Lewis Aaron

Played By: Bartek Borowiec
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Quote: "All the world's a stage."
Position: Singer, Songwriter & Bard.
Affiliations: Magic
Inspiration: WARP Graphics: Elfquest
Rating: NC-17

Public: Lewis Aaron is a singer song-writer known for being fairly soft-spoken, kind to fans, charitable, and down to Earth. He's also reasonably private about somethings in his life, leaving fans to wonder, though it's known that he doesn't have a family. It's known that his vocal range is superb and that he can play a wide range of instruments. For the moment, he's between albums, taking a break from touring, and generally just resting from the gruelling pressures of the recording studio.

Secret: Lewis Aaron is a well-cultivated fake identity. Well-cultivated enough that there are childhood records though no photos. The small family, of which he was an only child, was real enough, but all died as he turned of age. While many think he is a mutant because of the pointed ears and four-digit hands, he is actually of a completely different race altogether, and this is not the first time he's lived publically in a fake identity. Nor is it the first time he's gained acclaim under an assumed name either.

Like most of the elves in the Mountain, Savith has telekinesis. It's highly specialized toward flight, and he flies more easily than he walks. He can carry himself and two others about his smae body weight, and can fly about a hundred miles per hour. He can manipulate small objects with his telekinesis with about the same dexterity as if he were using his own two hands.

Like all elves, Savith can end and receive mental communications. He can not over hear soemone's thoughts unless they are actively shared with him, nor can he sense their emotions unless they are actively shared with him. He has line of sight range, unless he knows the mind is he attempting to reach. Then, Savith can Send to them without needing to see them up to distances of two miles.

Rock Shaping
This power was locked from Savith before he was born. He is unaware that he is capable of this and for the moment has no access to this ability.

This ability was locked from Savith before he was born. He is unaware that he posseses this ability. However, it is beginning to manifest in him as slightly faster than normal recovery times.

Magic Sense
As a creature of magic, Savith can sense it when it is near. He has not honed this ability to tell him anything more than: Yes, there is magic near by.

Among the tasks the Dark Healer ordered Savith to do was to spy on other elves. Not just observe their words and actions, but infiltrate their very dreams. The victim must be within hundred feet of Savith and must be in REM sleep. While in another's dream, Savith is fully awake and conscious, able to make subtle manipulations. To jarring an alteration risks waking the dreamer up and causing a psychic backlash that is painful to Savith. In addition, for every minute Savith spends in the dreams of another is the number of nights he loses the ability to dream for himself.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Feared Sunday, February 18th, 2018 PG-13(Violence; language) Lewis Aaron Laura Kinney Kitty Pryde Ororo Munroe Jean Grey Four X-Men and an elf intercept a convoy carrying abducted mutant children through a remote stretch of Mexico.
Masks February 25th 2018 PG Lewis Aaron, Jean Grey Savith and Phoenix have a tense meeting in the wake of the former's unexpected presence during an X-Mission.
Petrified Memories Sun Mar 11 23:15:50 2018 PG-13 Lewis Aaron Lexi Nemo Savith stumbles over a deal gone bad between Lexi Nemo and an artifact seller, and discovers that the artifact belongs to his people.

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