Thor Odinson

Played By: Chris Hemsworth
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Quote: "All the power of the storm, from all the world, flows through my veins, and can be summoned by mine hammer at any time, wherever it is. A lightning storm in Japan? Mine. A hurricane off the coast of Barbados? Mine again. A brace of tornadoes in Kansas? Aye…mine. All that might, all that destructive force, mine to command. Channeled and guided through the mystic might of this hammer, guided right at thee!"
Position: God of Thunder
Affiliations: Deities
Inspiration: Marvel, Myth, MCU
Rating: NC-17
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Thor Odinson, Wielder of Mjolnir, Prince of Asgard, God of Thunder, Lightning Giver, Thunder Bringer, Lord of Storms, God of Strength, smiter of evil….. the list of titles and commendments go on and on. The legend of Thor has existed for thousands of years, with the belief in him as a god originating from the viking/norwegian culture. One can find a book on Thor pretty much anywhere due to the legend he had spread when he arrived from Asgard to slay a beast.

On Asgard however….he is pretty much the same thing. Thor is a hero among the Asgardian people and a son of Odin, immediate heir to take the throne, aside from Loki. He is a good man, and has grown into a leader that he could rally Asgard with his presence alone. His name is a battlecry.

Thunder keeps no secrets.

Godlike Strength
In addition to being the God of Thunder, Thor is also the Asgardian God of Strength, as such he is physically the strongest of the Asgardian gods and his strength is nigh-unlimited. His feats are tremendous and terrifying, including feats like destroying an arch weighing over a million tons, crumbling Uru into dust, leveling a countryside with one strike, and lifting the midgard serpent. Out of all his feats, his most notable are throwing a core of a star and physically holding together the fissures of a badly damaged moon, and mended it with his lightning. In short, when it comes to physical strength? Thor is among the highest hierarchy of heroes.

Being a God whose heritage is both half-Asgardian and half-Elder God affords Thor virtual invulnerability and immunity to any such human ailments as diseases, toxins, poisons, corrosives, fire, viruses, electrocution, asphyxiation, and he has a immunity to heat and subzero and lead and radiation poisoning. Thor has flown through the heart of stars. He withstood what he thought to be the weight of a score of planets. Thor was able to survive direct multiple blasts from the Asgardian Destroyer, a machination whose strikes are said to be able to disintegrate it's enemies with ease. He has withstood powerful blasts from such powerful beings, including blasts from Celestials. Thor is truly extremely difficult to kill as his life force is stated to be augmented by his godlike heritage, and Mjolnir.

Weather Control
Thor is the God of Thunder. The sky is his to command. While he can control the weather without Mjolnir, with Mjolnir, on the other hand, his powers are far more advanced. Wielding Mjolnir grants Thor the ability to control the base elements of a storm; rain, wind, thunder, ice, snow…all obey Thor. He can create giant raging storms complete with thunder, hurricane-force winds, tornadoes, blizzards, tidal waves, exploding volcanoes, earthquakes and torrential rains across entire planets at a moment's notice. He can also create any of these phenomena individually. Thor has full control of this mighty power, and thus allows him to stop any of the weather conditions instantly. Thor can create storms on a planetary wide scale, and can go beyond and defy what natural weather can do such as creating rain in space where there is no atmosphere. Thor's ability to control and create storms extends to any and all storms, both foreign and domestic, as he has been shown to control and create powerful stellar winds in space and so on.

Earth Control
Thor has accepted his heritage as a child of the Elder Goddess Gaea and gained the ability to control the earth beneath his feat as if it were clay. He is able to create continental-spanning chasms and even powerful earthquakes that transcend the Richter Scale. As an additive, He can control landslides and avalanches and use the earth as his weapon and tool.

Super Breath
Thor can use his breath to create winds that would belong to a hurricane or create tornadic winds.

Sadly, Thor is not invulnerable to all harm and it is still quite possible to injure him. But due to Thors unique half-asgardian, half-elder godphysiology, he is able to heal from most injuries much faster than a human being could. Thor could heal as to regenerate his liver when it was vitrified, and was able to heal his two broken wrists in a matter of hours. It's quite possible that his healing factor is far stronger than that of the typical Asgardian Gods.It is unknown if Thor can bring himself back from death, but Thor's healing factor is good enough to regenerate missing limbs or organs.

Lightning Manipulation
Thor has stated that he relies on the power of Mjolnir too often…and he's right. While Mjolnir does afford a vast degree powers and abilities that he would not normally have, it is simply just that. a weapon. Mjolnir is just a tool, a focus that would help Thor understand and learn to use his mighty power. Thor has natural energy manipulation abilities without Mjolnir, in most cases, his natural power surpasses most Asgardians Gods by a mile and a half. It is not hard to believe why he is called the God of Thunder. He can easily go toe to toe with the olympian God, Zeuss own extremely powers and contest with them.

Superhuman Speeds
Even without the mighty uru hammer, Mjolnir, Thor can move at extreme speeds and can even easily outrun many speedsters. Thor can fly to the sun in a matter of minutes..though perhaps one of his more impressive feats was striking down a moving Quicksilver whilst also claiming to have fought foes faster than him. He can throw Mjolnir and swing Mjolnir several times the speed of light even while his strength was reduced in half. In addition, Thor can appear anywhere across the Universe or other dimensions in moments with the help of Mjolnir, and Thor can visually detect objects that move at fantastic speeds, able to see bullets fly individually by him. He's once stated himself that he was 'as fast as the wind lightning he commands'. No better accuracy than those words.

Superhuman Stamina
Thor's advanced musculature is more beyond efficient than that of a human and most other Asgardians. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to hold his breath for an undefined period of time, and exert himself at peak capacity for days before he truly falls from Fatigue.

Thor can fly even without his hammer up to 200mph.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Onward To Yule Shennanigans! Fri, Nov. 24, 2017. 1:38 pm PG Thor Odinson Loki Lady Sif Thor, Loki and Sif discuss the upcoming holiday and how to spend it while remembering the past and plotting for par - er - future.
A Wild ColdDrake Has Appeared! Feb. 02, 2018 R (Language) Loki, Thor, Sif, Hogun & Eir the Healer (emitted by Hogun) Loki, Thor and Sif go hunting deer in Ireland and end up coming face to face with a ColdDrake who isn't at all happy about being woken up. A battle ensues and when it's all said and done, Sif ends up in the Healer's Hall in Odin's Palace with questions about whether she'll survive or not hanging in the air.
Odin's Put In His Place Sun. Feb. 18, 2018 PG Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis & Thor Odinson Odin tries to teach his youngest son a lesson only for the plan to blow up in his face, an elven Princess to mouth off to him and then it's off to go shopping in the market for the boys and their guest.
Sigyn and Thor Meet The Grim Lantern Sun. Feb. 18, 2018 PG Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson & Hogun Princess Sigyn and Prince Thor run into the Weapons Master of Asgard, Hogun the Grim who seems to have gotten an makeover and an upgrade. Things get tense and both boys are sent to their separate corners.
Welcome Home? Tue. Feb. 13, 2018 PG Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson Loki and Sigyn get quite the greeting after finally returning to Asgard from having disappeared to the Isle of Avalon
Wakey wakey, Princess Mon. Feb. 05, 2018 PG (Cussing) Loki Odinson, Lady Sif, Thor Odinson, Hogun and NPC Healers Loki arrives in Asgard with an untested antivenin for the ColDrake poison coursing it’s way through Sif’s system and slowly killing her. Will it work?

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