Linda Danvers (Superwoman)

Played By: Kate Upton
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Quote: "Oh, I'm sorry. You wanted to take care of the bomb. But we're in a hurry, right?"
Position: Multinational Tech Mogul / Superheroine
Affiliations: Justice Defenders
Inspiration: DC (slightly elseworlds)
Rating: NC-17
Note: Kara Zor-El of Krypton, the last daughter of Krypton, arrived on Earth at the tender young apparent age of four, and was raised on Earth by human parents, while continuing her Kryptonian education via her Symbioship. She revealed herself to the world as Superwoman, taking on the mantle from her uncle Jor-El, Superman of WWII fame and one of the founders of the Justice Defenders. She has been a world-reknowned superheroine and leader in the superheroic community for almost two decades.

Public: Linda Lee Danvers is a thirty-four year-old tech mogul, founder and CEO of StarTech, a multi-national science and technology company. A brilliant young STEM superstar who has definitely come into her own in the twenty-first century. Originally from Florida with parents connected with NASA and Cape Canaveral, few know that Linda is actually adopted.

Secret: Kara Zor-El of Krypton (Argo), aka. Superwoman, has taken up the mantle of the House of El established by Jor-El, Superman of WWII fame, and is an internationally recognized iconic hero and leader of the heroic community.

Solar Battery
Linda's body acts as a constant solar battery, absorbing solar energy and solar radiation from her environment. That energy, contained within her body, is what powers most of her other abilities. The hotter the spectrum of solar radiation Linda's body absorbs, the stronger her reserves become, which is why the radiant yellow sun of Earth's solar system is such a benefit.

The more Linda uses her powers, at higher levels, the more of the energy she is using up. The theory holds that if she could be held in an environment completely sealed off from solar radiation, and forced to use up what she's already holding, her powers could be reduced dramatically.

Linda is amazingly, improbably strong. The truth is, she has only the slightest of ideas just what her upper limit might be, and she certainly hasn't encountered it yet. She can punch through steel and reinforced concrete, tear apart armor, and catch and hold whole airliners in her hands. Even more amazingly, she seems somehow able to use her strength and hold up objects in such a way that they don't collapse under their own mass and momentum, despite the rules of physics.

Given the knowledge from Jor-El's journals of his time on Earth, Linda is aware of - intellectually, at least - the existence of some materials she might find difficult to bend or break. Vibranium, especially like that found in Captain America's shield, would be largely as impervious to her blows as it would be to other tremendously strong forces. Less ideal vibranium constructs might be bendable with severe effort on her part, but that's only theoretical. Similarly, properly forged adamantium would not bend or break under her strength unless denatured with extreme heat.

Linda is incredibly impervious to damage, be it direct physical force or energy. She is bulletproof, even to heavy-caliber weapons. Even many tons of force will not do much lasting damage to Linda, though if she isn't prepared for the blow, it's likely to send her hurtling away, and may rock her head one way or another in surprise. Blows in the hundreds of tons range might bloody her up a bit, but are still unlikely to do any permanent damage. She is similarly resistant to energy attacks, unaffected even by huge fiery blazes and high-energy blasts, though high-yield actual electrical jolts can sometimes stun or phase her. She is also virtually immune to high pressure and extreme low-pressure or vacuum, and most radiation.

Linda's endurance is prodigious. Fueled by the solar energy in her cells, she can seemingly go forever, or at least so long as that energy holds out, while showing little signs of tiring. The truth is that she doesn't need to sleep more than a couple of hours a night to stay in optimal shape, and she can go without for days if necessary so long as she keeps her solar energies up. She can also hold her breath for hours at a time, enabling her to operate in space or underwater without additional gear.

Linda can move at incredible speed, and do so with exceptional accuracy. She can run at least a few times the speed of sound, and she can react as well to sudden surprises at that speed as a top sprinter can react to course corrections at those speeds. As such, she is capable of tracking the firing and path of a bullet or even most directed energy weapons and intercepting them. Note that when moving at such speeds, she is generally a blur, at most, to the human eye or even most human technology. And typing up code or term papers is a breeze! Just as long as the computer and keyboard and keep up and don't short out.

Linda's senses are prodigious. Her visual acuity is such that she can see out to ranges of dozens of miles with the kind of accuracy most would expect at a range of twenty feet or so. She can also focus at close ranges down to truly microscopic levels. She can even shift her vision to focus on wavelengths of energy which grant her X-Ray like abilities to see through physical matter and make out its inner structure, picking out the skeletons of animals and any unusual additions (steel plates, cybernetic implants, etc.). Only the densest of metals - lead - is able to block this vision.

Linda's hearing is such that she can not only make out sounds at ranges miles away, but she can even sift through the wealth of sound common in even urban areas at such ranges and pick out particular sounds, either those to which she has become especially attuned - the voice of a friend in distress - or those she is specifically trying to find.

Linda's senses of smell, touch and taste are also greatly enhanced, though she has much less practice with them. She can often pick up a whiff of something without knowing what it means, unless the scent is somehow already familiar to her. She can also pick up the tiniest marks and imperfections in a surface at a touch.

