Luciana Gutierrez (Gemini)

Played By: Eiza Gonzalez
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Quote: "Two is better than one. Trust me!"
Position: Trainer/Heroine
Affiliations: X-Men
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17
Note: A talented nurse and Sports Science professional, Lucy is also secretly a member of the mutant superteam the X-Men, together with her twin Izzy they are the heroine Gemini.

Public: Luciana Maria Gutierrez does not have any significant fame to the public, although a simple background check would turn up that she is one of a pair of twin girls born to a hispanic family in Arizona. It is mentioned in news accounts from over a decade ago that she was one of the survivors of a cavern collapse during a school field trip. She graduated from a private prep school in upstate New York, and has since graduated with a degree in Nursing and Sports Medicine from NYU. As an interesting point, there is no record of her twin (Isabella Camille) following the accident, and no death certificate on file.

Private: Gemini is a little-known identity for one of the X-Men, known for demonstrating profound physical capabilities and athleticism, combined with liquid metal armor, weapons and tools. It has been noted by some that she sometimes answers to the callsign Silver.

Lucy's mutant power of bioempathy allows her to read someone's biology upon physical contact. This can work through thin layers of clothing or such, but it delays the reading and obscures the results a bit; it is always best and most accurate with skin to skin contact, usually with Lucy pressing her hand to someone else. It is believed that her ability functions in part through the knitting of her own bioelectric field with that of her subject, so any barrier that would interfere with that kind of low-level EM field would likely completely flummox Lucy's ability to read the other's biology.

Without concentrating, only a second or two is generally enough to give Lucy an idea of how generally healthy someone is, and whether there are any significant problems - injuries, disease, conditions, cancers, toxins, etc. Five to fifteen seconds will give her a reasonably accurate read on the basics of everything going on with someone's biology, including at least hints of the biological basis for any innate powers they might possess. The longer she maintains contact and concentration, the more information and accuracy she can obtain, with ultimate levels of detail just a bit better than a modern medical laboratory and days of detailed tests, analysis, X-Rays, MRIs, etc.

Limitation: It is up to Lucy's studies and her own mind to try to draw conclusions based on the input her powers provide; her powers won't say 'cancer', they will simply reveal cells acting in untoward non-normal ways and the effects they are having on the subject.

Izzy's mutant power is that her body transformed entirely into a biological metal. She can still think, and she can even feel, though her senses are a tad obscured in certain ways - touch is dulled, heat variations are less noticeable until they reach relative extremes, etc. Her metallic form is largely liquid, which enables her to maintain maneuverability and flexibility, and even exceed the usual parameters of human flexibility and shape.

The metal is stronger than most normal terrestrial metals at any given thickness, and its flexibility is a bonus in most such situations, including the fact that she can determine whatever shape she desires, often forming hands and feet into implements - tools - that assist what she wants to accomplish. These tools benefit from her flexibility and strength, and can be shaped in moments to tolerances taht would normally require extreme manufacturing efforts, including monomolecular-edged blades or adaptive tendrils that shape themselves to perfectly fit the inside of a tumbler lock with but a thought.

It should be noted that Izzy is this biometal; she cannot make herself look normal in any way. She also has a somewhat limited ability to operate on her own for any extended period of time, as her biology has adapted over a prolonged timeframe to be very dependent upon her close connection with her twin. As such, she finds it difficult to extract nutrients from food, etc.

Biometal Enhanced Strength
Lucy's body is infiltrated at every level by the presence of her twin's biometal form, everywhere a normal human body would have fat cells, including the sheaths around muscle fibers, bones and ligaments. This gives Gemini a tremendous boost in physical strength and capability. She is capable of lifting two dozen tons, and with a chance to brace herself in place she can hold up much greater weights, approaching a hundred tons or so as long as she does not have to move. She can deliver blows on the order of twenty tons of force per square inch, easily sufficient to punch through armor plating and the like.

Biometal Enhanced Speed
Lucy's body is infiltrated at every level by the presence of her twin's biometal form, everywhere a normal human body would have fat cells, including the sheathing around nerves and muscle fibers. The hyperconductive nature of the biometal allows transmission of neural impulses at increased rates, which greatly augments Lucy's reflexes and speed, enabling her to react quickly enough to dodge bullets and other slower than light attacks if she can perceive them and is free to move in response, and the ability to run at speeds nearing 150 mph in short bursts, or maintain a long-going 'cruise speed' of about 75 mph for hours if necessary.

Biometal Enhanced Senses
The enhancement of Lucy's musculature and nerves, as well as physical adaptability, greatly augments her senses. She can hear in ranges well above and below that normally perceptible by humans, and at ranges of discretion closer to that of dogs. Her sight is equally exceptional and acute, including the ability to see reasonably well - usually monochromatically - in very low light conditions not unlike starlight scope optics, and adjust like telescopes or microscopes to perceive details too small or too far away for normal human vision, roughly equalling the ability of a high-end rifle scope, or a standard optical microscope.

Biometal Enhanced Resilience
Lucy's body is infiltrated at every level by the presence of her twin's biometal form, everywhere a normal human body would have fat cells. This makes her exceedingly resistant to most physical harm, as she can withstand blows of dozens of tons of force with minimal effect, and bounce conventional projectiles relatively harmlessly. Most energy effects can be similarly resisted to a greater or lesser degree, with the exception of electricity and magnetics (see cons).

Of course, harm can happen, and does, just to much lesser degrees. But the intelligent actions of the biometal inside Lucy mean that her body can adjust and adapt to shore itself up from injury, and even work to make repairs. This process of healing is not quite so rapid as some of the more well known healing factors, but it is sufficient to completely repair injuries in one tenth the time they might normally take. And with the shoring up of injuries, normal function can resume usually in seconds.

Biometal Enhanced Mind
Lucy's mind is constantly in direct contact with that of her twin, Izzy, so long as Izzy's biometal form is merged with her own physiology. This has a tendency to make Lucy's apparent thought processes much faster, and noticeably more creative, as she is constantly getting the critiques and feedback of another mind.

This effect also tends to make Lucy's mind difficult if not impossible to influence telepathically, as one mind will usually feel the changes coming into effect on the other and issue warning and assist in rectifying the situation. Communication connections also tend to be fuzzy and problematic. Only those with exceptional skill and power for connecting to and influencing multiple minds at the same time would usually be able to work on Lucy's mind without significant difficulty.

Lucy's body has the ability to adapt itself in times of crisis. She can call upon her body to change, adapting to take on the biological template of another which she has had time to examine in detail with her bio-empathy power. Gaining such an imprint record takes at least a minute of contact.

Such a metamorphosis takes at least a minute of concentration for Lucy, as she expands the imprint's changes to her own body, applying in turn whatever quirks, abilities and powers that other biology may have held. The transformation is physical and visible, with Lucy's body taking on the aspect and appearance of the body in question, though most often as a reflected merge of that other appearance and her own. It should also be noted that along with any powers or abilities this other biology may confer, Lucy is also subject to whatever weaknesses or flaws that may also be inherent to the biology in question.

The conferral of a biology lasts for at most half an hour, though usually not nearly so long; the longer she attempts to hold into a metamorphosis, the more difficult it becomes and the greater levels of concentration she must expend.

Mental Link
Lucy and Izzy have been in prolonged nearly constant mental interconnection for over a decade, and this has left a strong mental link in place. Even at times when Izzy might leave Lucy's body - which is an issue (see cons) - their minds remain entangled at a quantum level, remaining linked and able to communicate with one another, including images and complex ideas. In fact, it is difficult for the two of them to manage not to share their thoughts back and forth, to maintain any reasonable level of privacy.


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