Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

Played By: Aaron Taylor-Johnson
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Quote: "Super speed. Google it."
Position: Speedster
Affiliations: Groups
Inspiration: Avengers MCU
Rating: NC-17

Pietro is from some Eastern European country; records are a little vague on the matter, but does speak of Iron Curtain sort of country. He's quick, and he has a twin sister.

Nothing about QS is secret. (Yet.)

Pietro has the mutant ability to run at supersonic speeds up to about Mach 10. Of course, to attain this, he is able to resist the effects of friction, reduced oxygen and kinetic impacts while moving at such speeds. This also allows him to create cyclone-strength winds, or run up walls or across bodies of water.

Pietro has a quick metabolism born of his speedster mutation. (This, of course, means he needs to be eating almost constantly. Because of his speed, he has a photographic short term memory, which allows him to move and know where it is he's going, and to see what it is that is happening as he moves. His agility and reflexes match his speed; he can turn on a dime and give out 9 cents in change.

Character Name

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
An Accident At Sunset Thur. Feb. 15th. 2018 R (Course Language) Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver), Serenity Malcum (Switch), Darcy Lewis & Sebation Gilberti (Bastion) An accident at Sunset Cafe brings the promise of meeting later for Pietro and Evelyn (Serenity) and leaves the latter to meet and, try desperately!, to avoid questions by Sebation Gilberti (who she calls Agent) and Darcy Lewis (who is now known as Girlfriend).
Just Another Day 03/09/2018 6:52:23 pm. PG (Flirty Behavior) Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) and Serenity Malcum (Switch) Pietro (Quicksilver) and Serenity (Switch) spend and evening in with dinner and a movie. Could Serenity possibly have caught the speedster off-guard??

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