Toni Ho (Iron Patriot)

Played By: Yueh Chu
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Quote: ""My dad didn't build the Iron Man— He didn't need to. He didn't need armor or weapons. He built the idea. The idea of Iron Man. The idea of the Avengers. My father… was an advanced idea mechanic. And so am I. So even if you do pull the trigger… It's too late. Because the idea is out there now. The idea is alive.""
Position: Caltech Graduate
Affiliations: Outsiders
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17
Note: Toni Ho, a brilliant recent graduate of Caltech, has dedicated herself to creating devices designed to save people's lives, from her powerful force field emitters, or her crowing achievement, her search and rescue armor dubbed the Iron Patriot, in mocking tribute to Tony Stark - a man she very much has a chip on her shoulder about. She's only recently ventured tentatively into vigilante assistance against crimes or during disasters.

Public: Toni Ho is a young Chinese-American woman with three doctorates from Caltech, which she finished about the time she turned 21. She is considered a genius when it comes to the construction of exosuits and specifically in the field of force fields.

Secret: None

Toni has no Powers.

Toni has no surviving family or close relationships at this time.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
What it Takes to Be a Hero 2017-12-07 - 2017-12-24 PG-13 for comic book violence and potent descriptions of injuries. Voodoo, Iron Patriot, Starfire A trio of young heroines come together by happenstance and fate to attempt to stop an alien-backed assault on a Halo Corporation facility.
First, We Need Teamwork December 24, 2017 PG Toni Ho, Dominique Thiebaut Toni (Iron Patriot) and Dominique (Cyblade) discuss the founding of a new organization, the Outsiders, and what it will take to be a team.
Aftermath of Heroism 2017-12-21 through 2017-12-24 PG-13 for some grody descriptions of healing and oblique flashes of skin Priscilla Kitaen (Voodoo), Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) Following the events of What it Takes to be a Hero, Iron Patriot grabs the still-smoldering not quite corpse of Voodoo, tosses her in the back of her van, and flees the scene before the authorities can arrive to ask difficult questions. The two heroines discuss matters.
StarTech and Iron Patriot 2018-01-01 PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho Linda Danvers invites Toni Ho to come see her, and offers her an opportunity.
The Outsiders Appeal January 4, 2018 PG Sev (Exo-Girl, Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) Toni Ho (Iron Patriot) approaches her friend Sev (Exo-Girl) about becoming part of the team she's envisioning for dealing with the sorts of problems the big name heroes can't always deal with - the Outsiders.
First, We Need A Plan Sun Jan 14 19:40:55 2018 PG Sev, Riri Williams (Ironheart), Toni Ho (Iron Patriot), Dominique Thiebaut (Cyblade) The Outsiders meet as a group for the first time to hammer out what their team will do, and what they need to do it, in terms of tech, training, and possible corporate sponsorship.
He Took WHAT Sun Mar 04 21:14:37 2018 PG-13 Starfire Sev Riri Williams Toni Ho Riri, Sev, and Starfire return to Toni's warehouse workshop after Tony Stark appropriates Riri's armor. Toni is not amused.
Expo: Jitters 2018-03-12 PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho The Expo continues, and Linda decides to check in on one of the many people she has sponsored to the Expo, Toni Ho. They discuss the young inventor's plans for her booth and demo.
Advanced Ideas Demonstrated Sat Mar 17 21:48:06 2018 PG Toni Ho Delta Haven Linda Danvers Amid the StarTech Science & Tech Expo, a young genius named Toni Ho presents some of her most recent inventions to a crowd that includes Linda Danvers, Haven, and a disguised Delta.

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