Loki Odinson

Played By: Tom Hiddleston
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Quote: "I never wanted the throne; I only ever wanted to be your equal!"
Position: Prince of Asgard
Affiliations: Deities
Inspiration: MCU& winging it
Rating: NC-17
Note: No note made.

If you've read the Eddas, you may have heard of Loki. Ish. He's a man of myth, spoken of by drunk Norsemen. The Trickster God, the God of Lies, Deceit… and other stuff. Just don't ask him about Sleipnir. It's a long story.

No alter-ego. Loki is Loki.

Shape Shifting
Loki has the ability to shift into any creature, large or small, that he cares to (regardless of gender), physics be damned. As the creature, he has all the abilities of that creature, as well as all of the disadvantages and weaknesses thereof. No magic can be used to penetrate the 'disguise'.

Astral Projection
Loki is able to project himself astrally out to a distance of known realms. While he does so, his body does lie comatose and vulnerable.

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Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Magical Time Of Year Sun Nov 12 16:15:39 2017 PG-13 Faye Diamond Anneliese Klavdiya Vasiliev Loki Morgana le Fay Loki and Morgana tease the masses with a little magic while discussing the Old Ways and three errant but perceptive young women step in, drawing the attention the pair. No doubt Klavdiya, Faye and Anneliese will be hearing from the God and the Sorceress again.
Onward To Yule Shennanigans! Fri, Nov. 24, 2017. 1:38 pm PG Thor Odinson Loki Lady Sif Thor, Loki and Sif discuss the upcoming holiday and how to spend it while remembering the past and plotting for par - er - future.
They haven't forgotten! Fri Dec 08 15:43:29 2017 PG Loki Sif Loki has a surprise to show Sif. After all, it's been millennia since they've been to Midgard, and to see that some customs have remained from their time long ago?
A Wild ColdDrake Has Appeared! Feb. 02, 2018 R (Language) Loki, Thor, Sif, Hogun & Eir the Healer (emitted by Hogun) Loki, Thor and Sif go hunting deer in Ireland and end up coming face to face with a ColdDrake who isn't at all happy about being woken up. A battle ensues and when it's all said and done, Sif ends up in the Healer's Hall in Odin's Palace with questions about whether she'll survive or not hanging in the air.
Myths & Magic Sun. Feb. 11, 2018 PG Loki and Sigyn Loki welcomes Sigyn to Avalon so they can prepare the antidote needed to save his friend. The arrival and help of a large, chaotic creature catches the Princess off guard and when it's all said and done, there are more questions than answers.
Odin's Put In His Place Sun. Feb. 18, 2018 PG Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis & Thor Odinson Odin tries to teach his youngest son a lesson only for the plan to blow up in his face, an elven Princess to mouth off to him and then it's off to go shopping in the market for the boys and their guest.
Welcome Home? Tue. Feb. 13, 2018 PG Loki Odinson, Sigyn Aglardis, Thor Odinson Loki and Sigyn get quite the greeting after finally returning to Asgard from having disappeared to the Isle of Avalon
Wakey wakey, Princess Mon. Feb. 05, 2018 PG (Cussing) Loki Odinson, Lady Sif, Thor Odinson, Hogun and NPC Healers Loki arrives in Asgard with an untested antivenin for the ColDrake poison coursing it’s way through Sif’s system and slowly killing her. Will it work?

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