Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic)

Played By: None
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Quote: "The decision to fight must always be the final option."
Position: Scientist/Adventurer
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17
Note: Dr. Reed Richards is generally regarded as one of the most brilliant minds on Earth and beyond, with an established of multiple fields of science, mathematics, and engineering. Recently married to his longtime love Susan Storm, the two are well known adventurers who travel the world, into space, and even other dimensions, looking to explore and expand the horizons of human knowledge for the good of all humanity. As a member of the Fantastic Four along with his wife Susan Richards (the Invisible Woman), Johnny Storm (the Human Torch), and Ben Grimm (The Thing), he has been a part of saving the world on several occasions, primarily with his intelligence, but occasionally in actual combat.

Reed Richards is a member of the Fantastic Four and one of the most brilliant minds known. He is known to make his home at Four Freedoms Plaza in New York.

Reed Richards is publically known to be Mr. Fantastic and doesn't attempt to hide that fact.

Hyper Intelligence
Reed Richards was already a super genius before he was bombarded by cosmic rays. In addition to the physical changes in his body's makeup, his intelligence was even further enhanced to superhuman levels. Not only is Reed Richards arguably the most intelligent man on Earth (something Dr. Doom would challenge), he has demonstrated he is even superior to numerous alien intelligences, even those from much older and more advanced alien civilizations. He has shown himself to be superhumanly gifted in every scientific field on Earth and beyond, and has used his many patents to support the Fantastic Four as well as his own research and philanthropy.

Reed Richards has a impressive memory, and is able to recall a wide range of designs, topics, and other data, bringing them to mind almost immediately. It's rare that he can't simply spout off facts and figures about subjects he knows without having to research or even consult his notes, and he often give talks off the cuff, letting them flow organically rather than preparing them in advance.

His exposure to cosmic rays altered Reed Richard's biochemistry, allowing him to to alter his body at will to exhibit fantastic elasticity and durability. In this state, his body systems appear to function normally despite his transformed state, including respiratory, circulatory, etc.. This transformation can take place at will and is near instantaneous. His body is extremely dense in this form and almost impossible to penetrate or lacerate unless he deliberately chooses to relax and let it happen. This ability is reflexive, happening instantaneously even if Reed is unaware of the attack. He has demonstrated the ability to avoid damage from projectiles and even the ability to redirect them, as well as being able to surround and absorb even massive explosions or impacts. He has the ability to elongate his body at very long distances, up to 1500 feet, though the longer he stretches the more uncomfortable and even painful it becomes. He can use this ability to restrain opponents while winding his body around them, and can use this extension of his body to move himself very quickly, well beyond human speeds. He also has demonstrated incredible malleability, allowing him to change his shape into a wide variety of forms: a parachute, a glider, a cushion, a sling shot, a bouncing ball, or a variety of geometric shapes. He can also modify parts of his body specifically, turning his hands into weapons, or changing parts of his body into tools, like fans or a lockpick. He has even demonstrated the ability to flatten down to a a near two-dimensional state to slide under doors or other thin entrances, or even to achieve a semi-liquid state to flow through small holes or mesh, giving him the ability to infiltrate into otherwise impregnable locations. While he's no stronger than a normal man of his age and fitness, but can increase the power of his strikes through a combination of redistributing his mass, forming appendages into weapons, and elongation to make the best use of physics. Finally, he can use fine manipulations of his body to imitate other people, even growing or shrinking in size and bulk; however, he cannot modify attributes like skin tone, or hair or eye color without additional cosmetic disguises.

Susan Richards
Reed recently married the love of his life, Susan Storm (the Invisible Woman). The two are still newlyweds.

Ben Grimm
Pilot Ben Grimm has been Reed's best friend since they met during attending university.

Johnny Storm
Johnny Storm is Sue's younger brother, and a friend to Reed, though also a sort of exasperation at times.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Fantastic Replacement November 19, 2017 PG Susan Richards, Stella Fisher, Reed Richards Reed and Sue Richards find a backup pilot fly them to Africa, and have a nice chat with Stella on the trip over on the Quinjet.
A Quiet Holiday Night December 23, 2017 PG Susan Richards, Reed Richards After a night helping dealing with a mysterious possession by something called an 'akuma' and encountering Chat Noir, Reed and Susan enjoy a quiet night at home.
Atop Four Furr-eedom Tower Fri Jan 05 20:29:38 2018 PG Starfire T'Challa Chat Noir Ladybug Reed Richards Chat Noir and Ladybug accidently draw the attention of turrents, Black Panthers, Starfire and Mr. Fantastic himself during a game of tag.

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