Played By: None
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Quote: ""I live for the simple things… like how much this is gonna hurt!""
Position: Mercen- I mean, I'm a Guardian of the freakin' Galaxy!
Affiliations: Space
Inspiration: MCU & winging it!
Rating: NC-17
Note: Rocket is the product of genetic and cybernetic engineering. There really is no other like him.

Public: Rocket Racoon

Secret: 89P13

Raccoon Physiology
Rocket is very much like an Earth raccoon in that he's got a heightened sense of smell and keen eyesight. His enhanced sense of smell allows him to detect changes in scent and scent patterns, also allowing him to function easily in darkness. His vision allows him to see better than the average human at night, though he cannot see in pitch black; there has to be some light source, no matter how dim. He also has a good fur coat that serves as insulation against the cold. His ears allow him to perceive sounds that are out of a human's spectrum, and his sensitive paws allow him to detect vibrations on the ground and identify objects (magic or normal?) without having to touch it first.

Enhanced Durability
Rocket takes a licking and keeps on ticking. He's been able to survive blasts from explosions, getting thrown around; that's not to say, however, that he's impossible to kill.

Enhanced Strength
Rocket is surprisingly strong for his size and appearance. He can actually overpower people many times his size, and wield large guns that average sized humans would have some difficulty with.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
We aim to misbehave Dec 27, 2017 PG-17 - comic violence Star-Lord Rocket Those of the Milano are broke. Time to find a new payday!

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