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Quote: "Come on, at least try to get my blood going!"
Position: Underground Fighter
Affiliations: Groups
Inspiration: OC
Rating: R
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Vanya is a common face in underground fighting circuits, an occasional day-laborer, starter of bar brawls, and dabbling hunter. She's perhaps too fond of beasts and painfully easy to bait into contests of physical prowess. Her status as a were-beast is common among those in the more superhuman fighting circuits.

Vanya's only secret is where she keeps her money in an outfit with no pockets.

Beast Transformation
Vanya can copy the features of an animal by eating their DNA. A few bites of meat, blood samples, or hair are enough for her body to unravel and memorize a genome, and any time afterwards she can reconstitute it as part of her body, granting her qualities like a tiger's claws, carapace armor, or the eyes of a hawk.

Vanya can only morph as much flesh as she's gathered from the target animal; to form a three pound turtle shell, she'll need to eat three pounds of turtles.

Chimeric Physiology
Vanya's body has sequestered pounds upon pounds of animal biomass into her bones, muscles, and organs, forcing them to adapt a hybridization of human and animal traits to function comfortably with the increased load. This adaptation has made her inhumanly strong, tough, and fast at the cost of weight and a tremendous appetite (Voracious Vegetarian). In effect, some of her body is permanently transformed.

Dekayed Senescence
Vanya's unique physiology, blended from animals with wildly different aging rates, has adopted the greatest common denominator. By human standards senescence sets in very slowly for her, keeping her body young and vital well beyond her years.

Chimeric Regeneration
Vanya can use her stored animal mass to quickly replace injured tissue, allowing her to regenerate rapidly by sacrificing the cells used by her Amalgamate.

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Between Two Tigers December 23, 2017 PG-13 Language Vanya, Tendril, Okhotnik Enroute to track down her friend, Okhotnik, Lexi runs across another tiger scent and curiously follows it, running into a slightly drunken Vanya….and then Okhotnik follows.
Russian Wolf Babushkas Fri Mar 09 18:32:46 2018 PG-13 Lexi Nemo Vanya Lexi Nemo manages to track down the shapeshifter Vanya, and the two get down to chatting over an all you can eat Chinese buffet.
Start of a Punchworthy Friendship Sat Mar 17 10:39:01 2018 Vanya Grace Choi Grace is looking for Klavdiya, and winds up encountering Vanya for the first time instead. The two kind of hit it off.

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