Tony Stark

Played By: Robert Downey Jr. (RDJ)
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Quote: "My bond is with the people, and I will serve this great nation at the pleasure of myself. If there's one thing I've proven it's that you can count on me to pleasure myself."
Position: Typical GBPP
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17

Tony Stark. Iron Man. Tony is now the rockstar superhero bad boy, and what people don't kow about him they can probably find on YouTube or TMZ.

Oh, Tony has secrets, but with what's available for public consumption..would you REALLY wanna know what he doesn't want the public to see?

Tony has no Powers

Pepper Potts

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Breath Of New Into The Old 23 November 2017 R: Language Tony Stark Bruce Wayne Sofia Strange Pepper Potts Once dinner is done, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are ready to retire to the drawing room of a stuffy castle with the other gentlemen. The ladies, Sofia Strange and Pepper Potts are obviously not invited, but rather are encouraged to sit with the ladies. Women's Lib comes to the castle with Bruce and Tony as 'knights in shining checkbooks'.

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