T'Challa (Black Panther)

Played By: T'Challa
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Quote: "Black Panther"

Position: T'Challa is known to the world as the Black Panther and the King of Wakanda. Along with this, he is known as a diplomat, inventor, scientist, athlete, and philanthropist in addition to his duties as a monarch.

T'Challa's identity is publically known.

Affiliations: No more discourse. No more deliberation. No more excuses. No more mercy. We know what this is. It is war, and war is our nation's trade. It has been so for generations. We are Wakanda. We will not be terrorized. We are terror itself.

Inspiration: I. Who is Black Panther?

Black Panther. The man in the suit has defended Wakanda for generations. T'Challa is the present King of Wakanda and the current Black Panther. As King of Wakanda, he is also an honorary member of the Justice Defenders by way of his father.

II. Birth and Origin of T'Challa

T'Challa was born not terribly long after the events of WW2. THe only son born to T'Chaka, now King of Wakanda and Chieftan of the Panther tribe, and N'Yami, Queen of Wakanda. He was born to rule as King and as Chieftan, and was instructed in the ways of both the mysticism and spiritualism of Wakanda. Thus did he become the prince and heir that wakanda needed. Growing up in all the arts that would be needed, as a general, an admiral, a commander, a King.

T'Challa grew up to be a pinnacle of a man. His intellegence was legendary, comparable to great minds like Tony Stark and Reed Richards. His physical qualities above average even before the heart-shaped herb. Eventually, He became worthy of wearing the Panther Habit, and after succeeding in many trials, he gained the approval of the Panther Goddess and thus was given access to the Panther Habit, the legendary and sacred armor of Wakanda. WHile there are many versions according to the need, T'Challa performed his responsibilities perfectly…his only flaw? he had not found a mate.

It was not that arranged marriages were frowned upon, it was simply that T'Challa didn't want to be freely wed. He wanted to -choose- his bride. However, before anything could be expanded upon, his father was killed by an Assassin at a UN meeting in London. Thus, did T'Challa become King of Wakanda.

While wanting to continue his father's dream of having Wakanda step out of the shadows, T'Challa had an embassy built on US soil and earned himself a seat at the United Nations panel for Wakanda. Now? Now he must balance his normal life with the life of a King…and the life of the Kingdom's protector: The Black Panther.

III. The Events as they are.

After the defeat of the skrulls, T'Challa revealed himself to the world to be the Black Panther. Now? now he fears he may have become one of the largest targets on the board…and he would do anything to defend his kingdom.

IV. History of Wakanda

Wakanda…a nation that is heavily descended from the alien Kherubim, a distant cousin species to the Kryptonians. Aside from the natural deposits of vibranium in the earth from an asteroid that struck the planet oh so many years ago, It all truly began when the Alien Jor-El crash landed in Wakanda with his ship, bringing Jor-El to the eyes of the Wakandan people, who saw him as a god, and a host of incredible technology.

It was then prince T'Chaka who had dealt with and served with Jor-El during the World Wars on occassion. However, as Wakanda was prone to do, they kept their secrets and isolation a priority, so these situations were rare; as such, The Black Panther has been close friends with Jor-El since T'Chaka swore an oath of brotherhood with him.

