Orin (Aquaman)

Played By: Jason Mamoa
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Quote: "You threaten me? Tread very carefully"
Position: King of Poseidonis
Inspiration: DC Comics
Rating: NC-17

Public Identity:
Aquaman is an active superhero in the superhero community and one that is fairly popular. Though beneath the seas, he is King Orin II, ruler and sovereign of the underwater kingdom, Poseidonis.

Public Identity:
King Orin holds a secret human identity as Arthur Curry. A sailor and general marine fanatic who enjoys good beer and long walks.

Atlantean Hybrid Physiology
Atlanteans themselves are an offshoot of humanity that have adapted their physiology to be able to survive the intensity of living underwater, including crushing depths, extreme temperatures, and well….lack of air. As a member of either his half-human hybrid birth or his royal heritage, Orin's own physiology is even more superior to that of his kin on both sides of the gene pool - making him as much super-Atlantean as he is super-human. He can function underwater as easily as any human can above-ground, and his amphibious nature allows him to survive on land for far longer than other Atlanteans are able -about four days- but he still needs access to water to keep his strength up (it is possible to prolong his survivability on land if there is moisture in the air).

Divine Empowerment
By being blessed by the Olympian god of the seas, Poseidon, and consequently given his famous trident, Aquaman gained a host of mystical powers that could -possibly- identify himself as a demigod, though that very fact is unknown. Sometimes people confuse him for Poseidon himself. Through this -powerful- blessing, Orin possesses a host of abilities in addition to his physiology: - Hydrokinesis (Champion) Cryokinesis, Electrokinesis, a resistance to magic of Thule origin, hydroportation (by utilizing some of the true power of his trident, Arthur can teleport anywhere that has water…anywhere in the Seven Seas most often) weather manipulation and even flight! (all power levels minus Hydrokinesis is superior).

Superhuman Strength
Even for an Atlantean, Aquaman is a near-godly level of strong. Whether from his royal heritage or his mixed blood, Aquaman's super-Atlantean status enables him to bench insurmountable amounts of weight, for instance towing around fishing boats while tidal waves were crashing on both him and the boat in question. He is capable of standing toe to toe and match the likes of Superman(to an extent) and Wonder Woman, able to lift a 160000 ton Sea Liner barehanded, and throw cargo ships that sank beneath the waves with insulting ease. His greatest feat of might would be his valorous pushing of an entire tectonic plate over the entrance to the fowl trench's lair, the weight of which is an astonishing 4.0678242e+22 kg. or 44 quintillion metric tons, leaving the true strength of Aquaman to be quite impressive, given this number. Nevertheless, he has even matched Hercules in contests of strength. This fish can lift…and the maximum that he -can- lift is relatively unknown.

This power also comes from Orin's royal heritage, and manifests itself in three ways: firstly, he is psychically connected the sea. Strange right? The phenomenon itself allows him to sense the general state of the Seven Seas, and the creatures inhabiting them. He refers to this field as "The Clear", though he can't get die hard specifics off of 'the clear', as this only grants "impressions" as opposed to more specific details. Secondly, is Orin's ability to summon and control any/all marine life (even life that thrives ON or NEAR water) to do his bidding. Given the limited brain capacity of many marine creatures, Orin cannot force them to do complex tasks - rather, he encourages them to do things within their capacity, guiding their natural instincts. With more intelligent creatures, he can exert more control. As he has told several humans: "I don't talk to fish." He is capable of sending a telepathic call across the entire ocean, with enough time to concentrate. And thirdly: Orin is also telepathic (as are all Atlanteans) in a general sense. He cannot project over great distances, or control people's minds, but he has been known glean thoughts from telepaths like the Martian Manhunter (who has ten times more power).

Superhuman Speed
While he is certainly not the Flash, Arthur is still immensely fast, be it while running or swimming (though in the water, he is impossibly fast). In the sea he was able to move at, or possibly even beyond mach 5, while on land, he could keep up with speedsters if they are at their basic, most relaxed, cruising run. But can't ru nfaster than that. Fishes are meant for the sea!

Black Manta has been quoted saying Orin's "muscle density is ten-times that of a human", and he is not far wrong. Even without his enchanted Atlantean armor, Orin is able to withstand tremendous attacks unscathed. He has taken hits that could level mountains and still got back up to finish the job, taken RPG's to the face without a scratch, survived the crushing depths of the deepest areas of the ocean and withstood the tremendous pressure with no discomfort, and even survived swimming in lava before emerging completely unharmed. Most creatures teeth break just by attempting to eat him, though his most noteworthy feat was him being knocked straight into earth's orbit and falling back down, emerging with only an 'ow', but nonetheless unscathed. traditional weapons have no effect on him….he has even showed imperviousness to the paralytic venom of the demonic Trench.

Orin's grasp of magic truly shines where the powers of air and sea are involved. While he is no Doctor Strange or Doctor Fate, Even without his trident, he possesses full control over the weather and sea, but the Trident is what gives him such powers as to shake the world.

Superhuman Senses
Orin's sight, hearing and sense of smell are all heightened to super-human levels, even well past that of other Atlanteans. He has only experienced trouble seeing when venturing into the domain of the Trench (well below 36,000ft), where the water itself was also extremely toxic. He has been able to hear the heartbeat of a human survivor even through the hull of a submarine. His senses are best described as a "super sonar".

Aspen Matthews
Queen, Soulmate, and Wife Orin and Aspen are both beings who find their true home in the sea. Their love is something that is hard to even describe with words. It is as if they have lived every lifetime together, and once again they find themselves bonded in this life…together, they are unstoppable. She is his everything..his moral compass, his rock, his cornerstone, and his motivation. There is nothing Orin wouldn't do for his Queen.

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