Lexi Nemo (Tendril)

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Quote: ""I don't know what yer talkin' about! Those artifacts were perfectly legal to import back ta th' States! It's just a paperwork thing. Honest!""
Position: Doctoral Student (Archeology)
Affiliations: X-Men
Inspiration: Original Character
Rating: NC-17

Public: Alexia Nemo is a student at Empire State University, pursuing a doctoral degree and possessing a Master's Degree in Archeology and Anthropology. She's known to be a public mutant, something she doesn't try to hide, which has brought her a share of discrimination and hatred as a public mutant on campus from time to time. She's known to be a graduate of Xavier's School for Gifted Youths.

Secret: Alexia Nemo is Whiplash, a member of the X-Men, though one that tends to travel the world on various missions while using archeological research or excavations as an excuse. Any member of the X-Men and many students at the school would know her primary power set of being able to grow prehensile muscular tendrils from her body, her superhuman strength and healing abilities, and her tendency to consume mass quantities of food to feed her furnace-like metabolism.

Animalistic Senses
While her senses aren't up to the level of some metahuman bloodhounds, Alexia possesses superhuman senses that are finely honed. Her eyesight is extremely good, capable of picking out movement and details at long distances, or to perceive very fine details at almost microscopic levels. Her hearing is sensitive enough to pick up very soft sounds, and even allows her to hear sounds at frequencies too high or low for a normal human to perceive. Her scent of smell can pick up subtle scents, enough that she can identify people by their individual scents, or even track a particularly strong scent. The downside of this is that she can be disoriented or overwhelmed by her senses. Extremely loud sounds, scents, or blinding light can affect her more strongly than it would a normal person.

Enhanced Physiology
The connective tissues of Alexia's body are roughly twice as flexible as a normal human's, making her quite limber, the equivalent of an Olympic gymnast who is double-jointed. Her muscles and tendons are also considerably denser than a normal human's, allowing her to put a great deal more strain on her body. Finally, her body tends to break down and absorb lactic acid build up and to repair muscular damage very quickly, meaning she can go longer without tiring or risking serious damage to her body when she needs to push herself. Most interestingly, Alexia's body unconsciously shifts its structure to support current needs. This is most obviously seen in her ability to create her tendrils, but the more subtle reality is that her body is constantly shifting its reserves around to accommodate whatever Alexia instinctively feels she needs, such as muscle mass shifting to fill in damage, burnt skin flaking to grow a new epidermis, or to close off wounds or to support damaged bones. Alexia has little control over this, which is a problem when her body begins burning calories at a furious rate to try and repair damage and starts to cannibalize her muscles and fat cells to do it.

Perfect Balance
Alexia can unconsciously shift her body mass to maintain her balance, allowing for seemingly supernatural feats of acrobatics and dexterity. She is capable of making extreme dodges that would normally cause someone to fall over without throwing herself off her feet, by shifting the mass of her body to counterbalance her movements. Likewise, she can perform flips and instant stands, recovering quickly from being hit or knocked down. One of her hobbies she's picked up is walking along electrical wires, or jumping from post top to post top, for example. Of course, this only applies if she has fairly secure footing…dexterity won't help her at all if she's trying to stand on top of a greased flagpole. This ability is how she manages to maintain her balance and act as an anchor for her whips when manipulating heavy objects without overbalancing.

