Laura Kinney

Played By: None
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Quote: "I believe in life. I believe. I…fight. I bleed. For others. To keep them…alive. I live…I live, so others will live. I believe."
Position: X-Trainee
Affiliations: X-Men
Inspiration: Marvel
Rating: NC-17

Public: Laura has a passport and fake ID thanks to The Facility, but she hasn't really used them for much other than the basics and to lie low.

Secret: She shows up on missions with the other Teen X-Men, and has claws like Wolverine's. Not a lot of public data, although she would show up in Facility files, and there are likely still rumors in the criminal underworld from when she was still a Facility agent.

Healing Factor
Lauras body regenerates much faster than normal, able to recover from severe damage in a few minutes. This ability also keeps her from bleeding out whenever she pops her claws. By repairing muscular tearing and microfractures, she can push her body to the limits of human physique. Her metabolism is also affected, rendering her mostly immune to anything less than vast doses of drugs and poisons, as well as removing fatigue toxins.

Enhanced Senses
Lauras senses are much more sensitive than the human norm, allowing her to see farther and more accurately in full light, and roughly equivalent to the human daylight norm while in near complete darkness. Her hearing is enhanced in both sensitivity and range, and her acute sense of smell allows her to track targets even if weather has partially washed away the trail.

Enhanced Reflexes
Lauras reflexes operate faster than possible for a normal human, allowing her to swiftly react to threats, engage in superhuman feats of acrobatics and agility, as well as make the most out of her other enhanced attributes.

Enhanced Durability
Lauras body is more durable than typical for humans. She is by no means invincible, but she can take a few hits before she breaks and has to heal.

Laura has six bone claws, two in each hand and one in each foot. At age seven, her claws were extracted, bonded with the alloy Adamantium, and replaced. The bonding enhanced her already sharp and durable claws, infiltrating and supporting the bone before the dense alloy set. Its molecular structure locked in place to form a nearly indestructible blade that will never dull. She can extend and retract these claws at will as long as her hands and feet are straight when the claws emerge.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Noodles in Chinatown 2017/12/15 & 16 G (with brief exposure of blades) Chat Noir, Laura Kinney, Lexi Nemo and Logyn Four people are out to get food in Chinatown (Laura and Lexi arrive together) and meet at a noodle cart. The L-ladies deal with the concerns (near threats) Laura shows towards Logyn. Chat pays and pun-ishes the three ladies as well. Logyn is given an invitation to go to a certain estate in Westchester county.
Shopping for Laura November 10, 2017 PG Lexi Nemo, Laura Kinney Lexi Nemo takes Laura Kinney shopping for some odds and ends the unusual new student might like for her stay at the X-Mansion.
Not-So-Light Investigation Thu Dec 28 20:40:08 2017 PG-13 Wanda Maximoff Laura Kinney Luciana Gutierrez Lexi Nemo Kitty Pryde Jean Grey A group of X-Men infiltrate the headquarters of a psych research company in search of a motive for one of their own setting a clinic on fire.
Feared Sunday, February 18th, 2018 PG-13(Violence; language) Lewis Aaron Laura Kinney Kitty Pryde Ororo Munroe Jean Grey Four X-Men and an elf intercept a convoy carrying abducted mutant children through a remote stretch of Mexico.
X-Men Don't Kill March 07th, 2018 PG-13 (Language) Laura Kinney Lexi Nemo Carmilla Rappaccini Kitty Pryde Ororo Munroe Logan Jean Grey In a Very Special Issue, a group of X-Men lay out the team's rules of engagement for its youngest recruit.

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