Linda has the ability to hover or fly about as she wills, with the same agility as her own imagination and achieving speeds in excess of the fastest jets. Linda can even keep herself in mid-air while holding massive objects, though she is going to fly more slowly when holding more massive objects (airliners, large ships, aircraft carriers). Additionally, if she has people to care for, she has to fly much slower for their safety.

Freed of the limitations of Earth's atmosphere, and surrounded by the much less diluted solar radiation, Linda can even achieve high fractional-C speeds, able to reach even the most distant planets in the solar system in a few hours.

Heat Vision
Linda can project the solar energy contained within her cells out through her eyes in beams intense enough to superheat and slag most metals, burn most materials, and can focus it sufficient to cut like a laser with pinpoint - even surgical - precision. The beams can strike with reasonable - if not quite surgical - accuracy many miles away, and can do serious collateral damage, which is why she doesn't use this ability much.

It should also be noted that this ability uses up more of her solar energy than any other power she has, much more quickly. If she is unable to restore her energy from available solar radiation, overuse of this ability could quickly deplete her reserves and weaken her powers.

Linda's lungs are just as strong and supercharged as the rest of her. As such, she is capable of stupendous (ludicrous?) inhales or exhales, including sucking all of the air out of a moderate-sized space (a high school gymnasium or the like), or blowing a potentially mighty cone of forceful wind, enough that she could capsize a sailing vessel, or potentially put out a medium-sized blaze or a section of forest fire. Most amazingly, Linda can cause her breath to blow very, very cold, rapidly dropping the temperature or even freezing anything subject to her breath.

Despite the fact that Linda is exceptionally durable, it is possible to do her injury. However, with sufficient solar radiation, her enhanced physiology can rapidly heal injuries. Minor cuts and bruises can vanish in several seconds. Heavier bruising and deeper cuts may take a few minutes. Anything like broken bones or serious internal injuries may take hours. However, the one thing of note is that these injuries will usually heal without any scarring. This usually requires that she stay outside under clear sunlight while healing.

It should be noted that this same effect is also very likely to greatly retard if not completely halt Linda's biological aging.

Alien Physiology
Linda may look human, but she's not. Her physiology is human, and genetically engineered for perfection to boot. The net result of this is that she is largely resistant if not outright immune to most toxins and diseases that adversely affect humans.

Mental Speed
Thanks to the incredible speed of which Linda is capable, her mind moves at similarly rapid pace. This means that Linda is capable of processing incoming information with exceptional speed, even going over it multiple times in a fraction of the time a normal person would take. This is a big part of the reason why Linda comes off as being so brilliant, since she can process dozens of ideas and avenues around a thought process in seconds. It is also part of the reason that she learns incredibly quickly.

Jeremiah Danvers
Adopted Father: Details

Eliza Danvers
Adopted Mother: Details

Joseph Danvers
Adopted Uncle: Details

Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Adopted Cousin: Details

Birth Father: Details

Alura In-Ze
Birth Mother: Details

Birth Uncle: Details

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Welcome to the Present 2017-08-16 PG-13 Superwoman, Captain America Superwoman seeks out the rumored return of Captain America, hoping to meet the man spoken of so highly by her uncle.
Do they know it's Christmas in Gotham? 12/08/2017 PG-13 Pepper sofia Bruce Clea Wanda Linda Holiday parties are all the rage this time of year, and who better to get money for causes from but the 'idle' rich? Those 'not so idle' rich, however, use the opportunity to talk briefly away from (mostly) prying eyes and ears.
A Bloody Night Part 2 December 15, 2017 PG-13 for Blood and Language Divine, Linda Danvers, Sophie Superwoman, alerted by possible of evidence, deploys to Florida to intercept, but instead meets a badly wounded DEO trooper named Snakebite.
Enter the Superboy Decemter 24, 2017 PG for Violence and Some Strong Language Divine, Superwoman, Superboy Superwoman, continuing her investigation into the people she believes to have created her 'sister', Divine, penetrates a Cadmus research facility, where she discovers a second clone, this one a young man. Both are confronted, at least, by Divine directly, pitting sister against brother and sister both.
Mother, Sister, Super Family 2017-12-26 PG Superwoman, Superboy Following immediately from Enter the Superboy, Kara and the Superboy get a chance to talk about who they are to each other, who they want to be, and what to do about Divine.
About Your Sister 2017-12-26 PG-13 for language and bloody visuals Superwoman, Snakebite Following A Question of Freedom, Snakebite reaches out to make contact with Superwoman about Divine.
Sister Texts 1 2017-12-27 PG Superwoman, Divine Following About Your Sister, Kara uses the number she was given, and reaches out to Divine.
Models and Modernity 2018-01-01 PG Linda Danvers, Adrien Agreste Linda shows up to watch a photoshoot of Agreste models with StarTech products, which Adrien is overseeing.
StarTech and Iron Patriot 2018-01-01 PG Linda Danvers, Toni Ho Linda Danvers invites Toni Ho to come see her, and offers her an opportunity.
Christmas Fire 2017-12-26 PG-13 for semi-graphic burn injury descriptions Superwoman, Logan A fire is started, and Superwoman and the semi-mysterious Logan manage to rescue those trapped inside the building.
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