Wild Hair
An (annoying for her) side effect of Alexia's ability to create prehensile whips is due to the nature of how her body works. Her hair is also not actually 'hair' in the classic sense, but more a very, very delicate series of hair-thin tendrils. The reason she can produce these appendages at will is because her body reacts to her mental control, thus she can alter cells in it anywhere to create a whip. However, it means that sometimes her body cells react to her subconscious reactions, rather than conscious ones. Specifically, her hair has a mind of its own, and can moves of its own accord. Such movement is not usually extreme, often no more than a rustle as if caught by an light breeze. When touched, it does sometimes reacts by shifting under the pressure, or even starting to wind around whatever is touching the strands. The effect is more distracting than harmful, but can give Alexia away if she's not careful. Or, as in one particularly embarrassing episode, slow her down by winding around a nearby obstruction it's pressed against. It's difficult for Alexia to restrain her hair mentally constantly, therefore she often braids it or forms it into dreadlocks to minimize what might happen when her attention wanders too much. Her hair is actually somewhat sensitive too, having actual nerve endings, meaning while stroking or petting can be pleasant, having it pulled hard is quite painful. On the other hand, she can alter her hair much like her whips, though with less control, since it's effectively controlling a mass of little tendrils rather than a few larger whips. While the strands of her hair can't grip very well on their own, and she can't control them individually, she can shifts the rough form of the strands en masse. One of her more messy reactions to people grabbing her hair is to shift the strands from rounded hairs to sharp blades that will slide like razors into someone foolish enough to grab her hair. Unless, of course, they're armored in some way that can resist that sort of cut. Even then, they might get a heck of a paper cut. Doing more than simple alterations of this type requires a lot more time and concentration on her part, as she has to focus on each part of her hair over time to get it all to wind around an object in a way that she can manipulate it, for example.

Superhuman Strength
Alexia's muscles are much more dense than that of a normal human, with the materials making up her musculature, skeleton, and connective tissues significantly stronger and more efficient. This enhances her strength, allowing her to press up to 20 tons in weight, but with a corresponding increase in weight (despite her seemingly petite form) up to about 350 lbs. Each of her tendrils is capable of lifting significantly less, roughly 2 tons each, though she can use several at once to pick up a heavier object, provided she has the footing to brace herself. Her body is much sturdier than that of a human as well, allowing her to heft such heavy weights without risking doing physical damage to herself, within reason.

Atmospheric Adaptation
Alexia's body adjusts to make use of the total oxygen available. Should the oxygen levels being to decrease, her body will begin adapting to function with whatever level remains. For example, increased physical exertion causes a human being to pant, in order to take in additional oxygen to power their body. Since Alexia's body channels her oxygen intake more efficiently, her stamina is enhanced. She almost never is out of breath, and can take double the exertion of a healthy normal human before starting to pant. She can even survive with no oxygen at all for about an hour, before her body's reserves give out completely. This hour decreases quickly if she attempts any serious physical exertion aside from lying still. This means that she can also avoid the effects of poisonous gases or chloroform, as long as they aren't absorbed through the skin.

Metabolic Efficiency
Alexia's body is very efficient at filtering out foreign substances, reacting immediately to the introduction of harmful toxins, poisons, infections, or diseases. Her body processes such materials or foreign cells automatically, transforming them into neutral waste as her cells repair themselves, healing super-humanly quickly, though short of true regeneration. Likewise, this reversion counters the wear caused by aging to Alexia's cells, rendering her resistant to the ravages of time. This includes natural toxins such as lactic acid build up in her muscles when performing strenuous exercise, though it can only slow rather than stop her from feeling tired or sore over time. Poisons or diseases designed to directly interfere with mutant abilities cannot be purged in this manner. On the other hand, this makes it difficult for Alexia to be affected by most drugs (beneficial or otherwise), as her body simply begins eliminating these influences as soon as they are introduced. She has learned to create a sort of neutral 'husk' inside herself to contain drugs or toxins, allowing her to carry it safely inside her body for a time for later use, and normally delivered through her tendril tips as an injection.

