Logyn (Ratel)

Played By: AJ Lee
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Quote: "Just you and me, bub — tooth and claw!"
Position: Vagabond
Inspiration: Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, "I Want My X-Men!" http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Uncanny_X-Men_Annual_Vol_1_1988 and https://i.imgur.com/i4ey5rP.jpg (panels)
Rating: NC-17

Public: As a cross-dimensional being, Logyn doesn't have a social "footprint" in this world at this time. Like Sting and Cher she has no last name.

Private: Ratel is Logyn's code name when she is in costume (as well as another name for honey badgers). This identity does not yet have a presence in the public awareness.

When wanting to go incognito, Logyn wears sunglasses, a quilted coat and pants with patches on her knees. Dressed this way she answers to the moniker "Patches".

Logyn has an accelerated healing factor which enables her to regenerate damaged or destroyed bodily tissue with far greater speed and efficiency than a normal human would. She can heal from injuries that result in extensive tissue damage or loss (such as multiple gunshot wounds, slashes, punctures, and severe burns) within a matter of hours. Because this also enhances her immune system she is effectively immune to all known Earthly diseases and infections as well as mundane drugs and toxins. Despite this, some drugs can still effect her, but only if she's exposed to massive doses or if they are enhanced or supernatural in some way. Additionally, the natural aging processes are greatly decelerated by her healing factor, thus extending Logyn's natural life span well beyond that of an ordinary human.

It is still possible to kill Logyn, as her healing factor is not instantaneous. Thus complete exsanguination, decapitation, drowning, vacuum exposure, or vital organ loss could cause her to die before her body can repair the damage.

Enhanced Senses
Logyn's senses are super-humanly acute, comparable to those of certain animals.

Her vision is equivalent to a bird of prey's, allowing her to see at much greater distances than normal humans. Her visual clarity remains at that level even in near-total darkness like an owl.

Her sense of smell is enhanced to the point that she can identify people by their scent, even if she hasn't encountered them for years. She can also detect the slight chemical differences in products which are said to have the same scent, which allows her to identify those products by scent as well (like picking out a person's brand of deodorant). She can uses this heightened sense of smell to track targets, even of the scent trail has been eroded somewhat by natural factors.

Her hearing is similarly enhanced, comparable to that of a cat. This allows her to detect sounds which would be missed by an ordinary human.

Finally, these enhanced senses make Logyn more vulnerable to sensory attacks or becoming overwhelmed with too much input however.

Enhanced Physiology
As a side effect of her healing factor, Logyn's physiology functions at greater efficiency and power than that of an ordinary human. She can push her strength farther than any normal person would knowing that any damage to her muscles will heal, enabling her to lift weights in excess of 800lbs (>363kg). Her stamina is boosted by the fact that her system is highly resistant to fatigue toxins which cause people to tire when exerting themselves, because of this she can perform at peak capability for at least 24 hours before fatigue begins to impair her (please note, that while her body doesn't tire, her mind does, so she still needs to sleep a few hours every day to be at her best). Logyn's natural agility, balance, grace and reaction time are all enhanced to levels that match the finest human athlete.

Bone Claws
Logyn's skeleton includes three retractable claws in each of her forearms. She is able to extend them at will, singly or as a set through the flesh between her knuckles. When fully extended they measure about eight inches from her fists when fully extended.

In their natural state these claws rip through the flesh, tearing holes which are almost instantly healed by her healing factor.

Metal Laced Skeleton
Logyn's entire skeleton (including the bone claws) has been infused with metal although, unlike Wolverine's, the metal lacing her skeleton is Mojonium(tm), a magical "unobtanium" from the Mojoverse, instead of adamantium. The result is the same, Logyn's bones are highly resistant to all forms of physical damage and all-but unbreakable.

Like adamantium, Mojonium(tm) is a magnetic alloy (although frustratingly to those who may analyze it it contains no iron, nickel or cobalt) making her vulnerable to magnetism. It also adds a bit more than a hundred pounds to her weight giving her a high negative buoyancy making it extremely difficult for her to swim as she does not float.

Additionally, her metal-laced claws slice though her flesh rather than ripping; while the resulting cuts are no less painful than the tears her claws would do in their natural state, it is less gory.

"Brother": Logan, aka Wolverine, is the analog of the man who's memories Logyn has rattling around in her head and who she is effectively his clone. To say their relationship is complicated is the understatement of the year (century?). Logyn thinks of him as a brother.

Laura Kinney
"Sister-Daughter": Laura, aka X-23, is Logan's actual clone. Logyn is beginning to think of her as a little sister.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Noodles in Chinatown 2017/12/15 & 16 G (with brief exposure of blades) Chat Noir, Laura Kinney, Lexi Nemo and Logyn Four people are out to get food in Chinatown (Laura and Lexi arrive together) and meet at a noodle cart. The L-ladies deal with the concerns (near threats) Laura shows towards Logyn. Chat pays and pun-ishes the three ladies as well. Logyn is given an invitation to go to a certain estate in Westchester county.
Laura's Older Sister 2017-12-17 PG Logyn and Luciana Gutierrez (Gemini) An unknown but eerily familiar woman arrives at the Xavier school and asks to be let in. Luci ends up greeting her.
Logan meets Logyn at Breakstone Lake 2017/12/19 PG Logan and Logyn Logan (Wolverine) meets his trans-dimensional, gender-swapped, magically-cloned "sister", Logyn (Ratel) at Breakstone Lake on the Xavier Estate. She fills him in with an overview of her unusual history.
Howlett At Harry's 2017-12-20 PG Logan and Logyn Logyn meets Logan at the X-Men's favorite local watering hole - Harry's Hideaway - and discuss some history.
Logyn in Metropolis 2018/1/20 R (language and violence) Logyn and Superboy Logyn meets Superboy (in his civilian guise of Connor Kent) at a bar. A biker recognizes her from months back in Lebanon, Kansas, and a brawl ensues.

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