Rating: || Right of the King || Champion || The royal family of Wakanda can ingest safely a rare plant called the Heart-Shaped Herb. This enhances their physical abilities to the pinnacle of human ability. T'Challa is thus far more agile than any Olympic athelete, with almost superhuman reaction time. He can run up to forty miles per hour and can run as fast as a cheetah for short distances. This agility allows him supreme balance and amazing acrobatic ability. He is also difficult to hold onto as he has supreme flexibility. He can easily sidestep attacks from most any enemy and can even dodge gunfire at all but point-blank range. He can lift eight hundred pounds or more without difficulty and likely could squat-lift somewhere around two thousand. though his absolute limit isn't known. His tissues are denser and stronger than a normal human's, allowing him to be more or less immune to cuts, blow, or penetrating wounds from normal-strength foes and even gunfire has limited effect. He heals very quickly, though this is not supernatural. His body is very efficient in removing toxins from his bloodstream and thus fatigues very slowly. He is also immune to poisons, diseases and other toxins. His body uses oxygen very well, thus he can hold his breath for minutes at a time while exerting himself and can also function well at high altitudes or other environments with low oxygen. ||
Enhanced Senses Superior T'Challa's senses have been enhanced to superhuman levels - he can see into the infrared and ultraviolet ends of the spectrum and thus can see in what would be complete darkness to others. He can see much farther and more clearly than most people and can see fine details that others might miss. He can track by scent and has memorized thousands of common and uncommon scents. He can pick up the smell of explosives and certain other chemicals and can determine if someone is lying by changes in scent. He can feel fine differences in materials on his bare skin and he can taste individual flavors or chemicals at much lower parts per million than a normal person.
Ancient Link Superior T'Challa has the power to draw all the knowledge, strength, and every experience from every previous Black Panther via entering a meditative trance. In this way, he can even speak with his father, T'Chaka; this is also incredibly useful in his youth as a king and possesses an immediate outlook on what a previous or famous Black Panther would do in a particular situation, as well as have that wisdom bestowed upon him…though he often has to figure it out himself through complex philosophical statements and queries.
Note: || Martial Arts || Champion || T'Challa has been raised his entire life to be a supreme warrior and general. He is a master of all but the most secret of forms of combat and is likely among the greatest martial artists in the world. He is skilled in many different weapons, including firearms and energy weapons, but generally does not use these, though is is an expert marskman. He also is a brilliant tactician and strategist, having had the best training in such things thoughout his life. ||
Stealth Exceptional T'Challa has practiced being stealthy for many years. This practice combined with the Pather Habit make him extremely good at concealing himself.
Science and Technology Master T'Challa has immersed himself in many different scientific and technological disciplines and is a master of them all - especially physics and engineering. If he has a weakness, it is in the biological sciences, but he has extensive knowledge even in those fields. He still could easily act as a medical doctor if necessary. If he needed to perform specialized surgeries, he could learn to do them very quickly with quick research in the Wakandan medical literature.
Tracking Skilled T'Challa is a skilled tracker even when not using his enhanced senses. This is useful for both following and evading pursuit in urban as well as natural environments.
Multilinguist Skilled T'Challa has been taught many languages since he was a child and sought to learn more thoughout his life. He is fluent in Wakandan (a Bantu lanage), Swahili, English, French, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese, German, Hindi, Arabic and Korean.
Monarch of Wakanda Global Wakanda is one of the wealthies, most advanced nations on earth. T'Challa is a multibillionair, and can easily afford anything he needs in part to Wakanda's powerful economy and the inventions he has patented the world over. In terms of money, he oculd want for nothing. But as King, his control over all of Wakanda's resources is absolute, only limited to the traditions set upon by his people.
Panther Habit Global As both chieftain of the Wakandan Panther Clan -and- King of Wakanda, the ruler is crowned with a almost religious and most certainly ceremonial regalia in the form of a Vibranium laced panther habit: the suits donned by the one who holds the title of the Black Panther. T'Challa received this sacred armor after his rightful trial in the presence of the Panther Goddess. T'Challa's armored suit is made of a subtle Vibranium microweave that serves to absorb the kinetic energy of incoming attacks. The suit has defenses against Most forms of trauma, including blunt force trauma, stabbing, personal firearms, explosives, and assault rifle fire. Even the helmet is reinforced especially as to avoid sniper fire. The boots are also reinforced to help absorb the impact from falling from great heights, as well as hide his steps so that he is far more silent. However, penetrating rounds from weapons can be problematic, but the suit will slow down the impacts and serve as a strong defense, but it can be overwhelmed. The suits defenses can be overwhelmed. The suit itself possesses a natural defense against Vibranium itself due to it's origins as a vibranium creation, though this too, can be overwhelmed with sufficient and overwhelming stikes with such materials. In the fingertips are Vibranium claws that are able to cut through most substances with the correct force applied. The suit's helmet has a radio and a microwave transciever, able to send laser-communications as the situation demands and is able to be pressurized for usability underwater or in outer space with effectiveness. The Suit itself is also equipped with a water and air recycling system. Finally, The suit is not affected by magnetic effects. as it includes a water and air recycling system.
Kimoyo Card Global T'Challa has invented a card-sized supercomputer which allows ultra-secure communication with the Wakandan communication network. It also can be used to interface (read: hack) many different types of technological and communcation systems. A version of this is also built into the Panther Habit, which allows real-time information to be used by the wearer.
Wakandan Embassy Global Due to T'Challa living up to his father's desire to expand relations with the world, T'Challa has established an embassy in the United States and the United Nations, while also holding a seat in the United Nations Panel. It is at these embassies and panel where he performs most of his diplomatic activities away from the throne.
Cloaking Tech Global The Panther habit can subtly warp light around itself to create a cloaking effect, effectively hiding Black Panther from enhanced sensors. Though top grade sensing technology or individuals with powerful senses can still detect him.

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