Prehensile Whips
Alexia's most obvious mutation (other than her unique appearance) is what she affectionately refers to as her "whips". She is able to sprout these tendrils from anywhere on her body, but usually from her forearms or, with a bit more difficulty, her torso or lower legs. Ranging up to 35 feet in length, the whips can vary in diameter from a centimeter to several inches across. Each whip consists of muscle that is prehensile, capable of wrapping around objects to grip them solidly. She can form up to twelve whips at a time, but can only consciously keep track of eight at a time, other than for simple actions like making sure they continue to grip an object. However, she's gotten around this limitation, somewhat, by learning to split the the tips into multiple 'fingers', using them a unified 'hand' but also allowing her the option of more delicate work that requires fingers. She often uses this as a means of holding a variety of tools or weapons, and is fully capable of controlling and firing even heavy firearms in this fashion, though her accuracy diminishes in favor of quantity of fire the more firearms she tries to use at once. She can use melee weapons as well, something she can resort to when faced with an opponent that requires a particularly hard or well-forged tip to penetrate. She can also focus on shifting just the tip of the whip into more crude manipulators. For example, she can split it into a sort of U-shaped flexible or hard claw as a crude manipulator that at its widest can grab an average person around the waist, though a more secure grip comes from just wrapping the tentacle around like a snake. Alternately, she can harden the tip of the whip into a barbed talon roughly a foot in length at maximum, that turns it into a puncturing weapon instead of a blunt attack. She often uses her whips for assisting her in free climbing or rappelling, winding them around suitable objects to help brace herself. The whips themselves are tough, and as the name implies, they can be used in combat like the equivalent of a super-powered bullwhip, or to grip and throw objects combined with her superhuman strength, delivering about 2 tons of force when she's not holding back (which she often is). A side effect of the rapid growth effect that allows the tentacles to extrude in the first place is that she can alter the rigidness, toughness, density, and fluidity of her whips. For example, she could bring up her whips and stiffen them into a rhino-like consistency to attempt to block an attack. Her favorite maneuver for this is to brings her tentacles together into a mobile 'shield' by interlocking them together, to protect herself and those near to her. Her whips are unable to move as freely when hardened in this way, being more like bars, but are the consistency of dense wood. Or she can make them extremely flexible, like rubber in order to cushion a fall as a sort of spring to take the impact, or even to use like a makeshift bungee cord. Other than these crude but strong manipulations, she's learned through trial and error how to make more delicate tools as well. One of her best tricks is extruding a tendril into a lock, then expanding it out and hardening it to trip the lock as if was made for it. She can form a variety of simple tools in this manner, though her best are related to lock picking or hot-wiring cars. The down side is that these small tools are not nearly as strong as a steel version, and can snap if abused much more easily. These tip alterations take about a second to form, though longer talons can take up to five seconds, as does reabsorbing them into her body. These alterations of her whips can be done very quickly, almost instantaneously when changing existing whips, though slightly slower when the whip is still extruding from her body. Should a tendril be severed, her body will automatically retract the remainder into herself, leaving a bleeding gash in the muscle until she has time to heal. Pieces severed tend to begin breaking down organically after several hours, as her cells mindlessly cannibalize the muscle tissue to try and preserve themselves until they simply crumble away. As a side note, the unusual darker purple stripes and swirls in her skin are caused by the whips being reabsorbed. For whatever reason, they tend to be a much darker shade than the rest of her body when deployed. The colors tend to slowly return to as they were over time, as long as she doesn't continue to stir them up by making more whips from the same area of her body.

The talon Alexi can form on her whips have another more insidious ability, when she chooses to use it. In addition to being a formidable blade, Alexia create a talon a grove in it that leads into a hollow area behind the barb. While she can't secrete her own natural poisons, she can create a space at the tip that can temporarily be filled with a dose of a poison or drug, protected by a neutral 'husk' to keep it from being broken down by her body. This sort of modification takes her about 15 minutes to a half hour of preparation due to the complexity of the changes. Once complete, she can fill the reservoir and have approximately 8 hours before her body will begin breaking down the poison into neutral waste as per normal. Obviously, she cannot shift away the husk, otherwise the toxin or drug is immediately lost. The end result is effective however; a scorpion-like stinger that can inject a target with the measured dose of a particular substance. The stinger will work roughly twice before being exhausted, as Alexia doesn't have the control to measure doses, and therefore can't carry too much for fear of overdosing a target. She can carry doses designed to drop a dog up to a dose designed to drop an elephant, but has to control her dose by the size of the husk she's connected to the stinger grooves. Normally, Alexia sticks to drugs designed to cause fast-acting sleep or paralysis of limbs, and rarely carries anything more lethal.

