Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik)

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Quote: "Do svidanya, Tovarisch"
Position: Soldier, Sniper, Homeless
Inspiration: Original
Rating: NC-17
Note: A Russian spetznaz sniper savaged by and transformed into a weretiger, now surviving and hiding as a homeless vet on the streets of Mutant Town, a seldom seen figure of aid to the disenfranchised in times of danger.

Klavdiya Irina Vasiliev is a name easily enough looked up, to find records of a hard-working, gifted young soldier with the Russian Federation Army, a Captain. Said captain, however, is listed with their army as AWOL for nearly six years.

Hunty is the nickname of a very quiet, soft-spoken woman operating amongst the homeless in Mutant Town in NYC. She has been there for a good long time - years - and is well-respected by most of the homeless there, noted and trusted as a protector of 'her people' on the streets from predators and threats. She has a reputation as a homeless 'cat lady', always seemingly surrounded by a population of street cats.

Okhotnik, the Russian word for Hunter, is the callsign of a special forces soldier of the Russian Federation that has been missing for nearly six years. It also happens to be the name employed by a tiger-form shapeshifter of some variety that has been spotted around New York on an infrequent basis, taking on threats that get out of hand and endanger the public. Okhotnik never sticks around to talk to the authorities, or most big-name public 'capes'.

Though Klavdiya has no real idea yet what has happened to her, the simple answer - which isn't simple at all - is that she has been afflicted as a weretigress. This is a magical, mystical, primordial change in her biology. The fact that she survived the change means that she cannot ever be simply human again. She is now, at all times, at least a bit of a beast, her inner tigress always present in instinctual ways, prodding and compelling her responses. And sometimes that inner self becomes her outer self, as she transforms.

Klavdiya's transformation is in no way smooth or seamless. It is a protracted, painful, even agonizing experience, as her body pops, twists and reshapes itself in skeletal and muscular systems from the ground up; it's quite disturbing to watch, and even worse to be trapped on the inside of it all. The transformation usually takes about fifteen minutes. Pushed to her limits, it is possible Klavdiya could change in five minutes, but she would be in a hightened state of aggression due to lingering pain and discomfort for a protracted period of time afterwards.

As a human being, Klavdiya is not immediately nor easily identifiable as markedly different from a well-honed woman of athletic talent and experience of above average height and mass with an abundance of combat and physical training. However, when she transforms to her tiger form, she expands tremendously, with her torso expanding to a length of twelve feet from shoulders to hips, her legs and arms lengthening to nearly six feet, and her overall mass reaching a thousand pounds. She is massive, to say the least. And that's before one considers the fur and other physiological changes.

Sense of Sight
In human form, Klavdiya's sight extends into spectrums above and below the normally visible range, allowing her to see in conditions other than completely sheltered darkness with a startling accuity of monochromatic perception. Her visual range extends about three times the range it did before her change - and she had exceptionally accurate vision before the change. In hybrid or full feline form Klavdiya's senses are much more acute, nearly three times the acuity in both range and in adaptation to minimal available light. In hybrid form, Klavdiya can make out identifying features at 20 feet that the average human can only make out at a range of one foot, enabling her to visually identify a person at a range approaching a quarter mile without magnification.

Sense of Smell
Additionally, her sense of smell in human form is sufficient to identify someone within a range of a hundred feet or less by scent alone, and to notice things like changes in physiological condition and even fear and other primal responses. She can even take a pass at trying to track someone by scent, though that generally requires either a scent she knows very well, or one that is particularly strong or distinctive.

In hybrid or full feline form Klavdiya's senses are much more acute, to a factor of about three times that of her human form. She can pick out and identify another individual by scent alone at nearly a quarter mile with still air - much further away with a windward breeze, naturally - and can quite handily track others by scent, outperforming even some breeds of bloodhound in the effort.

Sense of Hearing
Her hearing in human form is similarly accurate, able to make out whispers at a range of hundreds of yards in acoustically uncrowded areas, able to hear higher- and lower-pitched sounds, and able to pick up nuances in sound natural human hearing would not pick up.

In hybrid or full feline form Klavdiya's senses are much more acute. She can hear hyper-sonic and sub-sonic sounds, and pick out whispers in acoustically uncrowded areas at a range of half a mile or more.

Enhanced Strength
Although physically quite fit before her change, Klavdiya is now incredibly strong. She doesn't look any stronger, but at this point in her human (default) form she can dead lift a ton. In her hybrid form, she can lift nearly twenty tons, with muscles sufficient to propel her claws through even many armored materials, and deliver enough force to drive heavy vehicles off the road. Her tiger form's strength is comparable to that of her hybrid form, although her quadrupedal shape allows her to carry a good deal greater weights more easily and for longer periods.

Enhanced Agility
Klavdiya's agility is similarly greatly enhanced. In human form, where she once had the agility of a long-trained martial combatant relying on speed over main strength or mass but still within the normal human range of ability, she is now capable of pretty incredible feats, dodging blows more easily, maintaining her balance on more uneven terrain or more challenging situations, able to accurately make shots in unsteady situations that even her highly trained talents could not have achieved before. Yet all of this pales compared to the incredible agility of her hybrid and tiger forms, able to seemingly leap about with impunity to gravity itself, bounding from walls and twisting her bearings as needed in nearly any chaotic environment. She can literally run along a two-inch ledge in the midst of an earthquake.

Enhanced Speed
Klavdiya's speed is also enhanced. Where once she could sprint one hundred meters in a hair under twelve seconds, in her human form she can now do the same distance in under nine seconds. Where she could once have managed a marathon of 26.2 miles in two hours and twenty minutes, she can now achieve the same in less than an hour and a half. But even these pale by comparison to the speed and power of her hybrid form, sprinting at nearly 90mph for short sprints and able to maintain nearly 45mph in a ground-eating distance pace. And even that pales a bit compared to the quadrupedal speeds of her full tiger form, at nearly 110 mph for short sprints, and a ground-eating distance pace of 60mph.

