Stephanie Brown (Spoiler)

Played By: None
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Quote: "I'm Spoiler. And I'll let you in on a secret. If you ever meet a superhero, it's probably going to be the worst day of your life."
Position: Student/Vigilante
Affiliations: BatFam
Inspiration: DC
Rating: NC-17
Note: Why is it that the masked vigilantes seem to have so much fun? Stephanie Brown seems to be a normal college student. Perhaps a bit of a thrill-seeker, but that is normal for most people her age. Still, keeping secrets is more thrilling. That is why not many people know that Stephanie prowls around at night as the Spoiler. Originally meant to simply spoil her father's plans, the criminal Cluemaster. But…why stop there? Appointing herself as the unofficial vigilante of Gotham's suburbs, Stephanie continues to patrol…spoiling the plans of any criminal she comes across.

Public: Stephanie Brown is a college student studying in Gotham. Her mother is a nurse at the local hospital. Her father, on the other hand, is Arthur Brown…otherwise known as the Cluemaster, a criminal styled after the more well-known Riddler.

Secret: The Spoiler is a newer vigilante-styled hero that has seemed to have made the Gotham suburbs her patrol. Sporting purple and black, there is word that she was responsible for the capture of some lower-end criminals, though details are not exactly clear as to which ones exactly. It does seem that she has chosen to go up against a criminal calling himself the Cluemaster, for some particular reason.

Stephanie has no Powers.


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