Accelerated Healing
Alexia heals at an accelerated rate due to her body's ability to rapidly metabolize calories into energy to rebuild cells. Unlike a normal human, however, her body heals to restore her to a perfect 'template' of her physical body as encoded in her DNA. Because of this, her body's cells return to that of a young adult woman at peak health, with no scarring left behind. Any memory loss from head trauma tends to fix itself once the physical structure of her brain is repaired. This level of healing requires a steady intake of calories, but can allow her to heal minor wounds in minutes, more serious ones in hours, and severe injuries in a matter of days or weeks. In addition, her body acts to minimize injuries by seal off bleeding wounds, transferring function to intact areas of damaged organs while cutting off damaged ones, or forming internal muscular "splints' over broken bones to hold them in place so they can heal back together. Unfortunately, this power is unconscious, and not under Alexia's control. If she does not have a sufficient calorific intake to power her healing, her body will begin to cannibalize muscle and fat to repair more critical areas first, causing Alexia to grow more instinctual and to seek out more food, with an increasing disregard for how she acquires it.

Klavdiya Irina Vasiliev
Lexi has befriended the local guardian of the street people near the soup kitchen she volunteers at in Mutant Town. While Diya remains something of a mystery, she's aware that the other woman is a were-tigress, and that she's a skilled fighter and a dead shot.

Laura Kinney
Lexi was assigned as a mentor for Laura when she first came to the X-Mansion, and acts as something of a big sister for the younger mutant, trying to help her learn to socialize and overcome the horrible upbringing she's been through.

Luciana Gutierrez
Lucia came into the school as a freshman when Lexi was a junior, and became her student mentor as the RA on the floor at the time. She's kept up her friendship with the other woman after they both graduated.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda was one of the students that Lexi grew up with when they were both students at Xavier's, and someone she trusts implicitly.

Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Hunter Comes to the Soup KItchen 2017-11-08 to 2017-08-11 PG-13 Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik) Lexi is working a soup kitchen in Mutant Town sponsored in part by the Xavier Institute, when a particular homeless veteran comes to watch over the others there. It seems a fateful meeting.
A Mess in Mutant Town 2017-11-10 PG-13 Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik), Clea Strange Somehow, a magical entity, a troll, is awakened in Mutant Town near a construction site and goes on a rampage. A mysterious tiger tries to protect the people. A sorceress appears and lends her aid, and a certain mauve mutant do-gooder tries to help as well.
Finding Tigger 2017-11-19 G Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik) Following the finish of Clea's healing, the giant tigress went off on her own. Yet Lexi has decided to follow her and check up on her.
Noodles in Chinatown 2017/12/15 & 16 G (with brief exposure of blades) Chat Noir, Laura Kinney, Lexi Nemo and Logyn Four people are out to get food in Chinatown (Laura and Lexi arrive together) and meet at a noodle cart. The L-ladies deal with the concerns (near threats) Laura shows towards Logyn. Chat pays and pun-ishes the three ladies as well. Logyn is given an invitation to go to a certain estate in Westchester county.
Shopping for Laura November 10, 2017 PG Lexi Nemo, Laura Kinney Lexi Nemo takes Laura Kinney shopping for some odds and ends the unusual new student might like for her stay at the X-Mansion.
A Daemonite Dig November 23, 2017 PG-13 for Violence Lexi Nemo, Voodoo Lexi Nemo, graduate student in charge of a minor Native American digsite, has an unusual visitor, who reveals that all among her co-workers and the dig itself is not as it seems…
Between Two Tigers December 23, 2017 PG-13 Language Vanya, Tendril, Okhotnik Enroute to track down her friend, Okhotnik, Lexi runs across another tiger scent and curiously follows it, running into a slightly drunken Vanya….and then Okhotnik follows.
The Dangers of Strange Tiger Girls December 23, 2017 PG Okhotnik, Tendril Following an encounter with a tiger-y Vanya, Okhotnik warns Lexi to be careful; Lexi reminds her friend that there's a reason she sticks around her.
After the Clinic Friday, December 29, 2017 PG Wanda Maximoff Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde After infiltrating the Fairlight headquarters searching for information on what ties it has with Jean Grey and the mysterious experiments on psychics, the four X-Men talk about where to go next.
Cracking Up Fri Dec 29 21:30:42 2017 Rating: PG Clea Lexi Nemo The Hunter Tendril, the Hunter, and the mysterious Silver Mist clean up a stain on Mutant Town.
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