while Wally is not a true Aerokenetic, his movements are so fast they can shift the physical plane in that fashion to move along with him. In this fashion, the Speed Force adjusts the physical plane around him in a limited way, altering what he wants it to, to a desired effect. This does not mean that there might not be colleatral damage, a wind will do what a wind is going to do, but it does mean that the wind is the -only- thing that changes or is affected by his speed. The ground does not get chewed up, sonic vibrations don't cause the walls to rattle and shake or come down, etc…

Dimensional & Time Travel
Wally can move so fast as to break the barriers between both time, and space. He can travel through the distance of time utilizing the Speed Force to go back into a specific point in time and visit there.

Wally can also traverse the planes of reality, moving from one reality or dimension to another.

OOC: These powers are likely to never be used, and won't be utilized unless required or determined (or at the very least pre-approved) by staff for (most probably epic) TP purposes.

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Her Arrival is DIRE! January 6, 2018 PG-13 for Violence and Language Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Delta, Wally West (The Flash), Dire, Clint Barton (Hawkeye) Hawkeye, Voodoo, and the Flash respond to gangers who have stolen an alien weapons shipment being sent to a SHIELD storage facility…but the battle is interrupted by the unexpected interdimensional wormwhole arrival of Doctor Dire and Delta.
Monkey Business 2018-03-05 PG Voodoo, The Flash Gorilla Grodd steals a shipment of advanced weapons. Voodoo and the Flash show up to stop him.
The Prettiest Goo Fri Mar 16 20:45:16 2018 Wally West Dick Grayson Nightwing and The Flash interrupt a strange delivery, that has even stranger properties.
Expo: A Dire Theft! 2018-03-17 PG Linda Danvers / Superwoman, Tony Stark, Erid Irons / Dire, Dani Masters / Delta, Pepper Potts, The Flash The StarTech Science and Technology Expo continues with the presentation of Dr. Erid Irons' power transmission technology and some other things. However, that presentation is interrupted as the supervillainess Dire and her flunky Delta appear on the scene to steal technology from the Expo. They are confronted by Superwoman and The Flash from the Justice Defenders, and driven off, but not without getting away with a lot of new tech.

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