Enhanced Endurance
Klavdiya's endurance has been as enhanced by this change as the rest of her physical abilities. In her human form, she can maintain peak level physical exertion for two to three hours before needing to rest, and can ratchet that down to just below her peak levels and maintain for an entire workday without a break. In her hybrid or full tiger forms she can maintain peak levels of exertion for four to six hours without needing to rest, and can ease off to a slightly lesser degree of effort and maintain for twelve to sixteen hours without rest.

Enhanced Resilience
Klavdiya's resilience has also been enhanced. In her human form she can sustain with minimal effect blows that would have killed before, withstanding blows of 3-5 tons of force with minimal bruising despite the momentum delivered to her still not terribly heavy body. Blades and bullets will still penetrate her form, but tend to do a good bit less damage.

Yet even that pales in comparison to the capabilities of her hybrid and tiger forms. Normal bladed weapons propelled by normal ranges of force cannot even penetrate her skin in these forms, and low- to mid-caliber bullets tend to just bounce off or flatten and fall away as they might against kevlar weave. She can sustain blows of fifteen to twenty tons of force with little more to show for it than bruising.

It should also be noted that in general, Klavdiya is highly resistant if not outright immune to most normal diseases, toxins and pathogens.

Enhanced Presence
Klavdiya's presence, an often difficult to measure element, has also been greatly enhanced by her change. She carries with her a degree of gravitas that is hard to ignore. Few normal humans can manage to ignore her presence when she makes a point of it; she carries with her an aura of the lethal predator that hardwired instincts demand be respected, and generally prefer be avoided. This is of course greatly augmented when she is actually in her hybrid or full tiger forms, as her sheer size, and her inhuman visage, rob her of the few elements of her human appearance that tend to moderate these reactions. Her scent and the sound of her alone are generally enough to panic most natural animals, and her roar tends to induce blind panic in the majority of terrestrial species.

NB: None of the above robs anyone of the right to roleplay their characters as they see fit; it is expected that most PCs are not entirely 'normal' in their reactions, and they are free to resist as they see fit. Nevertheless, the majority of crowds and nameless NPCs will react in these ways.

As a werebeast, Klavdiya heals incredibly well. Her body can heal soft tissue damage in a matter of hours that might take weeks for a normal human. Bone breaks take a bit longer, but even then she still heals such things at rates at least ten times as fast, a broken leg properly reset being back to normal in a matter of a couple of days. Most poisons and toxins have minimal effect upon her, and she can overcome their effects rapidly, while most diseases simply never gain a foothold against her. Klavdiya usually heals without scarring regardless of the severity of the wound, although mis-aligned bones may need to be rebroken to set properly. It should also be noted that such rapid healing requires a lot of high-calorie, high-protein and high-fat foods to sustain her body through the effort.

There are a few exceptions to this, however. Firstly, wounds caused by obsidian not only will not heal any faster than they would normally, they fester like acid, and will tend to poison the body where the obsidian flakes off unless the wounds are thoroughly cleansed. Obsidian poisoning is potentially lethal to Klavdiya, much like silver poisoning would be for a werewolf. Wounds from obsidian weapons will also tend to scar.

Additionally, complete loss of a limb would require months of extra food and time to regrow a replacement. And proper beheading is still lethal.


Title OOC Date Rating Who's Involved Summary
A Magical Time Of Year Sun Nov 12 16:15:39 2017 PG-13 Faye Diamond Anneliese Klavdiya Vasiliev Loki Morgana le Fay Loki and Morgana tease the masses with a little magic while discussing the Old Ways and three errant but perceptive young women step in, drawing the attention the pair. No doubt Klavdiya, Faye and Anneliese will be hearing from the God and the Sorceress again.
Thanks Be to the Sorceress 2017-11-25 PG Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch), Clea Strange, Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik) Diya goes hunting to find the sorceress who helped her protect her people, and healed her afterwards. She finds Clea, and Wanda.
Hunter Comes to the Soup KItchen 2017-11-08 to 2017-08-11 PG-13 Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik) Lexi is working a soup kitchen in Mutant Town sponsored in part by the Xavier Institute, when a particular homeless veteran comes to watch over the others there. It seems a fateful meeting.
A Mess in Mutant Town 2017-11-10 PG-13 Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik), Clea Strange Somehow, a magical entity, a troll, is awakened in Mutant Town near a construction site and goes on a rampage. A mysterious tiger tries to protect the people. A sorceress appears and lends her aid, and a certain mauve mutant do-gooder tries to help as well.
Finding Tigger 2017-11-19 G Lexi Nemo (Tendril), Klavdiya Vasiliev (Okhotnik) Following the finish of Clea's healing, the giant tigress went off on her own. Yet Lexi has decided to follow her and check up on her.
Mysterious Injuries 2017-12-13 - 2017-12-16 PG (No significant violence or other themes) Klavdiya Vasiliev (Ohkhotnik), Adrien Agreste (Chat Noir) Adrien is injured, and he's stumbling his way home when he comes past a homeless woman who takes pity on him and tries to help.
Between Two Tigers December 23, 2017 PG-13 Language Vanya, Tendril, Okhotnik Enroute to track down her friend, Okhotnik, Lexi runs across another tiger scent and curiously follows it, running into a slightly drunken Vanya….and then Okhotnik follows.
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Christmas Eve Tigger 2018-01-11 PG Hunter, Grace Choi The tiger comes to find Grace, playful in the snow. Then Grace finally meets Hunter.
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