Pepper Potts

Played By: Gwyneth Paltrow
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Quote: "Tony…. no."
Position: Personal Assistant to Mr. Stark
Affiliations: Stark Industries
Inspiration: MCU
Rating: NC-17

Public: Ms. Virginia Potts is the Personal Assistant to the multi-billionaire Tony Stark. She is the presence 'behind the throne' as it were. She can always be seen in the wings, should one actually look beyond the theatrics and geniusness that is her employer.

Secret: No Secrets to add.

Pepper has no Powers.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Golden Snow Ball Thu, Nov 23, 2017 5:01 pm. PG-13 Bruce Wayne Pepper Potts Sofia Strange A Holiday party in the Swiss Alps wherein business, races, chocolate and the holidays are discussed under the stars where weather seems not to touch. A surprisingly enjoyable break in the boredom for Pepper, Bruce and Sofia.
A Breath Of New Into The Old 23 November 2017 R: Language Tony Stark Bruce Wayne Sofia Strange Pepper Potts Once dinner is done, Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are ready to retire to the drawing room of a stuffy castle with the other gentlemen. The ladies, Sofia Strange and Pepper Potts are obviously not invited, but rather are encouraged to sit with the ladies. Women's Lib comes to the castle with Bruce and Tony as 'knights in shining checkbooks'.
Do they know it's Christmas in Gotham? 12/08/2017 PG-13 Pepper sofia Bruce Clea Wanda Linda Holiday parties are all the rage this time of year, and who better to get money for causes from but the 'idle' rich? Those 'not so idle' rich, however, use the opportunity to talk briefly away from (mostly) prying eyes and ears.
Will not be denied March 4, 2018 PG Pepper Tony Tony goes into The Bunker to look over the armor taken from Riri
Expo: A Dire Theft! 2018-03-17 PG Linda Danvers / Superwoman, Tony Stark, Erid Irons / Dire, Dani Masters / Delta, Pepper Potts, The Flash The StarTech Science and Technology Expo continues with the presentation of Dr. Erid Irons' power transmission technology and some other things. However, that presentation is interrupted as the supervillainess Dire and her flunky Delta appear on the scene to steal technology from the Expo. They are confronted by Superwoman and The Flash from the Justice Defenders, and driven off, but not without getting away with a lot of new tech.

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