Marinette Dupain

Played By: Victoria Justice
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Quote: "How do I get myself into these situations??"
Position: World renown Fashion Designer & Brand/Line Creator.
Inspiration: The Miraculous Adventures of Ladybug and Chat Noir, head canon and other.
Rating: NC-17
Note: No note made.

Public: Marinette Dupain-Cheng comes from Paris where her parents own a bakery. She graduated school early and went on to attend the #1 fashion school world wide, Central Saint Martins, at just around 17. While there she worked with well known and major designers before graduating at the top of her class and moving on to start her own brand and line.

Marinette has the ability to transform, using her Miraculous earrings, into the heroine known as Ladybug. She is known, along with her partner, throughout all of France but most especially in Paris.

Ladybug Suit
Over the years, the Ladybug costume has undergone several looks. The current one is a red and black spandex like suit done up to resemble a ladybug. Regardless of the physical look of the armored suit, the transformation grants Durability and Toughness equivalent to high-end body armor granting her protection from all small arms fire (though the impact will still sting and have knock back effects even if bruising and broken bones are prevented from these impacts) and stabs and slashes from items just above normal human strength. The armor provided impact projection up to 3 tons of PSI force. In addition to protection, the Ladybug form gains enhanced strength, allowing the transformed wielder to lift and move objects up to almost half a ton.

Whether it be through enhanced perception or causality manipulation (most likely the latter though), when Marinette is transformed, and especially when she uses the Lucky Charm, she connects the dots of her actions, the actions of others, how best to use the items around her, her lucky charm, et cetera all to achieve the best possible outcome.

Miraculous Ladybug
When Marinette throws her Lucky Charm object into the air, it explodes into the Wheel of Life design before the energy disperses and sweeps through the area, restoring any damage done while Ladybug was transformed, including returning to life those that were killed.

Lucky Charm
After throwing her Yoyo into the air, an unknown object will appear. In one way or another, this object is tied to what Ladybug will need to do in order to help rectify the situation at hand but it’s up to her to figure out how to put it all together and make it work.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Miraculous Fencing With A Fox Thu Jan 04 18:18:18 2018 PG-13 Sophie Adrien Agreste Marinette Dupain During a chance meeting at the gym, Marinette gets a lesson about fencing (and life) from Sophie before tensions run high when Adrien joins them and Mari loses her temper as an impromptu sparring match takes place.
Atop Four Furr-eedom Tower Fri Jan 05 20:29:38 2018 PG Starfire T'Challa Chat Noir Ladybug Reed Richards Chat Noir and Ladybug accidently draw the attention of turrents, Black Panthers, Starfire and Mr. Fantastic himself during a game of tag.

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