Lady Sif

Played By: Jamie Alexander
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Quote: "I am the Lady Sif, born a Goddess and forged a Warrior.
I was baptized in the tears of mine enemies and their children's children fear my name.
I am rock and wheat and fire and ash and in My Lord Thor, I am promised to the sky.

I am the Sword and Shield of Thor, Crown Prince of Asgard, and his Valkyior.
I am known as the Shield Maiden of Asgard, the Lady of Blades, and Carver of Portals.
I am the Goddess of War!"

Position: Goddess of War and Crown Princess of Vanaheim.
Affiliations: Deities
Inspiration: Marvel, Myth, MCU, Game Canon & Extrapolation.
Rating: NC-17
Note: Snippet from Journey Into Mystery
"All warrior! All woman!
Tough enough to kill.
Strong enough to love."

Known On Midgard (Public): Pick up a book on Ancient Mythology and you have what is publicly known about Lady Sif.

She's from Asgard. Her hair is softer than satin and so golden the sun weeps with envy. She is the wife of Thor, hand chosen by Odin himself, and her beauty is all but unrivaled. She is the Goddess of wheat and harvest. Her brother is Heimdall, the Watcher and the Guardian that controls the Bifrost. Loki played a cruel joke on her that altered the color of her hair. And so much more is in the books…

Now, to what degree any of that is true varies drastically. Some is completely true. Some has to have been the mad rambles of a fever dream.

Known On Asgard (Secret): On Asgard, a few things are public knowledge. Sif is of a noble family from Vanaheim. She's been best friend with most of Odin's children since she was sent to live in at a very young age. She's fought hard to earn her place at Thor's side as his Shield Maiden, his sword and his personal Valkyrior. She earned her place as the Goddess of War through her unparalleled battle prowess and sharp mind for strategy and tactics.

It's said that she's impossible to woo. Her heart is made of stone or ice or both. Rumors have it that the only time she smiles, genuinely, is in battle when spilling blood. She's said to be completely ruthless on the battlefield.

Of course, those close to Sif (very close, that is and there's VERY few of those) know the truth. She is the Crown Princess of Vanaheim. For as hard and cold as she seems, she has a warmth and gentleness to her. She's light and fun loving unless duty calls on her. She has a serious side but is also quick to laugh, smile and tease those she cares for. Yes, she's fierce and ruthless in her defense of The Nine Realms. Of those she considers friends and family or defenseless. She's somewhat arrogant and prideful. She's also the best of the best.

Part of her birthright as a Vanir, Sif is able to teleport to anywhere or anyone. This ability is mostly used on the world she's on because she has her sword to open portals between realms but, in an emergency, Sif can teleport herself and those she can touch between the realms as well. It is draining on her however because of the distance. Her teleportation is quick, as fast as thought or the time it takes someone to blink.

Sif is unlink most Vanir or Aesir women in that she is much stronger than they are. While not quite as strong as Thor, she's not terribly far off either. There are very few metals on Earth that can withstand Sif's strength and not at least bend to her. Fewer still that won't completely snap. This strength also allows her to pick up, support and move things even when it seems like they should fall apart around her.

Sif's speed far outdoes that of any normal human or most others within the Nine Realms. With a speed just over the speed of sound, she can seem to be a blur to move people when moving such. This speed doesn't just apply to running, however, but her ability track movement as well as her reflexes are effected by it as well.

Sif is a very intelligent woman and what she doesn't know can be learned very quickly. Her mind moves at an exceptionally quick rate which allows her to process information fast, think about multiple things at once, and make on the spot decisions easily. It is one of the reasons that she is, aside from the All-Father himself, the best tactician and strategist in Asgard.

Asgard, itself, is so technologically advanced that it seems as if it is purely magical. Many worlds have yet to catch up to Asgard as far as technology goes and what they use now are antiquated bits of technology as far as Asgardians are concerned. Sif is an exceptionally intelligent woman even in her home. On Earth as well as other place, she is considered to possess super genius level intellect.

Portals of Brumeoalfold
A sword forged of the same material as Mjolnir and enchanted by Odin himself, Brumeoalfold has the ability to open portals between various realms. This is done through a series of intricate swings of the blade. The portal will stay open until Sif herself steps through it entirely.

Sif is a Goddess and as such immortal. However, where the Greeks have Ambrosia, the Norse Gods and Goddesses have the Golden Apples of Idunn. In order to stay at peak condition, they must ingest an apple at least once every six months. These apples also help heal them faster if need be. If they quit eating them, they will begin to age and fall into a deep, coma like sleep but never fully die.

Being an Asgardian makes Sif's body much harder to damage. She can withstand things such as high energy blasts, extreme temperatures, explosions, extreme depths and extreme force. Her tissue being so dense makes her very difficult to hurt but it's not impossible. She's also far heavy than one might guess simply by looking at her, doesn’t truly need to breath and can even survive the vacuum of space.

Being Asgardian means that Sif never really needs to sleep, eat or drink and can perform at peak performance for weeks on end before she every even starts to tire.

Despite it all, Sif can be hurt though her body regenerates much quicker than any humans or that of most aliens. Gashes, punctures and snapped bones can take only hours. Shattered bones? Severe internal organ damage? Mere days at most.

Sif was born with a natural grace, flexibility and sense of balance that far exceeded most others, making her very agile and lithe and allows her to easily and quickly move and shift her body as needed.




Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
Onward To Yule Shennanigans! Fri, Nov. 24, 2017. 1:38 pm PG Thor Odinson Loki Lady Sif Thor, Loki and Sif discuss the upcoming holiday and how to spend it while remembering the past and plotting for par - er - future.
They haven't forgotten! Fri Dec 08 15:43:29 2017 PG Loki Sif Loki has a surprise to show Sif. After all, it's been millennia since they've been to Midgard, and to see that some customs have remained from their time long ago?
A Wild ColdDrake Has Appeared! Feb. 02, 2018 R (Language) Loki, Thor, Sif, Hogun & Eir the Healer (emitted by Hogun) Loki, Thor and Sif go hunting deer in Ireland and end up coming face to face with a ColdDrake who isn't at all happy about being woken up. A battle ensues and when it's all said and done, Sif ends up in the Healer's Hall in Odin's Palace with questions about whether she'll survive or not hanging in the air.
Wakey wakey, Princess Mon. Feb. 05, 2018 PG (Cussing) Loki Odinson, Lady Sif, Thor Odinson, Hogun and NPC Healers Loki arrives in Asgard with an untested antivenin for the ColDrake poison coursing it’s way through Sif’s system and slowly killing her. Will it work?

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